Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - Part Two

Meet my best gal pal in NYC, Lauren. She wasn't working for me on Thursday, but she was stopping by often, and so we snagged a pic just before the con started on Thursday. As you can tell by her shirt, she was working for our friends at Vampire Freaks that day. :)

I've been wondering what you all would want to know about the con other than I've got two great stories for you.

Lauren with her new swords
(and yes, she knows how to use them)
The first story would be this: I had a woman and her young daughter come up to me and I got talking writing with the teenage girl. She had short hair like me and glasses (which I actually wear most of the time) and as we spoke, I found out she was a Cancer survivor. Well, seeing as my day job is at a cancer hospital I was so happy, I had to hug her. I was so excited to meet a survivor, seeing as book 4 of the Windfire Series is dedictated to a young woman who did not survive. I showed it to this girl, told her of Shannon and held it together just long enough for she and her mom to buy two books and leave the booth. At which point I burst into tears.

Thankfully Lauren was there at the moment and knows the story of Shannon (go HERE for her story) and was able to help me find my center again and get back to work. But it was just one of the most amazing moments at the con. To meet a survivor and share the story with her. It meant a lot. If you make it to Book Four, Cydonia, read the dedication. Shannon deserves you to know.

My view of my gals on Saturday...MANY took pics of them
That said, my second favorite story happened at the very end of the last day. A pair of teen gals ran over to the booth and the one gal, who had bought books one and two on Saturday, said, "It's your fault I've hardly had any sleep!" I laughed and asked why. She said she'd started reading the series and couldn't put it down. She just HAD to have the next two (which were my last two of those books, btw) and then her best friend said she better get books one and two since she knew her friend wouldn't share. Then, they told me they'd met Stephanie Meyer and gotten a signed copy of Twilight WAY before it blew up and predicted I would be next.


That was my last sale of the day...of the con...and a great thought. I'd very much like for TONS of kids to read this series (and adults too). Though, I'm sort of the "Anti-Twilight." Sure, I have vampires (they don't sparkle), werewolves, witches and shape shifters...but I have very strong female characters. Girls who fight and kick ass! Girls who take the bull by the horns and even if they make a mistake, forge forward into the darkness...because that's how life is. You push forward. You make mistakes and you learn. So I very much hope kids read these and see that being a strong woman is just as sexy as being the damsel in distress. And men can do more than just save you from physical danger...they can be the support system and partner in your life that save you from yourself.

Part III with silly pics of a fun night out to dinner coming up in Part stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

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