Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Con Carolinas 2013, Part I


Been there, done that, survived it, and had a blast!

So, as some of you know, this was my first con that I went to as a Guest...that means, ya don't pay to go unless you want to have a table or bring someone to watch it with you. It also means you get to participate on panels! I had the honor of speaking at panels like; The Undead as Characters, Getting Over Yourself, The Pros & Cons of Self Publishing, Urban Fantasy, Setting the Scene, The Entourage, The Heroine, and I crashed a panel for Large Casts (gee, can't see

Sales weren't amazing but then again, I was a late add (table wise) and ended up in what we affectionately called, "The Dungeon." We didn't get as much foot-traffic as everywhere else so...less sales. Here's to hoping the online sales spike though.

I received a lot of positive feedback about SKYE OF THE DAMNED, which was really nice. I even got to talk about the premise at the Urban Fantasy panel and the whole thing got some applause. I was floored! I sincerely hope they enjoy what we put out this fall! A lot of people came up and told me they were looking here's to hoping, right?

Now, even though I didn't sell a lot, I did make some amazing friends there and got lucky enough to spend some time with one of my favorite people and writers, Faith Hunter (pic of us on the right).

I also got lucky enough to spend time with old friends I'd not seen in awhile...both planned and unplanned! For example, I got home from the con on Friday night after we exited a late panel at 1am, and who should be there? But an old student of mine, Lindsey Rinehart (pic of us on the left). Not our best pic ever, but it was like...2am or something so...hence. :)
I also got to see my old roommate (when I lived in Charlotte, NC), Niki Hunter! She drove up from Pickens, SC to see me (pic on the right)! It was SOOO good to see her too!

Plus...who can go without mentioning David...aka the real "2Doggz"....(If you've read Living Dead Girl and onward in the Windfire series, you will recognize the name)...Pic of us to the left...and man, do I look tired or what?! I need to stop having pics taken of me late at night after a day of a convention! LOL!

Anyhoo....I also saw Paula (who spent a long Saturday watching my table, God bless her!), Josh, Sarah, Carol, and Ken (as planned) but then...ran into Connor (an old friend of my days LARP-ing in Charlotte) and then...the strangest thing happened. I walked into a small party in the hotel room of one of my writer pals and as I squeeze through the people, someone yells out my real name (for Tamsin Silver is a pen name). As I'm at the con as Tamsin, and everyone knows me as such, let me tell hear my real full name yelled out was startling, to say the least. Everyone looked rather confused...except the man who yelled it out. Turned out to be Jason, an old student of mine from a high school I taught at down south. I didn't recognise him at first, of course, but one he said his name I did. How strange for him to be in one of many rooms in a hotel that I just happened to walk into! It was really wonderful to see he was a happy adult and I got to meet his wife.

There's more, but we'll save it for the next blog entry! For I have funny stories for you about the issues I had with getting my rental car AND how on Sunday my phone tried to disapear not once...but twice!

Until then...


Tamsin :)

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