Monday, November 29, 2010

The Purple Bar!

When you upload all your words into the NaNoWriMo site and you've "won" (meaning you've written at least 50,000 words in November) your bar that's been showing your progress in blue gets lit up as purple with the word "WINNER!" inside it.


As those of you who read this blog know, I earned it after two weeks but it still was awesome yesterday to put in my chapters and hit "update" and see my final count was 80,301! More than I thought...more than Word said but hey...whatever. Word said I was at 80,231 so this just seems to think I wrote 70 more...odd but okay.

To celebrate I shall give you an excerpt from the book that I enjoy, its from near the end. I did pull about a paragraph or two in the middle of this out so as to not give away important plot info---would hate to ruin suprises for those who someday read this.

It's a scene between Cash and Phin. They're at the hospital. Enjoy!


Tiny section from Chapter 25...

Cash sat on the couch, head in his hands. “What is wrong with me?”

“Do you want a list or would you like it in a power point presentation?”

Cash looked up to see Phin standing there. “Would I get color pictures?”

“But of course!”

“Then Power Point it is,” he said, his head back into his hands, his elbows on his knees.

Phin sat down and put his laptop bag on the ground. “Look, I know I’m not your boy Liam but if you need to talk—”

Cash looked up at him. “You’re my pack brother just like Liam is Phin, you know that.”

“I know—it’s just, well, you two are really tight.”

“He and I drink and party a lot, we don’t talk about serious stuff that much. He’s a great guy, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not how our friendship rolls. You on the other hand—well, you’re more level headed than he is.”

“I think that was a compliment.”

Cash gave him a lopsided grin and a light grasp on his shoulder, “It was.”

Phin paused and then said, “It’s good to have you back.”

“It’s good to be back—I just wish—why is she so difficult?”


“No, the other bane of my existence.”

Phin laughed.

“Excuse me, sir? Mr. Pankov?”

Cash looked up at the nurse, “Yes?”

“Maria has arrived and has asked for you to meet her on the Squad floor.”

“All right,” Cash said as he stood up. "Thanks Phin.” Cash started to head towards the elevator when Phin stopped him.


He hit the down button and turned around. “Yeah?”

“My suggestion? Just tell her.”

“Tell who?”


The elevator dinged and the door opened. Cash reached in and held the door. “Tell her what?”

Phin smiled. “Just tell her that you love her man. It’ll solve a lot of your problems. Trust me. I speak from experience.”

“What makes you think—”

“Stop right there and get on your elevator—lying is not a virtue.”

Cash tried to hide a smile. “Thanks Phin.”

“Anytime good sir, anytime.”

Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to Living Dead Girl; Book 4 - Destiny

It's that time...time to put Moon Over Manhattan down...let it rest...let me detatch from it so I can really edit. I tried to do a lightning edit but I'll be honest; I'm too close to it still to do anything so...into the metaphorical drawer it goes. Don't get me wrong...I was able to cut almost 200 words in the first two chapters so I was doing well--I just found it hard to really see objectively. I might jump back over to it, we'll see.

What I knew I needed to do was get back to Living Dead Girl. I left off after I'd started Chapter 12 (so, basically 1/3 of the way thru) when I began Moon Over Manhattan. Problem was, I needed to re-read it cause honestly, I didn't remember much about it. I've been in a different girl's mind for the past 4 months so, alas, I had to re-read.

I started with the Introduction and had a profound memory recall--THIS main girl is NOT in good shape. I'd forgotten how messed up Atlanta is at this point in the game. I've been in the head of a healthy (and I mean mentally healthy) girl for 4 months. I'd forgotten about what a disaster Atlanta's head is. No wonder I left her for awhile...sheesh!

Anyhoo...wish me luck getting back into the other series. It's SUPER sad to leave Denika behind but alas, Atlanta needs me.

I will say this...I was impressed with the opening of Book 4, which is called Destiny. I'd forgotten how it it is...


Tamsin :)

Main Entry: des•ti•ny
Pronunciation: \ˈdes-tə-nē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural des•ti•nies
Etymology: Middle English destinee, from Anglo-French, from feminine of destiné, past participle of destiner
Date: 14th century
1 : something to which a person or thing is destined : FORTUNE
2 : a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency
synonyms see FATE

So I wait.

What do I wait for?

Destiny…to eat me whole. This “predetermined” course of events that seem to have infected my being. The “chosen one”. Prophecy this and prophecy that. I hate it. To feel like you have no choice but yet you’ve made all the wrong ones. It sucks. I am unhappy and I hurt those I love daily. How in hell can this be my destiny? Did I per chance pick the wrong path one day? If so, when did that happen and can I go back and change my mind?

On one hand, I have two beautiful children and powers that many would make a deal with the devil for. Yet, on the other hand I seem to have the propensity for tragedy and horror to follow me and those I care for wherever I go. One might suggest maybe I need to embrace this stay of being. I cannot fathom it. If I didn’t feel I was needed I would find a way to die. Destiny or no, there are things I’ve seen and things I’ve done that make my skin crawl and my non-beating heart cry out for help.

But I can’t. Have help that is. I have made these bad choices, whether they were my destiny to make or not, and I am the one that deals with them. There is no need to share my dirty laundry with those who count on me so heavily. I am the chosen one and I should be able to shoulder this pain and these burdens alone…and I will.

Until it kills me.

As Destiny Unfolds
by Nettie Pennington

There is always a choice to make
When two paths merge and life takes a break
For a split second, all things are one
As destiny and chaos collide once more

When two paths merge and life takes a break
No one will warn you that it is already to late
To change the path you have taken
As destiny and chaos collide once more…

Friday, November 19, 2010

Moon Over Manhattan is DONE!

On July 13th, 2010 I posted on this blog that I had a book idea. I then took you on a journey with me on how I discovered who it was I decided to do a photo-shoot, and so on.

And as of 12:30am this morning...I'd finished the book. No joke. 30 Chapters + a tiny Epilogue (to piss off the readers of course because its the cliff hanger in case I want to write another one...and how could I not? I love these characters!) and BEFORE edit its at...hold onto your belt buckles people...175,829 words. Phew! No kidding...she's a big'en huh? Actually, to be honest, my first novel, Living Dead Girl; Book One - The Betrayal is 188,000 words AFTER edit so...I think I did better this time around on a "book one" (seeing as they need to have more backstory than other books).

Now, there is still a little over a week of NaNoWriMo to do? Well, I'm going to do a "Lightning Edit". This is one of those things where I'll sit down and just start hacking away at it--cutting things I feel are "indulgent" or "boring" or "too wordy" (who me?). I would like to, in the end, cut a minimal of 25,829 words so the book is no more than 150,000 but...on the first pass let's set our sights on a more realistic goal...especially since we only have a short time to do it. Let's say.....5,000? Is that unrealistic? We'll see.

Anyhoo...I'm both sad and happy. Happy to have honestly written a full novel in four months...but sad to be done. It's been a great few months and I've had a blast! My story telling has gotten better I feel and this book is a lot of fun. It not only has a primary mystery plot that develops nicely but a love story that I feel is one of my better ones; my two lovely readers were very (and I do mean VERY) investsed in that part so, I think I nailed it better than before. Honestly, I'm going to miss my dysfunctional couple Denika and Cash----though, by the end they're not so dysfunctional.

After I do the Lightning Edit the book will get put in a drawer (metaphorically speaking of course) for a few months while I go back to LDG4. Once I've had some time away I can give it a better edit. I'm too close to the book right now to really attack and hack at it. #ThingsToKnowAboutYourself

I leave you all with a picture of the dynamic due...good gal sister and bad guy brother---ever enemies...Denika and Demyan...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

National Novel Writing Month!

For those of you who don't know what this is--let me fill ye in!

Every year many (and I do mean MANY) writers young and old participate in this event; the object of which it is to try and write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

You are thinking; "Seriously?"

You're next thought is then one of the following;

A. Who can write that many words in a month that make sense?
B. You can't write a full novel in 30 days!
C. If you do write a full novel in 30 days it'll be utter shite.
D. What novel these days is only 50,000 words?
E. I think I'm crazy enough to try that!
F. That sounds like fun! Where do I sign up?

I was both E and F...cause I am crazy like that! Besides, I write rather fast so I was curious if I could do it. Ah yes, us Leo's love a challenge! :)

Now, in NaNoWriMo (that's the abbreviation we all use--go to Twitter and go to the hash tag of that and you can see all kinds of stuff!) you're "suppose to" start a NEW novel as of November 1st...but...I won't lie, I didn't do that. I have been working on Moon Over Manhattan and had sworn I would finish it by the time I rang in the year 2011. To take all of November off to write something new would put a damper in my need to get this bad boy ready to pitch to agents by the new year so...I held off and began Chapter 16 of the book on the 1st of November.

I tend to write chapters with approx 5000 words per--so I was thinking, "So, in order to 'win' (there are no prizes & you're not really competing against anyone but win is a loose term for 'complete') NaNoWriMo I need to do about 10 chapters. I would love to try that! Deal."

I've been known to, on frequent occation, to write a chapter in a day so all I needed was 10 good days and BAM...I'd reach the goal.

What happened though, has suprised even me.

As of today I am writing Chapter 23. I am at 36,722 words as of when I went to bed yesterday evening. I only have 13,278 words to honestly only 2.5 more chapters to to be honest, I could be done by this weekend. Well hell. I didn't want to be done that fast--nor did I think I would be.

But, it is what it is and I'm having fun, which is part of the point, and I've met some really cool people who are writers (who write as they're job job, or their job-to-be in the near future job OR those who write as a hobby--all of which ROCK!) here in NYC by going to "Meet Up's" and "Write In's". I love hearing about what people are writing! I love to listen all the amazing ideas that are in their heads! Plus, I get the chance to talk to people who are like me...people who like to let their imagination out to play on a regular basis. :)

What I am excited about is that I'm reaching the end of the Novel...which is bittersweet...but have no fear, I've totally thought of a way to continue the series if I so choose. What's even better is that I'm getting to bring in some of my awesome witches from my original series, Living Dead Girl. Characters that were children in that story (which begins in 1997) are now young adults and I'm really enjoying that!!! In particular, Gabriel Cotswald is 9 years old in Book Two of the LDG Series and now he's just now 21 years old and full of bravado! ***I believe Rachel describes him as being a mixture between James Dean and Vinny Barbarino*** ---LOL!

Someone who has read the first 3 books I've finished in my first series (I'm half way thru writing Book 4 and I plan to get back to it when Moon Over Manhattan is completed/edited/being shopped) had asked if I was going to bring in the "old gang". But of course I am! What fun for those who read both series! Bring in their favorite characters from one book to the other. I also plan to bring some of my characters from Moon Over Manhattan into LDG 4 and onward...cameo's...but still there. It IS the same world after all.

So that's my news. I know you all wanted more pictures...I know I promised you all the "villians" but those pics are still being worked on...not much longer, I promise.

But for now, I leave you a picture of what it looks like in NYC right now...and to all you NaNoWriMo Peeps! HAPPY WRITING! See you at the write in on Sunday! :) --If I've finished the novel by then, I'll start the editing process so I'll still be working with you all!


xo Tamsin :)