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Part 1 of 3 - Sample of unedited pages from The Curse of Billy the Kid


So...this post is for the fans of my page on Facebook for my current WIP, The Curse of Billy the Kid. If you have not liked that page yet, DO IT! Trust me, you won't regret it! I share cool moments in history, pictures of Lincoln, NM (old and new), things about that time in the Wild West, and other cool stuff that surrounds the legend that is Billy the Kid.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the first part of three I'm going to release!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  -Tamsin :)


From the chapter titled, "Damned if I do, damned if I don't."

“I’ll leave you boys to organize as you see fit and I’ll bring the horse-n-wagon ‘round to the back door.”
“Thanks, Isaac,” I said as he left.
“So, what’s first?” Ben asked.
Noticing he wore a cartridge belt and his six-shooter, I said, “You’ll need new ammo for this trip. Trust me.”
“We’re just goin’ down the street, why would we—” he started to say.
“All right, if you say so,” he said, walking over to where I sat with the two crates of silver ammunition.
“Take off your belt. I’ll have you load it up, just in case. Same with your rifle.”
“Any chance you’re gonna explain why, or should I just smile and nod?”
“The latter is a wiser option.”
“All right then,” Ben said, beginning to swap out his bullets for the silver ones I handed him.
While we worked, I figured it would be a good opportunity to verify the rumor we’d been told in San Patricio. “Have you heard any information about Jessie Evans and Tom Hill?”
Ben removed the bullets from his gun and began to replace them, saying, “I have, Tom is dead, just like Morton and Baker. Did y’all really kill those two men?”
I sat and began to fill up my belt. I couldn’t tell him the truth about what had happened that day so all I said was, “We did. Killed them while they was tryin’ to escape.”
“Serves ‘em right, then,” he said, then filled me in on the word he’d heard from customers and the like. It all matched up to what we’d heard, except that Ben had been told Jessie’s elbow had been hit, shattering his arm.
“We heard it was his wrist, but either way, son of a bitch is in a hospital in pain and botherin’ no one since he’s under arrest,” I said, finished with my reload.
“Jimmy Dolan broke his leg yesterday.”
“And I thought there couldn’t possibly be more good news!” I joked, standing up and brushing the dust from my knees. “How the hell did he do that?”
“Stupid SOB was chasing some unarmed man and jumped off his horse while it was still at a gallop.” Ben started to laugh. “Drunk as a skunk is what he was. I’d be surprised if he even felt it break.”
I started to laugh. “That’s hilarious! Oh my Lord, wait until I tell the boys.”
“Maybe that’ll slow his mean streak,” Ben said.
There was a pause where we both looked at one another and said at the same time, “Doubt it.”
After a good belly laugh we loaded up our rifles, took the crates to the small wagon out back, covered them up, and prepped to take the silver shipment down to he McSween’s house. Lookin’ up at the sky, I saw we had a half moon, givin’ us some light for our ride. I wasn’t sure what the werewolves did on half moon nights, but I was hopin’ we’d not get the chance to find out. However, we were not that lucky.
As Ben and I reached the Juan Patron Store, I felt a tingle up my spine and cocked my rifle.
“Is there a problem?” Ben asked.
“Not sure…feels wrong. Pick up the pace a bit. Let’s get these boxes into the patio of the McSween home as fast as we can.
Ben snapped the reins on the family horse only picked up the pace a little and I said, “When you said she was a calm horse, you meant it.”
“Steady and true, my girl Mable is, aren’t ya?”
The horse whinnied and I cringed. Right now was not the time for slow and careful. I took a deep breath and said, “She might wanna go a bit faster.”
“Why? I thought you didn’t want us to draw attention.”
The howl of a wolf split the night air like lightning, chilling me to the core.
“We’re already being watched,” I told him.
“By who?” he asked, sounding skeptical.
“More like what,” I said, scanning the dark.
It didn’t take long to find them, their movement giving them away. Two wolves ran past us and onto the road. Causing Ben to swear and start to pull Mable to a halt.
“Stopping is not a good idea,” I told him.
“Did you see those—”
“That’s why you can’t…”
I let my words trail off as I noticed the wolves stop on the road as two more joined them, all four turning to face us like we was playin’ some weird game of chicken.
“This is not good,” I said. “Ben, listen to me carefully, those are not just mindless animals, we cannot get caught by them. Do you understand?”
“What is going—”
“Do you understand?”
“Yes, but—”
“Just drive! Now!”
Ben snapped the reins hard and yelled out at Mable, but she just pranced a bit and whinnied at her owner. The wolves began to walk toward us a unit so I decided to take a chance. Without knowing if it would work or not, I reached out and lay my hand on Mabel’s right flank. Pushing some of the energy stored in me from Morton and Baker into the horse, I told her what was needed. She huffed air out of her nose in reply.
Hoping she was on board with this, I gave her flank a slap and yelled, “Now!”
Rearing up, she kicked out toward the wolves with her front legs, but once those hooves hit the ground she was off and running.
“Holy shit!” Ben said, grabbing fast to not lose the reins.
“She’s got us, just hold on!”

Not knowing what to do with a large horse barreling toward them, the wolves split two to each side and let us through before running alongside us. The one closest to Ben jumped up to take a snap at him and I pulled the trigger.


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