Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Book I Never Intended to Write - Over at Magical Words today!

Mark of the Necromancer...the book I never intended to write.

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What do I mean, "never intended to write"?'ll need to head over to today and find out!'s a direct link for later:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NEW Bookmarks for MOTN!

No offense to either Atlanta (my main character in the Windfire Series) or the model who posed for her (Angeliese Adams)...but after three years, I desperately want a new here it is!

It's a two sided, Mark of the Necromancer, one with Sabrina on one side and Alex on the other. Hope you all like it! I'll have them to hand out at DragonCon 2015!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mark of the Necromancer Book Jacket Reveal

Here it is gang, in all its high resolution glory, the book jacket for Mark of the Necromancer, available September, 2015!

Much love to the team that made this happen:

Photographer: Candace Barbieri with CandyLust Photography
Graphics Designer: Kathleen Hadsall with FMS Digital
Models: Kara Rosella (Sabrina), Josh Price (Alex), and Jason Griffith (Lucifer).

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Research Mode vs. Writing Mode - Over at Magical Words today!

Research Mode vs. Writing Mode

Me at Dick Brewer's Grave
Me at the grave for Richard M. "Dick" Brewer: First leader of the Regulators and a good man.

So I went to New Mexico to research for my new book, The Curse of Billy the Kid (based on my short story, The Curse of Scáthach) and planned on writing a diary while I was there and ran into a creative block. Learn more about it on today!

Or, you can go to this direct link:

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Doing a Photo Shoot for Your Book Cover - Over at Magical Words today!

Josh with Bear
Josh Price with Bear at Candylust Studios, Brooklyn, NY, for the MOTN book photo shoot!

Today, over at, I talk about how I've taken my training in casting shows and applied it to casting the characters in my books for photo shoots for book covers.

And yes...there are GREAT pics to see!

So head on over there and see some of the first shots for my new book, Mark of the Necromancer, along with pictures from shoots on the Windfire series you've never seen before!

Here's a direct link: