Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick Note about AMELIE

OK...I'm about ready to post the first part of AMELIE. Just a few things I'm going to mention now....

A) All work is © Tamsin L. Silver 2013

B) None of it has seen an editor so enjoy the story for what it is and know there will be errors and get over it. :)

C) I will be throwing this up on my Tumblr. Please head over there and repost to yours if you would be so kind, but be sure to give me credit.

D) I will attempt to put up a section of the story each week...maybe more than once a week...who knows. At least by noon on Fridays.

E) This is for enjoy and tell your friends if you do. We are aiming for more blog traffic so I can do cool things like give-aways and such.

Ok. That's it. Let me prep the first section for you....


Tamsin :)

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