Friday, October 5, 2012

Desi, Bianca and Celeste (The three witches)

(L to R) Desi Ma (Model: Lily Henry), Bianca Blaze (Model: Unique Mills) & Celeste Rowan (Model: Shannon Harasen)

All hero's and heroin's need their "posse," right? Well, these three girls are Atlanta's. Proven to be the most talented of their age group the Desi, Bianca and Celeste are refered to as "The Three" by those in the Clandestine World in Boston. Even before the circle could be complete by adding Atlanta to it they held considerable power. They were the ones that led Circle meetings and rituals and though literally just out of high school when we meet them, they are the best of their group and type.

Desiree "Desi" Ma
Water Witch
Desi (pronounced "Deh-zee")is the heart of the group. A short and petite Chinese girl who is emotional, open hearted, and possibly the most "think outside the box" of the three. We really see how her powers grow throughout the series and into the sequel series, Moon Over Manhattan. We meet her in LDG at 17 years old and by the time she joins us in MOM she's 30 years old. A big difference. Desi is one to sneak around the rules if she has to, in order to help those she cares about. And for those who love her, you'll even get a glimpse of her at the age of 9 in The Cameron Chronicles. (Model: Lily Henry)

Bianca Blaze Robinson
Fire Witch
Bianca is our tom boy of the three and she's the realist of the group. A tall, slender, African-American young lady who would prefer to play paintball than go have her feet done. She's proud to see herself as "scrappy" in a fight and she tends to wrap her head because she sees no use for hair or doing her hair, for that matter. The most she does is cut it wicked short and dye it colors from hot pink to fire engine red. I would say she's the most sensible of the three. Oh, and though Robinson is her last name, she tends to introduce herself as Bianca Blaze. (Comes from a love for Johnny Blaze, aka the anit-hero character in the Marvel Universe known as Ghost Rider)(Model: Unique Mills)

Celeste Rowan
Earth Witch
Celeste is our innocent of the group. Our romantic. Someone who sees the best in everyone. She's tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses when she's feeling lazy and tends to wear girlier items than the other two. Dresses with cowboy boots or wide pants and sandals. She's a hippie...a tree incense burning, herb growing, girl who is a people pleaser and is quite the master of brews of tea for any occasion. She's had a secret crush on a man in the royal family for many years...and though she knows better...she doesn't, not really. (Model: Shannon Harasen)

Once Atlanta joins them they become a full circle, their powers growing stronger when together.

These three will be around until the final battle...I can promise you that...but it won't be without scars, mental and physical. They may have been chosen by the goddess Diana to be key in the war, but being special isn't always a plus in their world.

So That's my "posse" for Atlanta. :)

More to come so stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

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