Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Cillian Black, the Vampire Prince of Manhattan in SKYE!

As previously mentioned, the political upheaval within the Vampire and FAE groups is an underlying storyline in SKYE OF THE DAMNED. Because of that, we are casting a full set of royaly in both the Vampire and the FAE camps. On the Vampire side, you have a prince or princess for each burrough and a King who they all answer to. Today I'm here to reveal who will be the Prince of Manhattan, Cillian Black.

Prince Cillian Black will be played by none other than the owner of VampireFreaks himself, Jet Berelson

That's right! Jet has agreed to play Prince Cillian and I KNOW that all the members of are going to be anxious to see what we have this guy do. Jet holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Rochestser and is a phenominal business man and DJ in the Goth/Industrial/EBM scene. Normally behind the scenes as the programmer of the VF site...or in the DJ Booth, causing dance floors to fill no matter where he DJ's in the country, I'm sure Jet will bring the same energy to acting in front of the camera.

Since Jet is a friend of mine as well as running VF and being the producer on this web series adventure...I knew the minute I started to write this that he had to be in it. HAD TO BE. The question was...where? Prince Cillian (and yes, I chose the first name because I adore the actor, Cillian Murphy) seemed to be the logical choice because, #1, he's a Vampire, and #2, because the character runs the clubs and parties for the scene in the story (as Jet does in real life here in NYC) and #3...well...oh...why don't we let you wait to find those out on your own.
I can promise you that Prince Cillian will first show up in Episode Two of the series along with King Xavier. That are probably wondering why Jet is not playing the King! There's a good reason...but you'll have to wait and see...I CAN say this much...we are hoping to have a celebrity from the goth/industrial/EBM music world in that role. SO stay tuned to find out who that will be AND....

Up NEXT on "Casting News" for SKYE...find out who will be playing Nicolai Winters! So come back and see us tomorrow! xoxo - Tamsin :)


Meet Danae, the Queen of the FAE Unseelie Court in SKYE!

We've got something special for you all when it comes to the dark queen...the Unseelie Queen of the FAE. Danae will be played by none other but the rockin' Ballerina of Burlesque, Miss Aurora Black!

Aurora Black. Photo by Trivett Photography
 That's right! Miss Aurora Black will be taking the reins on the mischevious queen.
Aurora is originally from Chicago, IL, and has been studying ballet for fourteen years...and been a professional ballerina for seven. She speaks both English and French, has studied Classical Acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and holds a BA degree from Smith College in Dance Performance and Choreography.

Miss Black can be found performing all over New York City in some of the top Burlesque venues and works with Ten-In-One Productions, Tiny Dancer NYC (Artistic Director/Choreographer), Alvin Ailey, and was the Artistic Director from 2009 to 2011 of the West Village Musical Theatre Festival. For more on her, go HERE.

I've known Aurora since 2009 and am very excited to get the opportunity to not only showcase her acting, but her dancing talents on SKYE. And yes, this picture to the right is ALSO Miss Black... "versitile" doesn't cover her quite well enough...but I suppose its the word we'll have to use for now.

If you have any interest in seeing Miss Black perform...visit the FB Fan Page for Skye of the Damned and see that we've posted about a special show she is not only in...but producing!

And as can catch her at other locations by visiting her calendar on her site.

I cannot even BEGIN to explain how excited we are to see where this bodacious bombshell takes the character of Danae!

Up next? Who is playing the Vampire Prince of Manhattan? Stay tuned and find out!


Tamsin :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Who is Finn Malloy from SKYE?

Who is that tall, ginger-haired man?

Why, that's Finn Malloy.


Oh...I mean...that's Mark Rosenthal, our fight choreographer and captain for SKYE OF THE DAMNED.

Then who is Finn Malloy?

That's the number one question....guess you'll have to watch SKYE OF THE DAMNED and find out!

That's right! We are using our Fight Captin IN the series! Why? Cause we can...cause he's awesome...cause he is 6'6" of talented acting and fighting we really need any other reason? I mean, really.
Mark is originally from Rhode Island and is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), The New School (for Musical Theatre), and the International Stunt School. He is also a member of the Society of American Fight Directors. Mark is one of those tripple-threat people...he sings, moves well, and acts. He's worked with the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet and the San Diego Opera to name a few places. He's a fellow avid fan of Joss Whedon (as everyone should be in my opinion), won't miss a Renaissance Faire...and owns lots and lots of weapons. He is also the younger brother of Celine Rosenthal, one of my friends and a Producer on the Broadway show, Leap of Faith. It's a talented family...what can I tell you?

I met Mark through Celine one New Years Eve...about 5 years ago (I think) at Vince Phillip and Rachel Grundy's New Years Eve Party and had a hard time believing he was Celine's "little" brother. Since then, I've worked with Mark on various projects. The two you'll spot him on most are the photo shoots for my books Moon Over Manhattan and Windfire / Living Dead Girl. As you can see in both the videos and still shots, Mark was our weapons specialist...and...he, along with his assistant, Trevor Swann, worked on the Bo Staff fight you see at the end of the Windfire video.

Sadly, I can't really tell you all much about the character Mark will be playing, Finn Malloy, or it gives too much away about the storyline of the web series...but he's an important character who is both tied to the political issues in the city as well as Skye's safety...or lack thereof.

I am looking forward to seeing what people think of his character as they gets bits and pieces as the story unfolds.

Tomorrow we will reveal two more cast members! Prince Cillian Black and Danae, the FAE Unseelie Queen back tomorrow and find out.  Until then...scroll down if you missed the announcements for Joelle Meadows and Jackson Reece!


Tamsin :)

Meet Jackson Reece from SKYE!

Skye may have moved around a lot as a kid due to her mother's fears...but when her mother died when Skye was only 12 years old, her step-father, Jackson Reece, takes care of her...raising Skye as his own with the help of his two brothers.

We are excited to announce that Jackson Reece will be played by Vince Phillip.

I moved to NYC in Septemer of 2012. I was lucky enough to get hired as a Stage Manager for a show right off the bat. It was called, The Wake fo Jamey Foster, written by Beth Henley and directed by Chris Presley. I mention Chris because he was an amazing director AND it is because of him that I met Vince. He said to me, "I've got this friend from Texas...he'd be great at Wane Foster. I'm bringing him in."

Well, that person was none other than Vince Phillip. The first day I met him, I was asking the cast members for phone numbers. I asked him for his cell number and he said, "I'm not that convenient." LOL! (he's "that convenient" now, though). That dry humor was the tip of the iceburg on this talented man. He ended up becoming one of my best friends and I attribute the fact that I made it through the adjustment to living in NYC to him, as well as Anna & Paul VanEtten (who were producers on Jamey Foster). You may recognize him from the photoshoots (both in the video and stills) from Moon Over Manhattan and Windfire / Living Dead Girl as he is also a phenominal photographer.

Originally from Texas, Vince was raised partially on an US Army base over seas (in Germany, primarily) and then came back to the states to attend college at The University of Texas at Austin where he almost became a professional ballet performer. Instead, he opted to become an actor (lucky us!) and eventually left Texas for New York City (a few years before me) and his resume of work both in theatre and film in this city is extensive. He was one of the founding memebers of TheatreRats and currently is involved with both Dysfunctional Theatre Company and Hudson Warehouse (like Rachel Grundy) and works for American Ballet Theatre.

I specifically thought of Vince when I wrote the role of Jackson Reece and am very excited to have him on board this crazy train. He's professional, talented, and I believe will bring an authentic and powerful performance to Episode One (and onward) for Skye of the Damned.

UP NEXT...."Who is Finn Maloy?" stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

Meet Joelle Meadows from SKYE!

Let's talk about ensemble. If you look the word up, one of the definitions says, "A group of supporting entertainers, as actors, dancers, and singers, in a theatrical production." And that's what we will have with SKYE OF THE DAMNED! We have a leading lady, but we also have an ensemble of supporting actors. We already told you about the detectives, but they aren't Skye's peers. There are seven people that will fall into the catagory of the club kids that make up the ensemble that surrounds borrow a "Joss term"...they are her "Scooby Gang."

Our FIRST of that gang is the lovely Joelle Meadows, played by Lindsay Kitt Wiebe. She is Skye's roommate in the story. Joelle has witch blood in her veins but tends to not dabble as much as her siblings. She works for a goth/industrial store in NYC and is best friends with DJ Phaedra and Madison Park. She's outgoing but has a tendency to be shy. She also has a crush on a certain vampire we won't name yet.

Lindsay Kitt Wiebe

I met Lindsay in 2004, when she was in a show called "Agrippina" (and the Dance Captain for it as well) here in NYC with a theatre company known as TheatreRats. Lindsay also performs with Point of You Productions (with Cedric Jones) and Hudson Warehouse (with Rachel Grundy). She has studied in England as well as at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and The Academy for Classical Acting in Washington DC (where she was also a part of The Constellation Theatre Company).

Even though Lindsay's talent is rooted in an amazing understanding of Shakespeare, she will lower herself to come do our Urban Fantasy web series.....ooh...maybe I could get her to do her lines in iambic pentameter?  LOL! Just kidding. Maybe. ;)

But to be serious and honest, Lindsay is fantastic at both comedy and drama...the Bard...and hell, everything I've ever seen her in. She steals scenes without meaning to, makes you laugh until your sides hurt, and can bring you to tears with her honest to goodness dramatic performance the next. Skye is lucky to have a roommate like her.

Up Next on the "Who's Cast in SKYE?"........Oh........well.......Skye's father.....yep! So stay tuned!


Tamsin :)