Monday, January 7, 2013

I once had long red hair...see?

With all the talk of my new, red-headed protagonist in AMELIE, the guys over at Sanctuary Radio were curious when I said that I used to be a red-head.

These pics were maybe 5-7 years ago (and a few pounds ago...grrr) but here is proof that I had been a red-head once upon a time. :)

The lovely gentleman above is Cedric Jones, who I graduated college with. He's a published poet and playwright. The pretty lady below with me is Brit actress, Rachel Grundy, who is reading for the WINDFIRE Audiobooks.

I may go back to red someday...but for now, I'm staying black. But it's fun to look back. I've had MANY hair colors. My parents can attest to that. LOL! Oh how family photos of all the cousins of my family through the years is funny. I'm always the one with a new hair color/cut and wearing black. :)

And yes, that rosey glow to my face above is liquor. It was my birthday party so sue me. LOL!

Cheers! -Tamsin

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