Friday, July 30, 2010

I Hear Fake People

Characters talk to me.

Its true.

I know. Trust me, I know I'm a bit crazy, but I think writers need to be a bit crazy so I'm okay with it. They say the first step is admitting your "problem"...what if I don't see it as a problem?

Let me explain.

I'm driven to write because if I don't they will hound me. My main characters that is. They have a story they want told and they use me to do it. It's not like hearing's more like you start to think about them, A LOT. They pester your thoughts to a point where you can't really concentrate on other things unless whatever you're thinking about, concerning them, gets vented.

What does this mean?

It means I can't NOT write. With the way my head feels right now with what I discovered this morning I'm pretty sure that if you offered me a free night on the town tonight or my favorite Subway sandwich and chips to have with me at my computer, I'd choose the latter. Why? Cause I have to. Cause I love to. Cause I adore these fake people inside my mind so much that it's dreadfully important to tell the world about them; even if that world is the five folks that read my work.

I believe I mentioned back on July 13th that I had this opening line for a book stuck in my head. That it followed me for a week. That after a dream about a sexy werewolf from a book I was reading I realized who the "line" I kept hearing belonged it fit into the Living Dead Girl Series...and that Denika needed some alone time with me. I've now written the Prologue (my first sword fighting scene and I'm quite proud of it) and the first two chapters.

Music makes me see scenes in my head and for the past three days I keep seeing the final scene in the book...before the Epilogue that closes it (yes, its only going to be one book, not a series, that I know of). I'm HAPPY to say I get to write that scene today/tonight. The only problem is that as I've been thinking about it and about my characters I suddenly realized something.......

I'm hearing another fake person's voice.


It's Cash. So...where I thought I was going to embark on my first book from one perspective I realized it will be from two. Much like the final few books in the SWEEP Series by Cate Tiernan OR like Breaking Dawn by you know who...This book will be in sections. It starts with Denika. It will switch to Cash, then back to Denika, to Cash and then end with her...cause ultimately it needs to end with who it began with.

I realized this today when I started seeing Cash's background. Normally I see a secondary character's background in a way that feels, well, secondary. But that was not the case. The music I was listening too brought out a dream that Cash was having from his past......NOT that he was telling my leading lady....that he was having the dream and it was his feelings and perspective and once I realized what was going on there was only one honest reaction; "Damn." So...I am embarking into not only a new type of writing for me (writing from only two perspectives) but also planning to keep the story to one novel vs. a series.

What's funny was that just yesterday when I'd try to see where this story was going it was a vast black hole of nothing specific. Now that I've accepted this new knowledge? The outline of where it's going is filling in like a ice cube tray that finally found the water nozzle. The water/ideas are now flowing without trouble and the puzzle that was this book is now started to take definite shape.

My number one fan and cheerleader, Josh, was bitching that he wanted to read the edited version of Book 2 of LDG...and I said, "I'm really sorry, Atlanta isn't talking as loud as Denika and Cash are right now so I can't force myself to write her. She'll get back to me soon...don't worry. When I hear her, trust me, I'll have no choice but to write her. But for now...Denika and Cash have my undivided attention. I'm even writing on the subway in my head as I listen to music...THAT is how much they have my attention. I can't seem to stop."

So, weekend of I come! I'm extremely excited to listen to my two new fake people and see where take me.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Tamsin :) xo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Adventures!

So...I decided that since I was turning the BIG "FOUR OH" that I was going to do it right. I took off from work both Friday and Monday, invited friends from in and outta the city, and we painted the town!

For those interested in my it as short a form as I could think to put it in... :)

*Trip to doctor for an "under the knee-cap" injection. Ouch.
*Best Friend Arrives from DC (Angie & I have been friends for 20 years!).
*Nice dinner at an AMAZING Indian Place on 72nd Street.
*Took a rickshaw with Angie thru Central Park to the place inside it where Alvin Ailey is performing (Couldn't get in. Free show "sold" out.).
*Decided to walk through Central Park downtown.
*Thunderstorm from hell hits. Guess its doesn't matter we didn't get into the dance show. Heavy Rain + Lightning = No dancers on stage!
*Walking through CP looking for a way out of it in rainstorm.
*Two girls. One small Totes umbrella. SOAKED! SOAKED! SOAKED. And funny. :)
*We find an exit, its 90th Street. Oops! Thought we'd been walking DOWNtown. Oh well. We end up huddling in a Church doorway, using my tiny umbrella to sheild us, until storm subsided.
*We start to walk "downtown" to catch the C train. To then realize...uh...we had somehow ended up on the EAST side of the island. Well damn.
*We got "lucky" and on 97 Street there is a crosstown bus.
*We decide to forgo dancing with my Boston pal Matt who's just hit town cause we're soaked. We head home. (an A/C bus to an A/C train to another very cold train...while soaked...brrrrr!).
*In bed by midnight.

*97 degrees & muggy in NYC (my dog is doing the impersonation of a rug).
*Head to Jackie Robinson Park to see my friend's band, Coyote Love, perform!
*Lunch at a great little Jazz place in West Village (with gift cert! Woot!).
*Shopping time! Introduced Angie to Fit-Flops. She bought 2 pair...and me a new pair as my Bday gift; black with tiny sequins on them. They're really cute!
*Home to "prep" for a night out!
*Dinner at Bangkok House with Ceddy, Matt and Angie. AWESOME TIME! Great drinks, food and people! I received one of my favorite Bday gifts while "pillow pet"! ( A BIG fluffy lion who, as the name hints to, unfolds to be a pillow as well as a stuffed animal! Thank you Ceddy! I named him Aslan. :)
*Taxi to Playwright Tavern to see MANY friends and party! Free drinks for me! Woot!
*Taxi to club; Don Hill's. Was the 3 year anniversary of Salvation (the title of a specific Goth/Industrial night that goes on every other weekend)...there was CAKE!
*Home by 4am!

You'd think that means we'd sleep in and lay about on Sunday right? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

*Up by 9am!
*Went to water aerobics class. Took Angie. She did well!
*Did lunch at this great Irish Pub.
*Walked about the city...and...wait for caught in the rain again. :(
*Headed down to Century 21 to shop (Angie's fave spot) but alas, there's nothing like the MTA to ruin your plans. All yellow trains (N,R,Q) are going over Manhattan Bridge so NO service to lower Manhattan w/o going to Brooklyn first. FU MTA.
*Due to time restraints Angie continues on whilst I go get our stuff out of the gym locker before they close.
*Freshen up at the gym and head to Josh & Sara's going away party at, you guessed it, The Playwright Tavern (yes, same one as the night before). Card games and Beer Pong and Alcohol, oh my! FUN NIGHT!
*Left early so Angie could get some dinner (I ate at the bar w/o thinking she'd not want to). We ended up at some Brazilian place. Food not great, per Angie. I had tea.
*We decide to take it easy & rent a movie and go home. By the by...just 'cause Gerard Butler is in it (and he's super hot and sexy and talented) does not a good movie make. That's all I'm gonna say.

Monday (my ACTUAL birthday day)
*Up at 8am
*Out of the house at 9:15am
*Enjoy a nice big breakfast at Tick-Tock Diner (which I love btw)
*Race to get Angie on her bus to DC
*Once she leaves I head into the movie theater where I procede to stay all day. 11am to 6pm! LOL!
*Watched "Salt", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", and "Inception". Reviews at bottom.
*Wandered up 8th Ave whilst chatting to a fellow Bday pal, Melissa was 26 on Saturday, and stopped at Blockbuster on the way. Bought 5 videos for $20! Woot!
*Walked around CP. More specifically, I decided to wander the area I write about in the Prologue of my new story. I even took some photos so I could re-write the fight section with the correct landscape notes. I'm picky like that. :)
*Home to curl up with dog on my bed and watch TV (caught up on "Glades" episodes)
*Fell asleep watching TV on my "pillow pet" Aslan.

Yeah, I know, I should be EXHAUSTED huh? LOL! I kinda am. Yesterday's "low-key" day was perfect for me due to all I'd done for three days previous. Quick thoughts on the 3 movies I saw;

SALT - Fucking Awesome! It's not your typical spy movie! You are expecting one thing and then its another thing all together and then..BAM! It's another thing...and another! It holds some GREAT twists and turns you're not expecting. It's a thrill ride full of amazing acting and phenominal fighting...and good writing, which is suprising in a movie like this, no? Jolie, Schreiber, and Ejiofor are Fanfuckingtastic!!! I want to say no more so as to give nothing away. I give it 5 out of 5 stars! GO SEE IT! Don't wait for DVD!

THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE - It's Disney. Now you know exactly how this movie rolls. It's got its young "I am an ugly duckling who has no self confidence" character that learns to, well, be confident (and get the girl); played by Jay Baruchel. It's got a cheesy older leading man (thank you Nicholas Cage) and its overdone super psycho evil woman (Morgan played by Alice Krige) and the man who works for her, Maxim Horvath. And HERE is where you get a gift. Maxim is played by Alfred Molina! As always, he's fantastic! LOVED HIM! He's definitely the highlight of the movie. Its totally campy but fun. I'd say you can wait for DVD but, you don't have to. 3 stars outta 5.

INCEPTION - Wow! Now here's a movie you need your thinking cap for. You need to be prepared to pay attention right off the bat. There is no, "sit back and relax" time in this film. The stakes are always high, the acting is always superb, the concept is always fascinating, and you are constantly engaged in the piece. The good news is once you understand the concept in the begining you then are able to understand when it gets more difficult. Once you get past understanding how it works and the mission they are going to're home free. THEN you can sit back and watch the "action" take place. Hence why I said you'de not be "relaxing". Cause once your brain can relax your body can't. It's a thrill ride for both your brain and your body (adrenaline kicking you over and over again that is). The cast is quite talented, standing out was DiCaprio himself, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.

I wasn't totally fond of the way they end be honest. It's sorta open, for you to decide what is real, and what is a dream. I sorta would've liked them to make it clear. But they didn't. Not sure if they did that to be "artsy" or to "make a statement" of some kind. Either way, it gets 5 out of 5 stars though the ending makes me tempted to say 4.5 instead. So, go to the theater and see it...and then judge for yourself.

If you HAVE seen it and wanna tell me what YOU thought of the ending DO comment please!!!!

That's all I got for now folks! Have a great week!

Love, Tamsin :)

Congratulations! You've reached the mid-way point!

Meaning..........I'm now officially 40.

Explanation: Most folks live to be 80 on average...or so they hope. Hence, as I'm now 40, I've reached the mid-way point of my I hope.

We always say, "It doesn't feel like its been that long. How am I supposed to accomplish all I want in this lifetime if I only have such a short time left?"

Here's a better way of looking at it.

In theory we only start figuring out our dreams once we hit college, when we're 18.


This means I've only been chasing what I want for 22 years. That sounds a bit better, yes?

Wait...I didn't finish college and start DOING what I wanted, career wise,until I was 25.


This means I've only been in full "do what I want now that I'm not in school" for 15 years.

Wait...let's be honest. Once we get into the real world it takes a few years to really get the hang of it, know who we are, and know what we really want to do. (Yeah yeah, there are a few that were a child prodigy or just "knew" and started that career right off the bat, but I'm talking about me, the average human.)


I didn't really know who I was, what I wanted, where I wanted to go until I was 29.


This means I've only been really doing what I want, whilst knowing WHO I really am, for 11 years.

NO WONDER IT FEELS LIKE ITS GONE BY SO FUCKING FAST! I've really only been doing what I want to do for 11 years!

Well shit.

Puts it in better perspective huh? To look at what I've accomplished in my life, then realize that I've done that in 11 years...and to hope that I get 40 more?!

If I live to be 84 (and btw...that's what my "Death Clock" app on my Android Phone says) That means that I have 4 times the amount I've had so far to do what I want with my life, knowing who I am and enjoying that.

So...its not as bad as I originally thought, yes? (see previous post) I plan to enjoy it and make my time count! How about you?


Tamsin :)

P.S. Post of what I did with my 4 day Bday weekend will be the next stay tuned! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

...impending doom on the horizon...

That impending doom?

I'm turning 40.




I feel like...
I should be further in my life than I am.
That I should have a savings account that makes me feel safe.
That my waistline should be smaller.
That I should be able to afford to live on my own.
That I should be either married or in a steady/long term relationship.

I am none of those things.

Hence my sigh.

I still work for a hospital vs. working for $ in theatre or as a writer.
I have a savings acount with $60 in it.
My waisteline is, well, larger than it was when I was 30.
I live with 2 other people...neither of which are related to me or dating me.
I've been UBER single (not even really dating) for two years now.

See what I mean?

Yes I'm finally a manager at the hospital I work for.
Yes my savings is empty for a good reason: It was used to save my dogs life.
Yes my waistline is a bit bigger cause I take pain killers that ruin my metabolism. (I do work out to help it but I'm loosing the battle)
Yes I have roommates---> cause rent in NYC is outrageous and you can't afford to live alone unless you make six figures OR you don't have a student loan to pay (which I do)
Yes, I am single because I stopped dating. It wasn't worth it to date "Mr. Wrong" just so as to say I was "dating someone"...that stress will kill ya!

I'm hoping the outlook I have on this "turning 40" thing will look better on the flip side. I have a very "stay busy with friends" weekend so as to not fall into the "feel sory for myself pit" but...once festivities are over and I come back to work on Tuesday...

I know.

It's just an age.

But let's face it...some folks die in their late 50's...which means I'm more than half way done with my shot. My shot to do something special, leave an impact somewhere, or be remembered for something. I suppose I just need to jump on the bandwagon 110% to, as they say in the south, "gedderdone".

I'll let you know how it looks from the other side of "turning 40" when I return to you on Tuesday.

Tamsin xo

P.S. UP point: I don't LOOK 40 by ANY stretch of the imagination...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Understand, Accept and Believe

I had a nice long and interesting phone conversation with one of the my friends whom I've known the longest here in NYC. She was my choreographer for the first full play my theatre company did after I became the President of it in 2004 AND she is my web designer as well...see

Anyhoo...we had a nice chat about her upcoming wedding, her past year in theater (both training & performing) and there was something I told her that she agreed with that I thought I'd like to impart to you.

Here goes...

If you are going to move to NYC or LA to be in show biz, be it stage or film or TV, you MUST come to terms with TWO things deep down in your soul.

They are:

#1. Understand deep down in your being that you could very likely NOT make it in the biz; as in becoming famous. Know it. Accept it. Be OK with it. Accept that the chances of you becoming famous is near close to an impossibility. Know that as long as you are doing what you love, if you don't become famous it is okay and you totally accept the very likelyhood that this is a STRONG possibility you wont be.

#2. Believe without a doubt, deep down in your being, that you WILL make it. Be willing to see your talent for what it is...see its weaknesses and strengths...and jump on the bandwagon with 110% of your being and hold on tight. Work on your weaknesses and sell your strengths. Believe you will be the best you can be and you will make it to the level that makes you happy.

You're thinking..."but these are so opposite of each can you want me to believe I'm going to make it yet believe I won't?"'s tricky, no? It's more "Believe you'll make it but accept you won't"...not believe you won't. Can you see what I mean yet?

You may have been acting under the notion that all you needed to do was focus on believing you WILL make the big time. I disagree. I think you need to grasp BOTH concepts fully and accept them in your heart. The reason is that if you always do things that make you happy, be they fame building or not, you too will be happy.

An actor's name pops to mind here as I write...he refused to take movies that were set to be "blockbusters". He chose to do character pieces that made him happy to work on. Johnny Depp is still a household name yet he has a much better reputation as a performer, yes?


I think it's extremely important that we master BOTH of these concepts so we too can be happy with what we do as artists. You may never become a household name. Be okay with that...but bust your ass to be the best artist you can be for YOU. This way you'll never be a failure...ever. :)

Fame does not = happiness...(for an example please type "Mel Gibson recording" into your internet browser)

BTW...this concept goes for writing too. Know you're going to be published and that its only a matter of time...but also, believe you won't be. Accept it and be okay with it. Write because you love it. Write to make you happy. And you know what? Chances are you'll be happy...and possibly make others happy as well.

All right then. I'm done with my deep thoughts for the day.

So...if you're one to comment I'd LOVE to hear them. Please...tell me what this makes you think/feel.

That's all for now folks!

Tamsin out! :) xo

Better to write for yourself and have no public,
than to write for the public and have no self. -Cyril Connolly

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moon Over Manhattan (New Book Idea)

So...last week as I stepped off the platform of the train a GREAT line for the opening of a book hit me. It's actually been haunting me. I can see the girl. I can feel her. She's not been leaving me alone. I even typed the line on a document but didn't save it...until today. Why? Cause after a dream I had last night about my hot werewolf (see previous post to understand) I realized who she is and why she keeps talking to me.

I know that she's not tall (probably 5'5")...that she has dark hair and blue eyes...she's slender but not skinny (think size 7/8 vs. size 2) and she has too much attitude for one girl. While walking about my house this morning, she was poking at my brain, and I asked her what her name was. The name "Denika" popped into my head.

Fine. Now WHO are you?

Then, I just knew.

Her name is Denika Petrovskii. She is the daughter of the head werewolf family based in Russia. In my head, she looks like Tèa Leoni did back in 1995 when she made the movie Bad Boys. Here's a pic I like:

Unlike Tèa though she's tatooed and pierced and a tom boy...the head of the New York City gang she runs for daddy. Her brother is older than her and normally would be in charge but daddy chose Denika. Needless to say, her brother doesn't play well with others, or with her.

That's all I have so far. I am going to spend my lunch today just free writing the scene I see in my head and see if I can figure out how she fits into the LDG storyline cause I know she's part of it. I'm just not sure if her story starts in the space between books 4 & 5 of the LDG series and then she'll pop up in Book 5 OR if she's in Book 4 and 5 to then get her own spin off. I know she's part of my same world...but even though I can feel her storyline is on the tip of my tongue...I know I need to free write find it. Wish me luck.

I give you the opening line...

"As I stepped out of the train onto the platform my sunglasses began to fog up, New York City's humidity clouding my vision. One hundred and three in the shade today. Fuck."

I look forward to getting to know Denika...this should be fun...

Tamsin Silver :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Darkest Powers Series (REVIEW)


So, I spent my weekend seeing a movie in IMAX,swimming, reading, grocery shopping, reading, sleeping reading, watching a DVD (or two, let's be honest), reading, hanging with the dog, reading, shopping at Borders, doing research at Borders, and you guesse it, more reading.

I read two books in two days.

Told you I did a lot of reading.

In fact, I'm on page 70 of the third book I can't do a full review but I wanted to start.


Basis of story (pulled from the internet):

My name is Chloe Saunders and my life will never be the same again.

All I wanted was to make friends, meet boys, and keep on being ordinary. I don't even know what that means anymore. It all started on the day that I saw my first ghost—and the ghost saw me.

Now there are ghosts everywhere and they won't leave me alone. To top it all off, I somehow got myself locked up in Lyle House, a "special home" for troubled teens. Yet the home isn't what it seems. Don't tell anyone, but I think there might be more to my housemates than meets the eye. The question is, whose side are they on? It's up to me to figure out the dangerous secrets behind Lyle House . . . before its skeletons come back to haunt me.

First off...if I've ready 2 books in 2 days I, A. Love the story no matter what I say below. B. Love the characters (Derek is my fave!) C. Recommend it.

Now to share my more lengthier thoughts...

This book takes a bit to get to the point where or heroine realizes she's a necromancer vs. just a schitzo. Yeah, its one of those books; where you spend the first half "justifying" why the heroine believes she's a supernatural vs. just crazy. I know, in books and movies we maybe jump too quickly to our main character "accepting" the "fantasy" of it all but that has a lot to do with one main rule I was taught by EVERY writing teacher; The world you create in the first few pages can be whatever you want...the reader will accept it. Wait too long and they won't.

Look, we "get" that you need to establish this isn't the "norm" for the girl but Ms. Armstrong takes her sweet time. Not that you as a reader don't do...and you care enough to put up with the waiting but we really could've gotten to the "good stuff" earlier if she'd known where she was going...cause that's what it felt she was convincing herself vs. us. Maybe I'm more into instant gratification (don't read into that) when it comes to my "submersion" into a book...I like to get to the goods...spend too much time "justifying them" and I find myself yelling at the author/main character to get on with it already. We get it, its a sci-fi book, we accept that, now move on!

Either you reach the end of the first book you're hooked. You want to know what the fuck Chloe is going to do next and you are hooked on the characters. In fact, I'm not sure I'd care WHERE these kids were as long as it was them. I'd LOVE to drag them into my book for a cross-over...that would be hot. Especially Derek. His character arch is the most fascinating of them all...which is why I love him so.


Basis of story (pulled from the internet):

If you had met me a few weeks ago, you probably would have described me as an average teenage girl — someone normal. Now my life has changed forever and I'm as far away from normal as it gets. A living science experiment — not only can I see ghosts, but I was genetically altered by a sinister organization called the Edison Group. What does that mean? For starters, I'm a teenage necromancer whose powers are out of control; I raise the dead without even trying. Trust me, that is not a power you want to have. Ever.

Now I'm running for my life with three of my supernatural friends — a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch — and we have to find someone who can help us before the Edison Group finds us first. Or die trying.


As we get to Book Two we are hooked and luckily Ms. Armstrong dives right in with very little of the "let's recap from last time" sections. Those drive me nuts. I don't put them in my books...though I think my eventual publisher will make me. :(


Book Two is a great pay-off to Book One! A character you thought was an enemy isn't...a character you thought was a good guy...isn't. There's cool shit about how these kids GOT so powerful...labs and hospitals and testing oh my! :)

Chloe is still our bloody damsel in distress who makes some bad choices but if she didn't, there'd be no angsty shit for a YA novel so...I'll not pick on it too much. I will say that if she and Zoey Redbird from the "House of Night" Series were stuck together in a book without their wouldn't matter HOW talented or powerful they are...NOTHING would get accomplished cause these two suffer from the same problem...they don't really learn and need other to help them see who they are. Which makes me throw up in my mouth a little...but not too much. ;)

I wanna talk about my Derek. I always fall for some character in the story. And its not the romantic interest of our main girl...which is Simon. I love his troubled brother, Derek. He's got all sorts of issues dealing with other people and that is awesome! He's fascinating and growing both on you and on our main girl...but most importantly, he's growing, learning, more so than Chloe...which is why I think I love Derek more than her. LOL! two is fun! The kids are on the streets running from the "bad people" and Ms. Arstrong decides to really put them through some hell; two gang with chicks in an alley and switchblades fighting for sleeping turf and one with dudes in a park. Yeah, I know, not real far fetched and sorta cliche but the one in the park has an interesting twist so...its passable. is all Derek all the time by then (cause Chloe & he get separated from the other two for a bit) so I didn't care. :)

There are some great fights, escape scenes, Derek scenes, and more supernatural power usage...though, you wish that Chloe would see the benefits of her gift and not just the negatives. The bitch can raise the dead to serve her. Does she get help when she's looking to die? No. Why? I wish I knew! I'd saved me from yelling at the book last night.

Book Two ends less on a cliff hanger than Book One but you care now so much for the characters it doesn't need a cliffhanger to make you buy the 3rd book (which I bought when I bought Book Two btw) so you press onward.


Basis of story (pulled from the internet):

My name is Chloe Saunders. I'm fifteen, and I would love to be normal.

But normal is one thing I'm not.

For one thing, I'm having these feelings for a certain antisocial werewolf and his sweet-tempered brother—who just happens to be a sorcerer—but, between you and me, I'm leaning toward the werewolf.

Not normal.

My friends and I are also on the run from an evil corporation that wants to get rid of us—permanently.

Definitely not normal.

And finally, I'm a genetically altered necro-mancer who can raise the dead, rotting corpses and all, without even trying.

As far away from normal as it gets.


Ah...Book Three...I finally finished! :(

That's's supposedly the last one...but it leaves it open for MANY more adventures so I'm HOPING HOPING HOPING Ms. Armsrong will give me more of Derek. ;) I know, I'm selfish. I love my boy...his struggles...his triumphs...


Anyhoo...let's talk about the book shall we?

This one makes my heart sing! They all seem to finally "get it" and their powers are being used. So cool! I was like...all hyped up reading this...its a much more tense of a story and that's a good thing. Ms. Armstrong has raised the stakes a bit and that works.

(Tiny SPOILER alert)

So, last night I must've re-read the last couple of chapters twice and the last one itself a time or two after that. Why? Cause I'm a sucker for a "happy" ending. No, it's not a super happy ending (there are people who die and some of the bad guys get away)BUT our heroine (and my man, Derek) finally get together (YAY!) and they DID save 2/3 of the people they spent 2 books trying to save. Oh, and my girl finally got to really kiss my man...which, since you're seeing it from her get to kiss him. Nice. Did I mention I dreamed of Derek last night? Oh yeah. Big, muscular, hot werewolf...*sigh* That's what you get when you are in the same series for three days can't help but dream about them.

Moving on...

I think this book was the best written of the three. It's pace is quick, the depth of both plot has easily gone a mile or two below the surface unlike the first two books that only go a foot down, the twist in said plot was one I didn't see coming (THAT takes some talent so kudos to Ms. Armsrong!) and its characters are growing into who they need to be to make this story come to a close. The book moves along really well and I only got frustrated at my lead girl once or twice (Yelling something at her like "Thank God Zoey and you aren't in charge of shit...nothing would get accomplished as you both sat and worried in the corner and failed to see yourself as valuable!").

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERIES! As previously mentioned, it does take 1/2 of Book One to get to the goods but...the full series is worth it. From what I understand, Ms. Armstong is continuing with the world she's created but with new characters. The new book is called "The Gathering". I plan to keep my eyes peeled for it. Do I secretly hope Chloe and Derek show up in it? I won't lie, I do. Their relationship is just so...awesome...I'll miss it. If I'm lucky she'll say "screw this" to the "trilogy" rule and give me more of my fave couple since Hunter and Morgan in the SWEEP series by Cate Tiernan.

That's all for now...on this. I do have another nugget for ya'll today though so stay tuned! :)

Tamsin Silver xo

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twilight Eclipse (Review)

Okay, so I like...went on a huge ass rant before I saw the movie so I only thought it fair that I tie up that rant now that I've seen the flick.

Mind you, I saw it Thursday and I've done alot since then (see previous post "Vacation = Awesome") so I'll try to remember my thoughts on this as best I can.

I was right! Due to having to cut down most of the book to 2 hours all of that whining Bella does in the book...GONE! Hip Hip Hooray! Hence...I give the film 2 & 3/4 out of 4 stars.

And you're saying, "But I thought you liked it?" I did! It just doesn't deserve more than that cause the acting can only be as good as the lines. Actors can only do so much with the lines given folks, that's what I'm saying. I'm not sure if Samuel Jackson was up there if even he could say them better so...this is NOT a slam on the actors; they had what they had. With ONE or two exceptions; Rob and Jackson seem to bring their A- game out on this film which is why it got a 2.75 vs. a straight 2.

In the fourth book Mrs. Meyer refers to Edward, in Jacob's head that is, as the "burning man" when he is dealing with post honeymoon issues (that's all I'll say in case you've not read the last book). I was thinking, after seeing the past two Twilight films that Robert Pattinson was going to have a hard time with that. NOT after this movie! I could see it...for the first time I could SEE the inner dialogue and pain Edward is going through due to his love for Bella (and Jacob's love for her)...Go Rob! The tent scene is primarily where you really see some great internal work I think...outter work on when he confronts Jacob for attempting to kiss Bella. The fire there is greatness! Not I'd have thought he'd do.

Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper, gets to do a bit more in this do the rest of the Cullen's. We see more fighting (which is why I like this movie) AND we get Jasper's history. I think it could've been darker than it was but ya get what ya get when its PG-13 (please God please let Breaking Dawn be PG-17!). That said, Jackson did a nice job with it. But I might be biased. Ever since I saw his work on an episode of Criminal Minds where he blew me away I've loved this kid.

Kristen Stewart...was...well...herself as usual. As the previous review stated though, she did keep her parts of cheesy dialogue sounding solid so ya have to give her some props.

Taylor Lautner on the other hand...well...he has become the comedy relief of the show. And you're thinking, "He is in the book too". Not to this extent he's not. Problem is the cheesy lines from him sound cheesy. Maybe his are worse than the others and hence he sounds cheesier...I don't know. I just never really believe him. His "love" for Bella never feels as deep as Edwards...especially this time with Rob bringing out some better than his average acting. But Taylor is a young's to hoping he ups his game for the last book (2 movies) since its from HIS perspective for 1/3 of it dear God!

The movie is full of these "little moments" that count and because the actors nail the important ones...the movie is worth the time. To be honest, I really don't think we needed all the extra stuff with the Volturi or the new-born vamps in Seatle...but from a film perspective I can understand why it was added. It does make you care more when Riley (played by Xavier Samuel...and quite brilliantly too if I must say so) meets his fate. In the book I didn't give a the movie, I did. That says a lot for Xavier's work!

I missed having the Victoria from the past two movies, Rachelle Lefevre, in this movie. The new girl, Bryce Dallas Howard, just didn't seem to capture the inner crazy with outter calm as well as Rachelle but she's passable. That is all.

I will say, there were some funny lines even in the cheese. Two in particular stand out...and don't read this paragraph if you want to be suprised. One is by Emmett when they're wrapping up Bella's wrist after hitting Jacob. He comes in and says something to the effect of, "What happened? You try to walk and chew gum at the same time again Bella?" It wouldn't have been as cute if it had been said by any other actor I don't think. So props to Kellan Lutz. The second line is when Jacob enters the tent to "warm" Bella up (there's a snow storm and "cold as marble" Edward can't really help her out too much there) and he says to Edward, "Face it, I'm hotter than you"...**Insert laughter here** The girls (who were obviously Team Jacob) in the front of the theater exploded at this one. I did too...its funny in its own way. :)

Alice...aka Ashley everyone's fave if you read the books (especially the unpublished "Midnight Sun" online) cause you can't help but love her character OR the fact that Greene nails the character to a tee! She gets to do some fight work with Jasper and some premonition stuff that you'll like if you're an Alice fan.

Other than all that...I suppose the only last things to chat on are the director's style, Editing, and CGI work. One I liked, one was ok, & one I did not like at all. We'll end this on a positive note so I'll go with what I didn't like and that was director David Slade's filming technique. I'm all for close ups...I folks on screen close up are still hot...but...DUDE! You're up Bella's nose like, half the friggin film man! Much of this film coulda been filmed in a dorm room and you'd have never known the difference, the shots were so tight! You saw them going to a location but once they were IN it...CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE! And don't tell me I sat too close...I sat in my usual spot I always, bite me. ;) It was up...their...noses! No, not all of it but when they were close, they were CLOSE.

The editing of the film was a bit choppy but it flows all right. It's a long book put into 2 hours...and as you're coming from a book of whining to make a movie of is what it is and though slightly choppy, it works for the piece.

Last, and not least, CGI.

I'm IN LOVE with the CGI peeps who do the wolves. IN LOOOOVE. Love love love. The wolves movement is so real, right down to ear movement. There's this point where Bella speaks to Jacob when he's in wolf form and he leans his head to her and she scratches his ears and its like, the most precious moment between them (notice its not where Taylor is present). But that wolf moment isn't he only one that rocks. From just them showing up to the fighting it all looks real and beautiful and makes me wanna go home and pet my dog (who looks like a black wolf mind you).

So there you have it. I enjoyed the movie...but I'm easy to please. As long as I have fun the plot doesn't have to be amazing or the acting extrodinairy...(neither of which happen in Eclipse)...I just have to feel like I was entertained. And I was. I think even the boys will like this movie due to the fighting and blood mind you though...again PG-13...but it isn't missed too much. "Kill Bill I & II" make up for those afterwards if you need a blood intake. ;)

Catch the movie if you are a Twilight fan. Catch the DVD when it comes out if you've not been a fan and are curious...this is the better of the three movies for sure. But to be honest...the 2nd of the last two films will be the best...or so I hope, since its my favorite part of the series.

That's all for now...hope my movie thoughts calmed those of you who read my book thoughts and wanted to slap me. :)

Tamsin Silver signing off.... xo

Vacation = Awesome!

So I have a little bit of an obsession with the Salem Witch Trials.

There, I said it. They say that admitting your problem is half the battle.

Yeah, okay, whatever. this Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer FINALLY made it to Salem, MA after YEARS of writing about witches and the like (LDG and another story are based in that area) and after directing The Crucible in the fall of 1997. Yes,I've been to Boston but not to this time around I made it a point to take the train up there.

Mistake #1: Had money on me. This means I shopped. I was good though, I didn't spend more than I could afford (unlike my shopping counterpart who spent twice what I did!). I totalled up my purchases (which will be listed at the end of this blog in case you care) and they came to $123. That's for two days of playing tourist in both Salem AND Boston so...not bad really. I was constantly saying, "Justify this purchase!" If I couldn't, I didn't buy it. Simple as that. Hence, I spent MUCH less than I would've years ago. Yay! Go me!

Mistake #2: Went by train instead of by car. This means I didn't get to see the big stuff I really wanted to see. This was sad because as it turns out...Salem used to be both the town of Salem and Salem Village. What was Salem Village is now broken into TWO cities; Danvers and Peabody. This means that if you want to see John Proctor's house or his burrial site or Giles Corey's home/land...etc. You need, that's right, a car. That way you can drive to these locations. I picked up a book that tells you how to get to all those for my next visit. My plan is to rent a car this fall and go. It's important to me. I remember sitting in my classroom when I found the picture of John Proctor's gravestone on the internet...I cried for a good 5 minutes. THAT is how deep I got into the show. My cast were also very affected by the show...and remember it till this day. Trust me, I get emails. :)

Mistake #3: Thought it would be a good idea after walking all of Salem to walk all of Boston the day after. (My feet and calves hurt my darling...oh yes, they hurt.) That's right...I thought doing the Freedom Trail ON the 4th of July would be a cool idea. Yeah, well, so did every other tourist. LOL! Matt and I got lucky though. Somehow everywhere we went that day we missed the line by seconds. We'd arrive at a landmark, wait briefly and then go in. When we'd leave there'd be this HUGE line. It was that way all day. Woot! I learned a lot and saw a lot of things. I think my favorite thing was this:

When the British occupied Boston there was a General by the name of Thomas Gage who was in charge and he decided to send troops to Lexington and Concord to thwart the Sons of Liberty who were rumored to be stock-piling weapons. Now, General Gage only told two people his plan to send troops secretly at night to Lexington and Concord; his next in command and his wife.

Who do you think, of those two, leaked the info that got back to Dr. Joseph Warren? His WIFE did! The rest you know, yes? Well, if not, Dr. Warren is the one that had Paul Revere do his midnight run to warn the troops in Lexington ("The British are coming! The British are coming!"). He was captured by the British and not allowed to return to Boston for a year because of his actions. BUT, even though he was captures other riders got to Concord in time so that most of the stored up amunition was hidden in other cities. Now, its not proven that Mrs. Gage was a Patriot spy...its much more likely that, as a born American, she was torn and was actually trying to attempt averting a war by stopping the British troops. had a different effect than she thought.

Either way...MANY thanks to Mrs. Thomas Gage (aka Margaret Kemble) for saving the Sons of Liberty that night, back in April of 1775. We greatly appreciate your attempt at stopping the war! :)

Here's a painting of the lovely lady! You'll need to copy and paste into your browser window I believe:

With that I'll end off by saying this...strong women who make big decisions, obviously shaping history, show up all throughout history both on this continent and the others. I was happy to learn of one more. Here's to the women who have shaped our history for the better! I raise a glass to you!


THE SHOPPING LIST (in case you care)


a. A cast iron mini caldron with the symbol of the goddess on it...the exact one from the birthmark on the neck of my main character of Living Dead Girl. I couldn't pass it up. $12

b. A Prosperity Key (it is hanging on my necklace). I think it spend money for a Prosperity're already doing the opposite of being prosperous. Oh well...I wanted one as a charm for my necklace. $4

c. Black T-shirt with a tomb stone on it with all the names of those who died due to the Salam Witch Trials. This was almost a no brainer. I saw this shirt as a must...remember, I directed The Crucible years ago and let me say this, due to all my research and work on this show...I felt VERY attached to these people who died. This shirt seemed the only smart T-shirt to buy. $10

d. Cute black and orange mug with the word SALEM on it with a flying witch. For my office can I not have a witch on my desk as I write my book. It is currently sitting next to the caldron...fitting. $7

e. A book entitled "The Craft - A Witches Book" by Dorothy Morrison. It has TONS of info I need for writing so as to keep my witch work in LDG as correct to Wicca as it can be. $16

f. Went into the Witch House and they had an amazing selection of stones (the powers of which I reference all the bloody time in my books). Fill a bag for $6.

g. One Salem magnet for my fridge at home cause I have a strange hobby of collecting magnets from cities all over the world that I go to and my friends go to. It's the "thing" I ask them to bring me back from the city they visit. Sounds silly, I know, but I love them! $1.50

h. Touring book so as to find the other sites like the Proctor House in Danvers and so on. $4

i. Purchased two museum fares. $6 each.


j. A beautiful silver & sugulite ring (again...the ring in my book is a silver ring made with crystals, sugulite and a triquetra knot design) which are rare to find. Its simple and pretty. $25

k. Book ends made of this beautiful blue stone...I forget the type. I've been coveting a pair my buddy Matt has at his house for awhile...and then found these on sale! $22

l. Purchased a tour of Paul Revere's house. VERY worth it! $3.50

So that is my spending on me...without going into train fair (which wasn't expensive btw) or my total of pointless purchases comes to...$123. $3 more than I'd planned on so overall...I did pretty well if you ask me. :)