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Meet our Vampire Detectives from SKYE!

First, you met the FAE Detectives of SKYE OF THE DAMNED...but in order for there to be balance, there are also Vampire Detectives. For while the Vampires must allow the FAE to investigate their issues/deaths, so must the FAE allow the Vampires to investigate theirs.

Today, on the Skye of the Damned FB Fan Page we introduced you to two of the Vampire Detectives.

First is Vampire Detective, Brooke Delaney. A sassy, smart, snarky Detective who loves nothing more than making FAE Detective Carter's life, a bitter hell. Played by Rachel Grundy.

Some of you may recognize this lovely Brit as the voice of the WINDFIRE Audio Books (Coming Soon) or you may recognize her from the photoshoots for "Windfire" (which used to be called, Living Dead Girl) and "Moon Over Manhattan" for modeling for the role of Rachel Joans in those two series. Or maybe, just maybe, you recgonize her from her amazing band, Coyote Love! Where she both sings and plays a miriad of wind instruments (from flute to sax). Rachel also is very involved as a performer with Hudson Warehouse and as a writer/performer with Dyfunctional Theatre Company.

I wouldn't say the girl's busy or anything...O_o LOL!

Other than all that, Rachel holds a degree from the University of East Anglia in English Literature and Drama in England and brings both an amazing & wide array of experience to this project. There's few who know my writing better than her, and for that reason, I know she will bring a humor and a realness to Detective Delaney I couldn't really trust to anyone else. We are very honored to have her involved in this project!

NEXT...Meet Vampire Detective, Ethan Vale. If Delaney is the fire, he is the water...but get him to a boiling point and he'll hold his own! This clever, handsome, and steady Detective will be played by Cedric Jones.

Cedric has been seen in shows around New York City for many years and is currently proud to be the Literary Director of Point of You Productions, who have been producing quality, original shows, in the city for over TEN years! Cedric, like Rachel, can be found modeling for the "Moon Over Manhattan" photo shoot in the role of Brush.

Originally from South Carolina, Cedric graduated with a BA from Winthrop University (my alma mater as well) and is a published Poet. You can find his book, I Wear the Colour Green, on Amazon.

To be given the gift of working with people who have been in my life for so long makes me feel blessed. It not only will be wonderful to watch Cedric & Rachel create these characters from the inside out, but to have people I trust give you, the audience, wonderful performances that take you on a fantastic journey of who-done-its, romance, and possible Cedric in drag...but I'm not promising anything. :)

NEXT announcement will reveal Skye's roommate, the FAE Seelie Queen, Skye's father, and Prince Cillian Black himself! So stay tuned!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Character List for "Skye of the Damned" for Auditions

HELLO to all you amazing actors/actresses out there that are signing into my blog today to see the list of character information for auditions on Wednesday.

I'll keep this brief as I can as I'm SURE you have a lot to do.


Madison Park – An aspiring actress, "Maddie" is Skye's best friend from college. A red-headed woman in her early 20's, she wears her heart on her sleeve, isn't afraid to stand up for herself, has a mouth on her that would rival a sailor at time, and is larger than life without being obnoxious. She is single but has a tendency to date the "wrong guy."

Kyle Lawson –  A musician in his mid to late 20's, Kyle is a friendly guy who has trouble with committment, stating his musical career (or the pursuit thereof) is where his focus should be. However, he's a romantic at heart and very likely the most misplaced of the bunch in the goth/industrial scene. Steady and affectionate, he is the person people count on. Possible love interest for Skye.

Nicolai Jordan – A young man in his early 20's, he is Kyle's roommate and best friends with Joelle (Skye's roommate) and Jillian (he and Kyle's other roommate). Nic is out of the closet gay with much flourish. And though everything now is "fine," he had a drug problem as teen. His family still won't accept his sexuality. They just ignore it. So he doesn't visit them, talk to them, or talk OF them very often. He currently works a few jobs as he goes to FIT. Once of which is the receptionist for a hair salon in the West Village.

Silas Winters – One of two Vampires of the group. Silas is easily the "fuck up" of the club kids group of friends. He is known to be a player, be mouthy, speak before thinking, but he's loyal to his friends and tries not to be an idiot. He wants to be a romantic, but he's heart broken over the girl who killed him and won't let that go. He is currently dating Amara Raine, works for King Xavier and Prince Cillian, is fast, a good fighter, and a bit reckless.

Amara Raine – The second Vampire of the group, Amara is known for being a bit of a bitch, very possessive of her boyfriend (Silas), needy, clingy, and jealous. BUT, she loves her friends, those she has, and would fight to the death for them. Killed by a drug dealer in the 80's, Amara has issues with trust and is violently against drugs. She works as a drug councelor in the evenings as well as models for alternative magazines and websites that cator to goth/industiral/fetish.

DJ Phaedra –  A woman in her early to mid 30's, this blonde haired, blue-eyed, gal is originally from Kansas and works in the goth/industrial world as a DJ (in Boston as well as NYC), has a black cat named Sabbath, is recently out of a long term relationship, and just moved into her own pad in Brooklyn. She works for Vampire King, Xavier Keenan and Vampire Prince, Cillian Black with parties and events, and has a side business of fortune telling tarrot cards and cupcakes. Plus, she does extra work for films in NYC.

Hayden Fletcher – A tall, well built man in his 20's, he is a bit of a drifter, moving from town to town claiming he has a severe case of "wanderlust." He's got a lot of professional fight training and tends to carry jobs that run along those lines in whatever city he lives in. In NYC he gets a job as a bouncer at the goth/industrial clubs. He meets the group, as well as getting the job, when he arrives in town just as a friend of the inner circle dies, taking that person's room in the apt to keep the others from getting evicted. Hayden is not his real name. He's not what he seems.

Shana  –  A casual friend of the group, more so because she's a bartender who works exclusively for the Vampire royalty, Shana is a steady girl who moved to NYC to act, but can't seem to really get started persuing it. She's happy enough bartending, making good money, meeting important people in the Vampire Royal community, and partying with them. In her spare time she likes to take classes at he gym and be an extra on movie sets in the city with DJ Phaedra.

Ella  – A woman of poise and power, Ella is the long reining queen of the Seelie Court of the FAE (Fallen Angel Errant), a people damned by God for showing ambivalence during Lucifer's War. One of her only children, for the FAE cannot have many, is missing and presumed dead and Ella is on a search to find out who is to blame. She also is at odds with the Queen of the FAE Unseelie Court, Danae, and though the two of them don't usually see eye to eye...they are secretly plotting together to take the city from the Vampires. Ella is beautiful, smart, sexy, ruthless, mischievous, and a bit mean.

***The following roles below are open to be cast, however, all of you will see that you are
called in for one of the 9 characters listed above to keep things simpler. Please read these below  in case one of them sounds interesting and you can list it on your audition sheet.***

Garnet (Vampire Princess of Brooklyn) – A rough and tumble young lady with a heavy Brooklyn accent and a love for Brooklyn and all that's in it. She and Tobias are neck-n-neck for who would take Prince Cillian's job if he were to die or become King.

Tobias (Vampire Prince of Queens) – Affectionately known as the "Queen of Queens," Tobias is an outlandish, loud, lovable, man who takes pride in his job and outlandish fashion. He and Garnet are neck-n-neck for who would take Prince Cillian's job if he were to die or become King.

Marcel (Vampire Prince of The Bronx) – Hispanic or African American young man who, from the outside, appears to lead a thug gang, but is educated, rich, and is so "high class" that its almost comical at times. He often is unsure which version of himself is the real him. He is very involved with trying to clean up The Bronx.

Portia (Vampire Princess of Staten Island) – A "JAP" (Jewish American Princess) in both looks, attitude, and voice. She is a socialite with nothing on her itinerary except shopping, fund raisers, showing up places to be "seen" and paid for that publicity, and to party. Very pretty but very shallow. She means well...she just doesn't always care to.

Kerian Wolfe (Knight to the Seelie Queen) – A man sworn to protect his queen. An assasin for the Seelie Court as well as the Queen's right hand man.

Alexei Gage (Knight to the Unseelie Queen) – A man sworn to protect his queen. An assasin for the Unseelie Court as well as the Queen's right hand man.

I wish you all the best of luck on Wednesday!

Best,  Tamsin :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet our FAE Detectives from SKYE!

Seeing as our fantasy series will contain political upheaval between factions in the city, between the F.A.E. (Fallen Angel Errant) and the Vampires...and we have people who die...we need detectives to lead investigations and find themselves neck deep in the issues as well.

Today, on the Skye of the Damned FB Fan Page we introduced you to two of the FAE Detectives.

First is FAE Detective Dorian Steele. Played by Joshua Price.
I have known Josh for many years...and had the honor of both directing him and producing shows he has been in. Josh is originally from Charlotte, NC, and holds a MFA from University of Florida.

You can follow him on Twitter at:  @ActorJoshPrice or find him on FB! I'm sure he will have tons of great "on set" pics to share once we start filming.

We are very lucky and thrilled to have someone with Josh's credentials, work ethic, and talent on board. I'm so excited to see what he does with the role of Dorian Steele!

NEXT...Meet FAE Detective Grant Carter, played by Chris LaCour. Every good/pretty-cop dective needs a bad-cop/bad-boy detective as a partner, right? Well, Carter is right on the money!
Chris LaCour

New to working with Black Paw Productions (yeah, that's my Productions "handle") we are really happy to have this native New Yorker on board and to be honest, I think I'm in love with his character all ready (as I've written 4 episodes so far)...probably as much as I adore Chris. He is fun loving, talented, got amazing screen presence, and will make you laugh your ass off. You can find Chris on FB and I'm still working on getting him to join Twitter! ;)

NEXT announcement we'll reveal the Vampire Detectives...cause trust me...these two men have adversaries...and the Vamp Law tend to not always play well with the FAE Law!

Until then...If you're not a fan of the SKYE OF THE DAMNED Facebook page...YOU SHOULD BE! You can "LIKE" us at

 Best,   Tamsin :)

Friday, March 15, 2013



Skye MacKenna has been on the run most of her life. Different names. Different Cities. Now she will face those who have hunted her by taking the battle to them, back to where it all began―New York. Currently the city is run by the Vampires, with the FAE nipping at their heels for control. Once on the inside of the political upheaval, can Skye uncover who killed her family before they locate and eliminate her?

That's right, I have teamed up with to create a kick ass Urban-Fantasy Web Series! I'm terribly excited about this project and its been killing me to be sitting around creating the concept and writing episodes and unable to shout to the world about it...but now I can!

Lauren Steinmeyer
So far we have cast nine of the roles. Our most important task was choosing our leading lady. This was no contest. I've seen Lauren Steinmeyer's work and growth as an actress in the past few years and knew she was who I wanted for Skye MacKenna. We are holding auditions at the end of March for other roles. These auditions will include fight choreography as well as acting. Have no fear, this series will have action, suspense, mystery, interesting characters you'll care about, and quality acting.

Above is the Limited Edition poster for the show. Once we are fully cast we will do photoshoots of everyone for more posters and character pages on VF. So stay tuned for more information as we release it and know that soon you will have the opportunity to not only support this endeavor, but to be involved in it!

And to keep more up to date on things all SKYE...go LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Until then...I hope you are as excited about this as we are!


Tamsin :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


"Fallen Angel" by vandervals on Deviant Art:

For my new project, SKYE OF THE DAMNED, we are doing a Kickstarter video. We need a drawing of the hands of God ripping wings off of a Fallen Angel. This drawing can be done on computer or by hand and must be then turned into a high rez JPEG to insert into the video as a flash to something mentioned in a voice over. It can have some blood. I'm not looking for a clean removal....or it can be. Prefer the angel have red or black hair...not blonde.

Drawings are due to be considered in one month....
DUE BY April 10th.

The artist of the picture chosen will get their website (if they have one) and name in the credits, be given a free limited edition poster for the project signed by the creator, a small stipend, and other goodies. Top two runners up will get posters as well...and the best of the art submitted will get posted on a blog to show everyone what we received, along with links to that artists other work.

Please alert me at if you are going to participate.

May the drawing begin! Good luck!


Tamsin L. Silver :)

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Sanctuary Radio is an online radio station with two options for your listening pleasure!

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So, if you are tired of the radio playing music that just doesn't fit who you are, you no longer need to put up with it. Plus...there's a cool Shoutbox on the site where you can talk to people all over the world who like the same music you do!

Head over, make a donation, and possibly win all 4 of my books!

I'll make them out to whoever you wish, and mail them. That way, they can be for you or a gift to someone. :)

Thanks for supporting my favorite radio station! xoxo -Tamsin :)

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© Tamsin L. Silver 2013

“You don’t know? That’s bullshit! You want me to believe an angel who came from heaven has no idea why a…a…a thing attacked my family?” Killian shook his head and waved his arms about. “No. There’s no way you don’t have any ideas what is going on. And whatever they are, I want to know.”

I felt horrible. Not only because it was evident that the boy was scared, but also because it was possible I’d brought this down on his family. Then again, Charles may have come over anyway and things would’ve turned out much differently with me not there.

Killian crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m waiting.”

With a sigh, I decided to tell him what I could. “It wasn’t a thing, Killian, it was a demon named Semiazas, and he isn’t some lackey demon running errands…he’s a major player. There is no way he’d been able to take over Charles’ body without either an invitation or an opening big enough to be construed as an invitation.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means Charles dabbles in Satanism or black magic or the cult…” I shrugged. “It could be a number of things. No matter what it is, it opened the way for possession. Only when I forced him out did you see the real demon...or the version of himself he is now. To be honest, he used to look like a man. His appearance now is what happened to his spirit after evil took hold of it.”

“That doesn’t explain what he was doing at the church! Or why he took my mom!”

I saw him fight back emotion, swallow it down hard, and put that energy into pacing. I walked over and sat on the bench.

“And why take Charles’ body if he can’t use it anymore?” he continued, before I could even answer.

“How does your mom know him?”

“I don’t know. I guess he could be a new member. Her job when we are here up is to meet the new people of the community and lure them into coming to the church.”


He stopped for a moment and gave me a bland stare. “You know what I mean. Those pushy religious people who visit your home and are friendly with hopes of luring you to their church.” Turning away he raised a pointed finger in the air and added, “More attendance equals more tithing!” The tone of voice was an obvious mimic of someone I didn’t know. Now, hands down, he said to no one in particular, “What if they didn’t want to? Why do we always force religion on people?”

“Jesus never forced himself on anyone.”

Spinning about, he pointed at me. “Exactly. Yet here we are, putting commercials on TV saying ‘our church is better than your church…you should come here!’ It’s disgusting.”

“I’m not going to disagree with you. But what does this have to do with your mother?”

“Cause that’s the job she’d been forced to take. My dad doesn’t have time to do some of the things that need to be done, like visit the sick, deal with employees as well as volunteers, or reach out to the community. So she does that stuff. Hell, I’m surprised he had time even for her, to be honest.”

I felt I was getting a peak into the window of Killian’s issues with his father, which had been evident when I’d woken up in the sanctuary. I could see that he felt his mother was the injured party here, and sided with her mostly. Because of this, my next sentence had to be phrased carefully.

“Charles said your mother had been to his church…she even said he was, what was it…he worshipped differently but was a good man, loved the Lord.”

“If she said that, she believed it.”

Catching his eye for the first time, I said, “He is not a good man.”

“Ya think? I don’t know…maybe it was the demon in his soul…but maybe I’m being too harsh,” he sarcastically yelled out, arms wide.” He paused and then said, and you mean ‘wasn’t a good man. Past tense.”

“Oh, there’s no reason he can’t heal and keep that body. Sure, he did a show of blood, but there’s no reason Charles can’t survive those injuries with a demon inside of him.”

Killian stopped pacing. “So you’re saying he will re-inhabit the body? Then what? My mom is with him!”

I nodded. “Yes. The question we have to figure out now is…is your mother being held against her will or not.”

Killian rounded, hot eyes on me, speed in his feet as he rushed over. Snatching me by the my shoulders, he shook once. “How dare you suggest that about my mother? How dare you?”

I could’ve pulled from his grasp easily, but he needed to vent his fear and anger, and couldn’t hurt me. I held his gaze and said, “I dare to ask all questions that might yield answers. For if she is an unwilling participant, we need to find and save her…if she and Charles are close, then she is wrapped up in something very bad and still needs help. Do you hear me? Do you understand what I’m saying?” I tilted my head, examining his green eyes as they went from crazed to steady.

Seeing his hands on me for the first time, he became mortified, and let go as if I were on fire. “I’m sorry. I…I’m not someone to lay a hand on a woman in that way. I’m so sorry. My mother taught me better...” He began to back away, yet I was faster and reached forward, taking his hand. At the contact, something in him snapped, and he crumpled to the ground, letting the tears fall.

I slid to the ground, kneeling before him, and lay a hand on his head. I prayed for peace, guidance, strength, and patience…and not just for him either. We both were going to need these things in spades if we were to get to the bottom of this.