Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Misplaced

I have come to the conclusion that my imagination has a "honey do" list as long as the Brooklyn Bridge. I say this, because anyone who knows me personally, is privy to what all is on my plate right now, writing wise, and I honestly do NOT (do you hear that imagination?) ...I repeat...I do NOT have time to write anything else other than the stuff due to people.

So of course, the opening of a YA novel pops into my head. *rolls eyes* This isn't fair. It really isn't. Anyway, I did what any other writer would do, and I typed it up and saved it for a later date because, OBVIOUSLY this character is wanting her story told and dag nabbit, she chose me, my busy schedule be damned.

I wonder if this happens to other writers. I'm sure it does. What do you all do when this sort of thing occurs?

Anyway...I figured I'd share it since I've bothered to ramble about it...

Here's the part that pushed its way into my head on my walk to work this morning. The Working Title for now is, "THE MISPLACED"...

Millions of people went missing yesterday from around the world. I wasn’t one of them. Pure chaos envelopes the globe and no one has any answers. Some say The Rapture has happened and the end of times have begun. Rumors abound concerning the government or the possibility of aliens. Me? All I know is that my parents are gone. It’s just me and my brother now. And I have no idea what I’m going to do. this a YA Urban Fantasy? Is it an YA Adventure? It's definitely a version of post apocalyptic...but where it will go, who knows. I'm MORE than sure it'll bug me until I begin to write more. *sigh* You know, like I have nothing else to write or anything. *rolls eyes*

Anyhoo...just thought I'd share as other writers may deal with this and I wonder what they do...or maybe its just good for others to read that this happens to they know they're not the only ones who have characters talk to them...almost forcing them to write their tale. Moon Over Manhattan happened that way. As did Duality of Surrender. Both books were written quickly, too. Duality was 125K words in 2 months. MOM was 175K in three.

Will Callie's story (cause I have a feeling that's her name) flush out sooner rather than later...who knows. But I seriously hope she can just hang tight for now...and let me get my other stuff done.

Happy writing, all!  Windfire, Book 5; Identity is out in a month! WOOT!


Tamsin :)

*Note: Copy from "The Misplaced" is ©Tamsin L. Silver

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Episode Four of SKYE, "JILLIAN", is LIVE!


Season 01 Episode 04: "Jillian"

Skye MacKenna (played by Lauren Steinmeyer) finds herself the prime suspect for the murder of New York City's Vampire King. Meanwhile another body has been found in connection to the King's murder, and FAE Detectives Carter (Christopher LaCour) and Steele (Tyler Jakes) must put aside their differences with Vampire Detectives Delaney (Rachel Grundy) and Vale (Cedric Jones) in order to begin solving this double homicide case.

RT: 15 min. 53 sec. / HD 16x9 / Color / Stereo
Hello Everyone!

So excited to bring you not just the next installment of SKYE OF THE DAMNED, but the next chapter in HOW you see SKYE. Episodes 1-3 were free on YouTube in a low rez quality. Well, being as that we spend a lot of time and care on the show and film it in HD, we wanted you all to see it that way. From here on out, all episodes and teasers will be on our VIMEO PRO account. What does this mean? It means that you will see the show in full HD (you can blow it up on your huge TV or computer screen and it'll be crystal clear) and it means it now costs money to view episodes (Teasers are still free!).

Yes, sadly, with the cost of filming being what it is, we need to make a few bucks back on our work. BUT, since we'd hate to loose any real fans of the show, it's only 99 cents to rent for 24-hrs OR you can OWN IT! YES! That's right! You can now OWN copies of the show. Each episode is only $2.99. Then you can watch it as often as you like.

I know that paying for a web series may seem odd to some of you, but when it costs around $5000 to film for 2days (one episode), it becomes difficult to continue to make the show without funds coming in. Because, let's face it, crowdfunding does NOT always work and your friends/family can only donate so much. So, we are hoping that you, the fans, will continue to support our efforts to bring you a fun show in HD.

Thank you again for sticking with SKYE! This is the direct link to Episode 4: JILLIAN:


If that link does not work, you can always just go to
Once there, scroll to Episode 104, entitled, "JILLIAN," and click on it. You will be prompted on if you want to rent it or own it.

ENJOY! And catch out the few stills from the episode I put below!


Tamsin L. Silver :)



director of photography NYLE CAVAZOS GARCIA
editor & sound designer NYLE CAVAZOS GARCIA
created by TAMSIN L. SILVER
written & directed by TAMSIN L. SILVER
original score by CHRISTOPHER NORTH

© 2014 Boy From Texas Tunes BMI

Main Theme Single & Original Web-Series Score EP
available soon on iTunes

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SKYE Episode 4 Teaser is UP!

Check out the teaser for Episode 4: "JILLIAN"


created by Tamsin L. Silver

Teaser 07 featuring Christopher LaCour and Matt Cullen

RT: 2 min. 10 sec./ 16x9 HD / color / stereo


written and directed by Tamsin L. Silver
produced by Nyle Cavazos Garcia and Tamsin L. Silver
executive producer Jet Berelson
co-producer Lauren Steinmeyer music composed by Christopher North
director of photography, editor, and sound designer Nyle Cavazos Garcia
assistant director and production manager Raven Jensen
sound Richard Hamilton and Rich Mach
gaffer and camera assistant Ludgy Wu
make-up artist Chris Kinniburgh
best boy electric and production assistant Augustine Castelo
dolly grip and production assistant Tyler Garcia
art department and production assistant Stephanie Rupe

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cover and Back Reveal of IDENTITY

Hello! So, last time I revealed the new and improved synopsis for IDENTITY. Today, I show you the final cover and back of the book coming out in May!



This will be available in print and e-copy soon! And you can buy it in person from me for the first time in print at Con Carolinas in Charlotte, NC on May 30 - June 1, 2014. Very excited to bring this story to you all. It's a bit darker than the rest of the series so I'll be interested in what fans of the series think.

NOTE: Just click on the picture to see it open in a new window larger and easier to see/read.


Tamsin :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NEW Synopsis for Book Five: IDENTITY

As I said before...we write and rewrite our synopsis for each book until it's exactly what we want...or maybe more appropriately, what it NEEDS to be. You can't say too much, but you need to say enough to entice those who have read previous books as well as those who haven't. WINDFIRE is a Serial Series, as you well know, but I did have a beta reader read it cold and he still loved the story. My editor was also a cold read and that helped me to flush out areas that even those who have read books 1-4 might need clarification or reminding on.

Anyway, the new synopsis, that likely will be ont he back of the book is...


Atlanta has lost her soul. Leaving in its place, Windfire, a woman who is a cold-blooded killer, remembers nothing of her previous life, and sees Valencia as the savior of the Clandestine World. Unless Jensine, Roman, and Gray can help her soul find its way back to her body, she will follow Valencia’s orders, and destroy everything in her wake, including her relationships with her closest friends.

Unaware of Atlanta’s plight, Roman heads to Canada to find her, as well as keep his promise to Pepper and save her son. Meanwhile, Sean and Stephan head out on a mission to find the elder witch Elizabeth studied with in hopes of learning more information about The Diana Prophecies. The simple assignment turns dangerous, putting Sean’s promise to Roman, to keep Stephan safe, to the test.

The Superior Order are preparing for war. Windfire siding with Valencia means they could possibly overthrow The Great Order. However, there is a third player in town, and their presence alone could tip the scales if The Great Order can align with them.

Alliances are made as new heroes and enemies emerge while the threat of war closes in and the race to save Atlanta’s soul begins.


I'll post some of the reviews I've gotten from Beta Readers in the next few weeks leading up to the release in May! So stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chain link fences in Heaven

I had my first Keziah dream last night…and this was odd…

I was on the SE corner of Broadway and Isham and some guy from somewhere was carrying two clear garbage bags of stuff…seems one was full of pulled pork and the other was full of the barbeque sauce to make sandwiches (what can I say, I was hungry as I slept?). I thought he was a nutter, but Lauren was like,”No no no…he’s from my Society, he’s cool.”…so we told him, “Sure, we’ll take ‘em”…so he left them there and disappeared.

Then Hunter and Josh showed up (good Carolina food in our laps, not surprised) and Hunter said Keziah had been taken by the ASPCA or something in that respect for being out w/o a leash (*shrug*). So Josh and I left Hunter to guard the food or the apartment (not sure which one) and we take the train to go to some remote area of Manhattan or Brooklyn to see if we can find my dog.

Well, it must take us ages, because when we get to this place, we’re told the other dog they’d taken with mine, some small dog (I think it was ex-roommate’s Chihuahua mix) had already been there so long that it had been put to sleep. I freaked out and said to the man (who turned out to be my old roommate in SC, Ken Wilson), “What about the big fluffy black dog?”

“Oh he’s right there,” Ken says. And I see Keziah sitting there behind a fence and call to him. He got up all happy, and ran over to me. So Ken let’s me in and I walk into this massive grassy area and then I see that one of the inside, tall, chain link fence only went halfway across the yard. So I rounded that and called to him again, and Keziah came bounding over. I got to hug him and pet him…tell him I love him. He was so happy to see me.

I remember Josh and I checked in with Hunter to tell him the other dog had been put down; because it took us too long to find them (obviously they were in the bottom of Brooklyn… ha ha).

Then I woke up with that same panic I used to get when I’d have dreams that something had happened to Keziah when he was still alive. I’d go look in on him and he’d be sleeping. But this time, he wasn’t there to check on. That was horrible.

Then I realized how Keziah looked in the dream. He’d been beautiful. He was healthy, jet-black, bouncing as he ran, and happy. I guess maybe he was letting me know he’s okay with lots of green land to run on while he waits for me to pass through the gates.

But what’s with the heavenly gates being made of tall, chain link fences, huh?

I’m weird. LOL!


Tamsin :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Turn WORD into a Screen Writing Program

Sadly, I've been away and busy writing somewhere other than here and I sincerely apologize. However, today I'm going to share with you a fantastic link I found.

Do you write scripts? Do you transfer novels into scripts for comics or screen? Do you wish to write screen plays without paying a ton of cash for some program you might hate?

I have your solution! If you follow the steps on this page, you can turn your Microsoft WORD program into a screen writing program...but just formatting the way this guy tells you to.

The link is HERE

Or you can copy/paste the following into your browser window:

Good luck, and happy writing!!!


Tamsin :)