Monday, September 19, 2011


I wrote this on 9/11 but am just now posting it as I wasn't sure we all needed one more 9/11 Blog Post...but, after some thought...I've decided to post it. Here it is:

Drawing by Don East. For more of his art go to his BLOG.

On Facebook today I said this:

"I think today is best used for need to overthink it. Reflect, appreciate, remember, love, pray....but no hate. And don't let the crazy media make it a circus. My TV is off for the day."

And it is. No TV for me. This whole 10th Anniversary crap is for the media & tourists. To a New Yorker it's like it was yesterday. Especially to those who lost someone. I was lucky and did not. I had a friend who worked in the mall there. In fact, I was on the phone with him the night before. It was 11pm and he whinned at me that if he didn't get some sleep he'd be late for work. I remember chiding him, saying something like, "You don't even need to be there at 8am! Why are you going in so early? Besides, I hardly ever get to talk to you!"

I kept him on the phone past midnight.

He overslept.

When the planes hit, instead of being there he was in bed.

Thank God.

I met a woman over the phone at my first collections (insurance) job who had escaped Tower Two alive. She and a friend had been working there during the bombing years previous so when Tower 2 swayed from Tower 1's explosion she and her friend, though told to stay calm and go back to their desk, grabbed their purses and said, "We're outta here."

They took the stairs down and halfway down felt the building rock. The lights went out and they waited. The emergency lights came on and they continued down the stairs.

Legs feeling like jelly they exited Tower Two and got across the courtyard when Tower Two fell.

For stories like that, and many more, I do not see why NYC hasn't made it a city holiday. When it falls on a weekday it's my opinion it should be a paid holiday for anyone working in the any of the 5 boroughs of the city.

It wasn't 10 years ago in our hearts. It was yesterday. And we hurt just thinking about it. We feel a sense of unity. We appreciate those who died to save others. We pray for those who lost loved ones. We remember what that day felt like with just a takes our breath away. We love our fellow New Yorkers for being supportive...understanding...and giving.

I directed a short one act in the Chester Horn Short Play Festival called "Going Up." It was about these 6 people trapped on an elevator. 3/4 of the way through the play it is revealed that it is the morning of 9/11 and they're in the World Trade Center and as the play comes to a conclusion, they all take hands and go up into the the elevator wasn't stuck, just their souls were waiting to move accept their fate.

I asked the actors what it felt like on stage when the big reveal happened. As audiences effect your performance very often just by their energy (or lack there of). Each had similar versions of the same story. I specifically remember Suzanne and Rachel's answers, not word for word...but the gist. Suzanne stated how you could hear the whole audience (around 60 people) take a quick intake of air...followed by it catching in their throats. Rachel said that the energy, the empathy, that rushed off the audience in waves was so powerful it was hard to not burst into tears on stage, to stay focused as an actor.

So all this hoopla about "It's been ten years...blah blah blah..." No love, when New Yorkers really think on it, it was ten minutes ago.

So when 9/11 pops into your matter the day...pray for all the survivors who lost loved ones that day. Pray for those who were so close to the devistation (not just in New York, but in DC and on Flight 93 In PA) that it effected them emotionally and/or physically (some are still sick). Pray that people will someday learn to love vs. hate...see no color...see no religion...see no sexual preference...

We are all God's children and that makes us equal in the only eyes that matter. His.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoes Challenge!

<---Did you see that? Is that the spider I keep dreaming about?

Naw, too small.

Don't ask. **shudders**


On to our blog entry...about SHOES!

I have this thing for stupid shoes. I like to take pictures of them. Its a sickness, I know. But really. How can I not? They wear them IN PUBLIC and I have a camera on my phone...they're just BEGGING for exposure!

Anyway, last week I was kidnapped by a shoe store and forced to buy two pair of shoes (Squeee!..uh...I mean, Damn them!...yeah...*clears throat*) and I saw these on display and about

Laughing, that is.

Really? SEQUIN UGGS!? ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME?! Uggs in general are ugly boots (hence their name). *shakes finger at protester* Ah ah ah...YES they are! I don't give a flying pa-toot if they're warm. They. Are. Ugly. Seeing women pair them with skirts makes me want to call the Fashion Police, no mater how "in" they are. I can understand they're warm. I can. But they have no arch support or cushion to them either. So...ugly and painful. Then why are they so "in"? *sigh* But now...we have SEQUIN UGGS! I just can't even...I mean, really? Please God please stop the insanity!

Anyhoo, it got me to thinking of the stupid shoes I've taken pictures of and I decided to share a few with you today AND make it a contest. You ready?


We'll start with what was on the train with me this morning. Pic first. Then the ramble. Here you go:

These "loverly" sandals got it, gold with rinestones...but it gets better! That top item is a skull w/crossbones and the bottom is Maybe its a bee...but I think it looks like a fly. EITHER WAY...neither makes sense! And what are those gold things hanging off the side of the skull? Oiy.'ve got tacky, ugly AND flat! Is this tourist REALLY gonna wander NYC today in these? God help her! Honey, might I introduce you to Fit-Flops? They're not "stylish"...but neither are what you're wearing and you'd at least be comfortable. Just sayin'.

Moving on!

We'll stick with sandals. This was my first shoe pic, ever. I just...couldn'


Grapes sandals? Really? I just don't get it. Am I missing something here? I don't think I am. They're ridiculous and unattractive. They make her already small feet look dwarfed. :( At least the sole is thicker than mis gold lamé rinestone skull's are...but that's not saying much. And no, this wasn't part of a costume. Thoughts on these? Anyone? Anyone?.....I didn't think so.

On to our last victim.

I wish you could've seen the whole outfit on this cute little Asian chick. She was in her 20's I'd guess. On a date, I think. She wore ALL the same shade so kudos to her as that's hard to do. Purple in her hair, purple jaket, purple spandex mini skirt, purple tights and...*drum roll*...

With winter right around the bend I thought we'd end with these...but wow. I can't tell if I want a pair (in black of course) or if I think she stole Barney's feet! I hope they're warm I have not the words.'s the challenge! Take your own CRAZY/STUPID/UGLY footwear pics about town (on either someone you know...or better yet, on someone you don't) and submit them to me at The winner will get a free e-copy of the first book in the Living Dead Girl Series, "The Betrayal".

DO NOT SUBMIT PICS FOUND ON THE INTERNET. For EXAMPLE. They can be shoes you own but DO put them on! They can be shoes you see in a store, too. As long as its a non-pro snap-shot it'll count.

You have until the end of Release Weekend (10/16)! Winner and runner up will be posted on the blog!

Good luck!


Tamsin :)

P.S. We start with sequins...we should end with sequins...

I leave you with a pair of shoes I totally want but CANNOT justify. Red, sequin (not glitter) Ruby Slippers (they're on my feet...I wear a size 6 know, if you have a pair you just don't know what to do with...*hint hint*). They are wicked uncomfortable and only good for dressing up as Dorothy (which I did as a kid a lot btw) so I'll never buy them but...if I did, I'd probably find another chance to wear them other than Halloween. Then I too would end up in one of these "stupid shoes" photos! LMAO!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Editing 102

No, you didn't miss Editing was just so long ago I don't think I could blog about it now.

So, what is Editing 102? Maybe a better title would be "You Never Stop Learning" or "You Never Stop Realizing Where Your Writing SUCKS" OR "Holy Jeebus I Spent 5 Days and 65 Hours Editing and SURVIVED" OR HEY...HOW ABOUT..."I NEVER WANT TO READ MY OWN BOOK AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE"...


Let's back up...

Editing 101 was a crash course slapped onto me by Ms. Grames a year ago, which was a HUGE "Ah-Ha" moment for me....(Jeebus, that woman reeeally taught me a lot)...I would then consider what I put myself through for 5 days this past weekend Editing 102...with notes from my current Editor, Mrs. Becraft.

It FINALLY clicked for me on Day 4. I'm slow, what can I say? I suddenly saw the horrible redundancy areas of my book. Sadly, I was 1/2 way through the book upon realization so I'm glad I'll have one more pass at the PIMA (Pain In My Ass...aka My LDG Novel) before it goes to the E-gods for public distrabution & consumption.

I spent 65 hours in my desk chair (aka torture device from hell) in 5 days. I basically ate, slept, edited, ate, edited...then repeat for 5 days. I refused to open Twitter, FB, or my blog for fear of being "sucked in" and losing valuable time. I had a deadline...and only one hand to edit with. I think I used up my 40 hrs of free Pandora and I only took breaks to walk the dog, grocery shop, hug on my dog, stretch or get food from kitchen. I think I took one phone call from a writer pal in MI and texted a bit with Lauren. That was it in 5 days. I was FOCUSED.

And I think my brain bled because of it.

Women, by nature are multi-taskers. Right now I have 12 things open on my desktop. Normal. It's a normal, happy place. The only things I had open were my Word doc, a verbs spreadsheet, iTunes & felt like a foreign universe.

But, I made a breakthrough in seeing the smaller errors this weekend. Big errors (Editing 101) were hard but yet once pointed out I was like, "I totally see that!" With Editing took a bit to really see. But when my mind went, "Holy shit! I get it!" It was a big break through. On this pass I cut the word count by almost 3000 words. NO JOKE. I added some too...which tends to happen when you're re-writing sections that need help. But in the end, I'd still cut about 2300 words.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm learning. :)

One more pass to go on it...after that, I swear on a stack of Bibles, I'll never read that full thing again (unless paid to).


Tamsin :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011




Artwork on Front by Buffi Becraft
Layout of Card (both sides) by FMS Digital (my mom's company)
Headshot by Vince Lingner

Lauren and I will be handing these out at NYC Comic Con. If you're there, come find us! Ok, text me and I'll let you know where we are. Or send me a message on Twitter!

If you find us, you'll get to enter the give away! More on that later! So stay tuned!


Tamsin :)