Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Falling Upwards - Over at Magical Words today!

You're thinking...WTF is falling upwards!!!???

Well, here...

“…then you can start to just fail. That’s what it’s about. It’s about doing it wrong, doing it wrong, doing it wrong, then doing it better, and doing it slightly better, then wrong, wrong, wrong, then doing it slightly accurate, doing it more accurately, and then doing it right. You never get there (he means perfection). You’re just always failing better. Falling upwards, as someone once described it.”  - Benedict Cumberbatch

I think that explains the gist, yes? Head on over to today to see more on why this is important to me currently...for even published authors fail...we fail a lot more than you realize...but good can come of it. See how! Here's the direct link:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mark of the Necromancer ARC Winners!

ALAS! The time is here!

I drew the three winners from those who posted about #ReadOrWriteAnywhere on Twitter or reposted my Facebook links (Surprise! That wasn't announced, it was an added bonus!) of the ARC of Mark of the Necromancer and the following three people won:
  • Sean Chou (@seanchou)
  • Melissa McArthur-Gilbert (@mcarther_me)
  • Margaret McGraw (@MargaretSMcGraw)
However, since there is a chance Melissa, who is an editor, will be doing one of the edits on this book, it seems odd to have her win a copy. LOL! So I drew a fourth name just in case...and that person is...(*drum roll*)
  • David Tomlinson (a Facebook re-poster! Woot!)
Are you curious of how I drew the names? Well, it's not the best quality (due to lighting and an old phone) but HERE is the video I had my roommate shoot of me (and my dog, Kadin) drawing the names. case you'd like to see any of the videos of the photo shoots I've previously done, you can go HERE!

Winners, please email me at and let me know the best E-book format to send you the book in. For example, if you have a Kindle, it'd be a MOBI file. If you have a Nook, it'd be a E-pub file...etc.

I am planning to send these out at the top of August...or maybe early, like July 26th, since that's my Birthday. :)

Anyway...again, thanks for participating and remember...READ OR WRITE ANYWHERE all the time! Encourage kids to read and write even when they're not in school!

Until next time...

Tamsin :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Convention Worth - Over at Magical Words today!

Convention Worth (aka the Monetary Gain vs. Loss Ratio)

Moffat on making money for writing

EVERY con is different...and you won't know if you (or rather, if you and your merchandise, be they books, comics, art, etc.) fit that convention until you go. Once you do, you must figure out if it was worth your time...but it's not just about how much money you, let me explain further, over at .

Here's the direct link:

ARC Winners will be listed TOMORROW!

Real quick...

Due to plane delays that equated to life delays, the plan is to draw the three winners of the Mark of the Necromancer ARCs TONIGHT...via video...and post them tomorrow on here, Facebook, and Twitter!

Sorry for the delay! We can blame the rain, LaGuardia Airport, and an exhaustion that consumed me like catching mono. The last energy I had was spent writing my bi-weekly blog post...which reminds me...

If you want fun stuff to read today, head over to my post on Magical Words!

See you tomorrow!

Tamsin :)