Tuesday, January 1, 2013

WINDFIRE Audiobook - Coming Soon!

Written by Tamsin L. Silver
Read by Rachel Grundy
Directed by Alexis M. Hadsall
Edited by Emily Anne Imes

Estimated Audiofile Release Date: April 1, 2013
Estimated Hard Copy Release Date: April 20, 2013

That's asked and you shall receive! As of January, we will begin production for the audiobook of WINDFIRE. If all goes well, the next project will be to record & release Book Two of the WINDFIRE Series, Living Dead Girl, by it's ready for Dragon Con 2013!

I am extremely excited to announce that we have British actress, Rachel Grundy, reading for the audiobooks of The WINDFIRE Series!

When considering an actress for this job, I knew I wanted three things. First, and most importantly, I needed Atlanta to sound strong as well as educated; Ms. Grundy has both of these qualities in spades. She not only has a voice that is dynamic and easy to listen to, but she also holds a degree in English Literature and Drama from a University in the UK. Secondly, I knew I needed an actress who could easily slip from American to British dialect (as there are quite a few characters from across the pond in the series) without it sounding forced on either side. Having seen Ms. Grundy on stage with both accents, I am confident this will be easily accomplished. Thirdly, I needed a fan of the genre. Someone who understood and enjoys YA Fantasy, the world I created, and the characters I'd brought to life. Seeing as that Ms. Grundy is a self-proclaimed "geek," as well as one of three Beta Readers for The WINDFIRE Series (seeing it grow from it's first version to the one that ended up published), she truly fits the bill.

It also is a bonus that Ms. Grundy has worked multiple times with our director, Ms. Hadsall, who in herself has over twenty years of directing under her belt. Plus, our editor, Emily Anne Imes holds a extensive resume with concern to recording and editing for music/radio/spoken word. I'm positive this will be a rewarding project for all involved, as well as a lot of fun. I feel very blessed to have such a talented and amazing team of women on this project.

As you can tell by the dates listed above, we are shooting to have this ready by Boston Comic Con, which is the weekend of April 20-21. I will have these for sale, signed by both myself and Ms. Grundy for purchase. Price TBD.

For those interested in knowing more about Rachel, her bio is below, filled with links to hear her sing and see pictures of her on stage. OR you can just click on her name below to go to her website:


A native Londoner, Rachel has been working in the New York theatre, film, and music scenes since 2003. Relocating permanently here in 2005, she has worked with many indie theatre companies including Dysfunctional Theatre Company, TheatreRats (of which she was Associate Artistic Director), Hudson Warehouse, Inverse Theater, and Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. She has made over ten short films, web series, and TV pilots in that time as well and can be (briefly) seen studiously looking at a theatre program in episode 6, season 8, of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

A musician with years of classical training, Rachel performs with blues, rock, and soul band Coyote Love on sax, vocals, and flute, as well as head typo corrector/cat herder on the management side.

Rachel graduated with honours from the University of East Anglia with a BA in English Literature and Drama. In her spare time, she is a youth leader and practising Buddhist with the SGI-USA, a geek who could quote most of the Star Wars trilogy at you and an enthusiastic, if amateur, triathlete.

I hope you are as excited about this as we are! And if you're will be! LOL! Either way, stay tuned! I will try to have snippets for you to hear as we continue to work on the project!


May 2013 be amazing for you, me, and for The WINDFIRE Series!


Tamsin :)

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