Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh my goddess I'm slammed!'s where my world & writing stand....

#1. I'm in the middle of reading the PROOF of Book 2 (because I owe my mom a copy from her Bday AND Josh is begging me for his copy).

#2. I've received my manuscript back from my editor and must begin to redo book one (lots to fix and re-writes to do).

#3. I've got Book Four in my head wanting out.

#4. I'm the Technical Director for a NEW festival with brand new short musicals and I'm trying to assistant produce or at least help with it.

#5. Don't forget my day job! (Which actually has work for me now!...Bad timing...)

#6. I need swim time.

#7. I have three doctors I see regularly for injuries.

#8. I need my veg time (aka TV time).

Don't get me wrong...I love being busy...but man, this is crazy, even for me.

Wish me luck. I'm off to finish up #5, head to #7 and then go home for #8...or maybe #1, 2 or 3...we'll see.


Tamsin :)

Random Twitter chuckles...

So, Twitter has made me laugh my ass off today so...I thought I'd write about it...

Firstly there is this tweet by Midewest Airlines (aka @MidwestAirlines)
Offering $19 o/w fare from Kansas City to Columbus, OH for travel on May 3rd. Book now: KNOW Kansas City has nothing really to do there (trust me, I know) but is Columbus any better? And why would it be a one-way ticket? Is this so KC kids who stole $20 from mom and dad can get the fuck outta there for good? But WHY Columbus, OH!?! LMAO! Really? And why have a "special" for this particular trip? WHO From KC needs to go to Columbus, Ohio for the hell of it at the last minute due to a sale? It's not a "vacation spot" by any shake of the imagination. Both are midwest towns with NOTHING TO FUCKING DO! **Oh dear, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard at this**

Maybe, just maybe there is some big corporation that has homes in both places and Midwest got wind of it????

Look, don't get me wrong...I love Midwest Airlines...they are my primary choice when flying (how can you say no to fresh chocolate chip cookies baked on board?) but this promo just made me laugh so I had to share it...with whoever reads this thing...just what, 3 of you? :)

And the Twitter fun doesn't stop there today...

My second nugget is that five members of the Criminal Minds primary cast are on Twitter and due to our prodding...well, read from Joe...

By Joe Montegna (aka @JoeMantegna)
I know everyone want Shemar and AJ on Twitter. We keep telling them. I think they will at some point. seems that in order to get Shemar to join they're going to try a new below...

By Matthew Gray Gubler (aka @Gublernation)
Since Shemar won't join Twitter I have decided to Twitter for him until he does. Here goes..."yo yo yo waxin my abs and pluckin my brows"

Another Shemar tweet "yo yo yo my fav actors in the world are Billy Dee Williams, the captain from the love boat, and Matthew Gray Gubler"

This just in from Shemar "yo yo yo sprained my toe kicking in a door today, sorry @justinbeiber I think I'm out for kickball this Sunday"

By Paget Brewster (aka @pagetpaget)
"Yo yo, Shemar here, I just gave my dog a wedgie!"

I am sure this is only the they haze their coworker and friend so as to pressure him to join Twitter. The only way he can refute what they say he says is to join...I'm guessing that's there ploy...we shall see if it works.

If any more hazing appears...I shall let you know...

It's the small things sometimes that make your day.

Tamsin :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So yesterday my editor, the goddess that she is, got my "memo" of book one to me. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a word document that has your editor's ramblings on it...going on and on about things he/she notices about your book that they would like to see you "fix". They get uber nit picky...but that's good, you want them to. I think. ;)

That said...mine is 18 pages (single spacing / 12pt font) of goobiddygoo (this is neither a positive or a negative term btw, I just like it better than "stuff"). Some things I was like, "Really? I was that stupid?" while at other times I was like, "If we're cutting this down why are we having me write all this new stuff?" and then at other times I was like, "So brainiac, how do you suggest we do THAT?"

All in all though...she's "on the money" on her notes. Fixing it all is going to be a mixture of "this sucks my ass" and "fun". Yes, fun. I looooove to create new scenes that tell you more about the world I created in my head. If I didn't, why would I be a writer?

I thought I'd share some of the positive things my editor had to say after reading my first book. Why? So that every time I open this page to write you all, I get reminded of the "positive" shit cause I'll be focusing ALL my time on the "negative" stuff.

These are my 3 favorite things she had to say...

"I was working on this project as well as other smaller things over the course of several weeks, but when I wasn't at home editing, I'd find myself thinking about your characters as if I were still caught up in the heat of the action."

"I was pleasantly surprised by the scope of the plot and the depth of character you have. What you've got here is an epic saga, and I was constantly imporessed by the intricacy of the plotting, the evolution of multiple themes, and the collective activity of a team of diverse and, almost universally, likable characters."

"Your creative brain, it seems, is indefatigable..."

Following this I then get 17 pages of "this _________ isn't so can we fix it?"

To say I have a little work ahead of me is an understatement. But...I think that this book will be far better after I've put this time in.

My co-worker asked me how long these changes should take me. At the speed that I can think/create/type? I'm saying 3 months...end of August by the latest...that's my goal. That will mean many nights "in" at my computer and many lunches at work where I don't go explore the lovely weather but sit here chained to the PC.

Funny thing is...I'm totally okay with that. In fact, normally tonight is the night I go to the gym to swim...which I love...but, I will not get to write at all over the weekend and I have a fun scene in my head so...I must go home and let it escape or I'll be buggered all weekend with it on "replay". PLUS I should also re-read the memo again & take more notes for my meeting with my nit picky goddess this weekend.

Oh, and I need to clean my bathroom, sweep the apt, and mop the kitchen floor.

And you thought the life of an author was exciting...sometimes, not so much.

Why can't I write over the weekend? Well...a pal from Boston is coming to visit and we're seeing two concerts...Faith and the Muse on Friday & Assemblage 23 on Saturday. I will tell you ALL about them next week!

Have a great weekend all! Toodles!

Tamsin :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Deep thoughts for a Monday?

Walking about my neighborhood last night I watched people going about their everyday lives and wondered, "Is anyone ever happy with where they are?" or maybe more simply put, "Do you want to be more than you are or would that just be too much work?"

I primarily think on this for multiple reasons.

A. I'm going to be 40 in July and wondering myself what more I will give to this world.
B. The kids that hang out on the corners in my neighborhood seem to do very little except smoke weed, fuck their girl, play basketball, and talk sports. Oh, and some of them like to be daddy's at the age of 19 and blow off their responsibility to their child (gee, shocker).
C. The hard working adults in my neighborhood who do manual labor or blue collar jobs that exhaust them. I see them come home to multiple kids (some of which are the afformentioned) and they just always look tired and unhappy.

Now, don't get me whole neighborhood isn't like this...I'm talking of those I see that are.

My question here is really...did their dreams die or did they never have any?

Those who know me know I'm a driven person...some might say a VERY DRIVEN person...and they are right. I've always had high asperations of what I wanted and it never occured to me I couldn't do them. Ever. Hell, I remember when I was 16 and my best friend Jenny and I were convinced we were going to run away to NYC and be know, steal the car and go! (Note: this would've been 1986 so...keep that in mind). It never occured to us we wouldn't hit NYC and NOT be actors. HILARIOUS now huh?

Jenny is now a mother of 4 beautiful kids and is a missionary in Portugal. Me? I'm a director/producer/TD/etc. in NYC. Wanna act? Hell no. Oh how we change.

That said...though we weren't "run aways" by any shake of the imagination we were dreamers w/o limitations. These dreams were things we "knew" we could do if we wanted them. It never occured to us we couldn't. One might say that is the beauty of being a child, to have that imagination and niavity. But I say it's how you think then that helps who you become now. If I'd not been a dreamer would I have pushed to accomplish all I have?

Don't get me wrong...I've not done "a lot" but...for a small girl who grew up in a farming town in Michigan...I've gone farther than some ever even consider. And I plan to push further. Why? Cause I can. Period. There is no limit to my imagination and so thus there should be no limit to what I can achieve.

Did this mentality die out in the 90's? Is there a reason these kids I see today seem to have very little imagination and ambition? Teenage girls with kids and absent dad's and their parents shuffling through life without smiles. It's sad.

So I ask again...did their dreams die or did they never have any?

Thoughts on this from anyone who actually reads my ramblings would be GREAT!

Hope your Monday is treating you well! If it's not, break up with it for Tuesday.

Tamsin :) xo

P.S. I'll share my BIG dream that I see not trouble obtaining and maybe you can share yours if you want...

I want to sell my book series and become a well respected author with the money to pay off all my debt, help my parents, and create a theatre/music/dance school in NYC with my pal Patrick (and his soon to be wife Kat). A school that will be cheap enough so that actors can afford to study w/o working two jobs AND a rehearsal space that will be cheap enough so that small production companies can rehearse w/o breaking their budget WHILE producing fun and inovative theatre/musical/dance.


What will YOU do? Have you ever let yourself have dreams/aspirations of what you will do in this world? Have your dreams died? Do they need a RedBull? Think about it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

And....he's dead.

Alas poor Yorick...oh wait...wrong book...

I have finished Chapter 6 of Book 4 and have killed a man. I do tend to do that...kill people, in my books. But I just killed a main character. My darling reader Ron...he is probably going to be mad...but alas, it was this character's time to go. I was at least nice enough to leave an opening for redemption of his soul...I'd not planned on that so...those who become fans of my books and someday actually read all this goobiddygoo I write here on this blog, I say this to you..."Forgive me. It was his time...just know I made it better than it was supposed to be."

I do love this chapter though. It finally answers questions readers will have had since the begining of Book One with concern to Elizabeth's death (for those who don't know, she's dead before the book starts so I didn't just ruin anything for you) that I've been DYING to tell you (pun not intended). Hell, I even wrote the missing prophecy they've eluded to before. And know this, I hate writing poetry. I suck at it. All that ryhming and shit. Ugh. Anyhoo...I wrote the blasted poem thingy...and it's not too bad, I've written worse. PLUS, the very F'd up situation with the Big "E" is now on paper for people to someday read. :) Let's hope that someday that person is you...yes?

Well, I must get back to my job job...lunch is over and I must do what I get paid to do....spreadsheets here I come! -Tamsin :)

On a side note...I hate it when the piece of Hobnob (that's a chocolate on one side of an oat biscut/cookie...look them up if you don't know what they are...they're VERY yummy!) I'm dunking in my tea falls in and I can't get it out before it sinks and becomes sludge at the bottom of my mug.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The brilliance of my Editor

And no, it's not titled that cause she reads this...LOL!

I have to write about what I wrote about yesterday and why. And it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my brilliant Editor making a suggestion, or two or three...

Here's the deal...

I had SO much fun I couldn't stop writing...not cause I was compelled by the story inside my head (which is the norm) but because I was giddy. No joke. I was giddy...laughing and humming stupid tunes in my chair and just downright laughing at how much fun I was having.

Why? Well..

On Sunday I was online talking to my Editor and she wanted to cut some scenes in the begining of book one. They were funny scenes that really show character development so I was hesitant but...she was right...they didn't actually do anything for the plot other than exist to be fun scenes where you got to hang out with my characters. I hated to have to cut them but...I suppose I can pop them up on the website later...after the book is a huge hit (go with me on in my fantasy world for a moment) so that they are fun extra "nuggets" for the "fans". I look back at those scenes and think one thing; those scenes possibly were for more for me to get to know my characters than for the reading audience...and really aren't needed in the grand scheme when you're trying to cut the book down.

Now...along with requesting for all these scenes to go away she also asked for a new scene. Here's the "brilliance"...At a point in the story I jumped to a section where Kat is captured by our vampire hunter but I never actually show how she's don't really get much of Kat at all. Hence, later in the book, things that happen that revolve around her aren't as affecting (yes, that's me being vague so as to not give anything away).

So I sat down yesterday and though I'd never seen in my head how he'd captured this shape-shifter, I wanted to. So I began to write and see where it took me...and it was so much fun! I can't even imagine the book NOT having this scene anymore. It totally replaces the few Sean scenes we are cutting AND it gives you more time with Kat. Oh, and did I's a funny scene? Actually, now that I look at it, I'm reminded of scenes we did in Acting classes...most of this new scene would probably work really well on flows that well.

My Editor has made reference more than once that she can see my writing improve as the book moves. Well, that's not too surprising as I started that damn thing 10+ years ago and finished it a year ago...I've aged, matured, gained knowledge and improved as a writer and a person, I'd hope.

So as I re-write these sections of Book One not only will the book quality be more consistant throughout but I may find a new love for it that I lost when I wrote Books 2 and 3. Who'd have thought? :) wonderful and amazing Proof Reader got Book 2 back to me this weekend and I must flit on over to it now and delve into well as finish Chapter 5 on Book 4...or my reader will start to whine.

I hope you all have a wonderful week...maybe I'll write again this week, maybe not. We'll see.

xo -Tamsin :)

Random Thoughts from the Subway

Every few days I see the same woman on the train with me. Which, to be honest, is weird being as that I don't sit in the same car every day.

Anyhoo...she is probably in her early 50's and she has this dazed look about her. She always has a home made muffin or bread in a plastic bag. It always has the same print pattern of paper towel on the bottom of it inside the baggy. And she aways sits and eats it so slowly that it honestly takes her from about 200th Street all the way to 59th (express train though) to eat it.

What gets me is her blank stare. She seems to never really focus. In a daze, chewing her food slowly, like she's going through the motions of her existence without being aware. I'd sad.

I thought of three things when I saw her today...seeing as she sat right next to me I couldn't help but have it on my mind. #1. Please God, don't ever let me be in this rutt. #2. The blank stare I see her with reminds me of how my main character in my books is starting to feel inside; like it's all going by w/o her having a say. #3...why oh why would you eat the same thing every morning...especially when it honestly looks like it couldn't possibly taste good? I'm just sayin'...

That's all for now on my random thoughts...I'll post another thingy in a bit...that'll be about my writing...I just wanted to put this somewhere so you all got it. Ta-da!


P.S. I'm really glad I quit smoking. Someone on the train this morning near me is a serious smoker and I was like...having a hard time breathing just smelling them. I miss it every now and again when I'm out drinking...but overall...not so much.

And that's the real end of my subway thoughts today...

Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm this HUGE fan of the TV show Criminal Minds. As of tonight I'll own all 4 Seasons on DVD. I even decided to base one of my new characters who is at the end of Book 3 and now in Book 4 on one of the actors...why? For visual fun for me. If I have to look at these characters in my head all day, they should be someone I wanna see...that's my lame and weak excuse and I'm stickin' to it! ;)

That said, I'm also a big fan of the quotes they use to open and end the cases with. I've even started jotting them down if they strike my fancy. I have a TOP THREE at this point. But, I think that one in particular fits this book (and series too) so I shall share it with you.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. - Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran was a Lebanese artist & poet in the US (1883 - 1931). I know this because there's this GREAT web page... that helps you find quotes, who said them, and sometimes where the quotes come from. It's called "The Quotations Page". I use it to find the full quote of stuff I hear on the show.

Anyhoo, back to my new favorite quote. I've put my leading lady through hell. My readers who follow the series for me and give me input are always giving me flack for it. Things like, "How much more can this girl take?!" "Do you not like her anymore?" "Do you just like making her life hell?" I am of the firm belief (and I'm sure I've said this before) that the most interesting people have lived life and have had life happen to them. Not only that, but if the end of my story is to have a somewhat happy ending I think they need to have earned it. And when I say "happy" all I mean is an ending where the good guys theory...which you sort of think is the case being as that the books tell you that they are being written in 2010 as historical volumes for the past 13 years. If my leading lady is writing them in 2010, chances are she survived the war. What's intersting to me is the "how".

I've always been this way. I literally don't care if I already know the ending of some movie or book...I enjoy the story...the "how" of it all. Plus, if I know my favorite character lives I don't rush the reading process to make sure. I can really enjoy the process/story/adventure the author takes me on. I know, I'm weird that way. Most people will say, "Don't tell me the end!!!" and I'm like, "Tell me, do they live? What happens in the end? Is it a happy ending?" Sad ending make me feel ruined internally. With so many unhappy things in life, why must the ending be shitty? It may not be perfect but come on, we read, see plays, watch movies & TV to escape to a different universe...why would I want that ending to suck like real life? I know I know, cause it's "realistic". Ya know what? If I want realisitic I'd have a job as a police officer or lawyer and watch movies like "The Perfect Storm" and read plays like "Desire Under the Elms"...but that's not me. :)

Maybe that's why I love Criminal Minds so much. It's a tried and true plotline (with some surprises...don't get me wrong): People are killed, the BAU goes in, they disect "who" this crazy person is, they collect clues, they hunt them, they catch them, and they go home. Does it ruin it for me that you are pretty sure they'll catch him/her? No. I love the journey and the puzzle the amazing writers create. As well as their quotes for the begining and end.

Speaking of those quotes...I leave you with my other two that you have my TOP THREE. Enjoy! -Tamsin :)

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. -Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.-Tom Stoppard (1937 - ), Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Book 4's basis

Someone asked me the other day what the premise of Book 4 is. Well, the title sorta gives that away don't you think? I suppose that's sorta fair being as that Book 3's title was all metephorical and shit. So for #4 I lay it out for you with at title of "Destiny".

But WHOSE destiny is this about? Atlanta? Sean? Phoenix? Jonathan?...Elizabeth? I'll actually touch on all of those. Obviously the main focus is Atlanta. She's been through hell and come out other side mentally damaged...and with good reason. Loosing one's soul for a stint isn't a fun time. But I think more importantly are the secondary characters in this book. Their destiny to be in her life...their choices that put them in this war...their fate to live or die and how/why. I think those are even more compelling than her story. Why? Because they are the foundation; the beams that hold the house up, so to speak. Without them she'd not exist. They have all made choices and taken risks for her...even before they knew her physically. I think that type of solid footing is what makes her who she ends up to be. Without a solid foundation the house will fall. And if the house does crumble and the foundation is still there, the house can be rebuilt and when it is, it'll be stronger than before. But it all comes down to the foundation. As much as you may love my leading lady...those around her are just as important.

So....THAT is what Book 4 is. I'm looking forward to working on it as my secondary characters mean as much to me as my primary.

Tamsin Silver :)

Creepy...Continued... update to yesterday's post...I have been punked.

You read me right, I've been punked. The weird dude from UT with all the flower comments? was my friend Ron. The guy who reads my chapters for me as I go and gives me feed back. Being as that I told him about it on Wednesday he confessed to me yesterday...literally moments after I posted the entry.

I know I'll look back on this and laugh later...but I'm pissed at him to be honest and now must spend some time thinking on how to get him back. I'm thinking I have an idea of how to do it...but I can't post it here in case he's one of my few readers. But Ron? Know I will get you back...oh yes...I will...just you wait...

**Insert evil laugh whilst rubbing hands together here**

You'd think with creepy issue #1 figured out all would be good. Oh no. They come in three's right? So, here we go...

#1. Flower Dude.
#2. Weekend before last, on my way home from the club on Saturday night, a guy on the train unzipped his fly at me as he was getting off the A train at 155th street and motioned for me to consider giving him a blow job. No lie. Luckily I told him to F-off and he left.
#3. Yesterday afternoon I get a text from some # I don't recognise. It's an 803 area code which means its coming from South Carolina...where I used to live. The messaging went like this:

803 dude: Hey
Me: Hey. Who is this?
803 dude: Rashod
Me: I don't think I know you. Who are you trying to reach?
803 dude: You. Whats yo name? (That is not a type-O, that's what he wrote)

Seriously? We've gone from crank calling to crank texting? INSANE!

I was tempted to post his number on Twitter so everyone I know could start texting his ass but, I decide to just ignore him and in doing so figure he'd disappear.

And he did. No more messages.

I really am done with the creepy folks. Question is, seeing as that Flower Dude on Twitter wasn't a "real" creepy person but a joke...does that mean since things come in 3's I'm due one more? :(

Dear Lord, can you please give me a creepy people forcefield? (something only a Sci-Fi person would think to ask!) Thanks. I'll be testing it as soon as I step out of my blogging world and into the real one.

I'll let ya'll know if it works.

Have a great Friday and a fun weekend all!

Tamsin :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA (not that many read this and cared but hey, I can dream)

Been busy writing away on book 4 as well as taking some of my editor's ideas about book one and playing with point of view for the "third person" sections. It's been fun! But then again...I enjoy being creative and redoing stuff gives me a challenge.

Anyhoo...on to my title of this blog...


I love Twitter. I'm on it under both my real name and this pen name. I really enjoy the hell out of it! So, it was disturbing me greatly when one of my followers was in short, creeping me out.

He would RT almost every tweet of mine and add info about flowers. You got it right. Some dude would put something like, "Tulips and daisies make me feel better" or "I planted a tulip" get the point. Everything I had to say he'd put something about flowers...tulips were his main focus. I posted a reply to him that finally told him that if he didn't stop sounding like an unsub from Criminal Minds I was going to block him. His response? "I'm not a criminal..." and then something about flowers. No joke.

So I blocked the bastard. On both names. I have no idea who he was other than he lived in UT. It was the weirdest feeling...blocking someone cause they were creepy. I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. He was freakin me out.

Was curious if anyone else ever had this type of problem. You know, us average joe's...vs. uber famous folks. The latter of the two probably get TONS of them...but us normal peeps? Just seemed strange.

But...that won't stop me from letting anyone and everyone follow my posts. In fact, my real name has gotten a "surge" of new followers who aren't "spam-bots" and I have no idea who they are...but hey, WELCOME! Just don't RT me with creepy shit and we'll get along fine. :)

Toodles! -Tamsin L. Silver

P.S. I am found on Twitter as tamsinsilver ...the more that start to follow me there the more I'll start to post more often!