Friday, January 4, 2013

Small Revelations

Welcome to 2013! I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you are starting 2013 with a bang! This blog has done that. Seems our news about the audiobook has grabbed attention! YAY! (scroll down to next post for info on the audiobook if you haven't heard the news yet) I meet with Rachel tonight to begin work...but that's not what this post is about. It mildly relates to New Years.......let me explain.

Every now and agian someone will say something to you that you really hear and take to heart. It could be in could be in could be just an observation...but these are moments that affect you.

I had one happen the other day. On New Years Day of all things. Go figure.

A friend I've not seen in a few years (because she moved to Chicago...and moved back cause it wasn't for her) had dinner with me on New Years Day and we were just swapping stories of "catch up" and she said to me that I looked happy.

I thought it a funny comment at first as I was still quit ill and I know I looked a bit under the weather. But she continued, basically stating that since knowing me (which is since 2004), doing many shows together, this was the most happy she'd ever seen me.

She may not have known how this hit me, seeing as that I brushed it off, mildly embarrassed, saying something about lowering my stress by not doing theatre and changing jobs. But let's be honest...I still have stress. Being a writer who is trying to get their work seen on their own isn't roses and cupcakes. I don't sell nearly enough to pay my way, yet. My name isn't known to many, yet. But she's right. I'm happy with my new life, my new friends, and the new world that I've created.

Disclaimer: I still love the people from my old theatre life...and miss many of them. Let that be clear. I do not, however, miss the stress of it...which is funny to me in a certain corner of my mind...considering I came to NYC for theatre. Oh the irony.

I think this was the best New Years Day gift I could've been given. To know that what I'm doing is making me happy and that it shows. I didn't know I'd changed along with my choice of 2nd job. I find it interesting.

It's the small revelations that sometimes make the biggest impacts.

I hope that this year you get one also...and if you are not happy...fix that! Life's too short not to.

Have a wonderful 2013 and do what makes you happy! People can tell.


Tamsin :)

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