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Part 2 of 3 - Sample of unedited pages from The Curse of Billy the Kid


Welcome back...that's right...I've got part 2 of my 9 page sample from my WIP, The Curse of Billy the Kid for you today! :)  What? Missed part 1, just look below, you don't have to go far. Or hey, if you hate to scroll, just click HERE.

Well, last we saw Billy and Ben they were neck deep in wolves...

Hope you enjoy!  - Tamsin :) 


From the chapter titled, "Damned if I Do, Damned if I Don't."

“Oh my God, Billy, did you hit him?”
My eyesight cleared a bit and I could see better, which told me the answer to his question. “Injured him, didn’t kill him. Hurry up.”
If they were gonna gang up, I needed more fire power, so I pulled my second gun from my back, saving my rifle for when we put some distance between them and us, which I hoped we did soon. So as the wagon roared down the street, I used the little bit of the extra strength and sight I’d gained in injuring the one wolf to aid me in standin’ up next to Ben as he sat holding the reins of a horse with a mission.
"They are running along both sides, Billy! What do we do?" Ben yelled as jaws kept snapping up at him, luckily just missing.
"I know, just focus on keeping Mable on track. And don't make any sudden movement that'd put you in the way of a bullet."
A wolf jumped up to get Ben and I shot, this time I hit him in the head.
"No sudden movements, you're funny. You know my horse has lost her mind, right?" Ben said.
I grinned, “She’s fine. Hang on!”
The full weight of the wolf's life force I’d just killed hit me and I almost lost balance and fell. “Damn, forgot about that.”
Racing down the street, I got my bearings and noted two more had joined us from behind. Spinning to face them, the larger of the two jumped up into the wagon bed. I took a shot at him but he dodged, my silver punching a hole through the ear of the other wolf still on the ground running behind us.
I shot again at the one in the wagon, this time firing from both guns. The bullet from the one in my outstretched arm missed as he went to the left, while the bullet from my other gun hit him in the right side of his chest. With a growl, he stared me down, his eyes beginning to glow an orange-ish yellow.
"That's new," I muttered and shot again, catching him in the leg, causing him to jump out the back. Yelling out to Ben I said, “If you can drive and shoot, I highly recommend you do that. Once we hit the Torreon there’ll be more.”
Ben pulled his gun. “How do you know?”
“Just a feelin’,” I said, and sadly, I was right. As we passed, two more joined in the chase and I fired at them both, catching one in the neck, who went down instantly. This time I sat down before my head did a loopty-loop.
“Duck!” Ben yelled over the roar of wolf growls, wagon wheels, and pounding horse hooves.
I did as told, realizing as I did so that my eyes were shut.
Feeling Ben’s arm balance across my shoulders I heard him fire.
“Got ‘em!” he yelled, taking his arm back to shove the gun under his thigh. "Hang on!” Pulling on the reins, he directed Mable to make a sharp right just as we passed the McSween house.
Ben pulled her to a stop at the stable and I leapt down. Grabbing my rifle, I turned to face the pack, but there wasn’t one furry bastard anywhere. I glanced at Ben, who stood on the wagon seat, rifle in position.
"Where'd they go?" He asked at a whisper.
"Hell if I know.”
“I don’t have a good feelin’ about this.”

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