Saturday, October 6, 2012

Elizabeth P. Keziah

Elizabeth Pierce Keziah (Model: Melissa Silver)

Prior to the WINDFIRE series Elizabeth has married Harmon Keziah. Before you say "ew" let us remember they're not blood related. Elizabeth is Nathanial Pierce's daughter from a previous marriage. So, even though he marries Joelle Keziah later on and has Roman, she is only related to Harmon because her father married his mother. So, though a little "wierd" it's not illegal plus hey, they're royal...those bastards used to marry within the lines all the bloody time back in the old days so...I'm just keeping with tradition, right? Ha!

Moving on...

Elizabeth is the key to the WINDFIRE storyline. How? Her death, how it happened, why it happened...and the prophecy that surrounds it. Oh I know, me and my prophecies...wha wha wha. Do you know how hard it is to write those blasted things? I'm not a poet (which I feel is quite obvious when you read the prophecies but whatever, we'll say Diana wasn't either) so they are what they are...but they get the job done. And the whole story that revolves around Elizabeth, that happens actually in the prequel (The Cameron Chronicles) revolves around her discovery of this prophecy and how she is who it speaks of. How her death is important and how her spirit will continue to help after she's gone.

As previously mentioned, we see a lot of Elizabeth, live and well, in the prequel series, "The Cameron Chronicles" (Pictured here to to the left with Sean Cameron - Model for Sean: Brian Cluney). Without her sacrifice at the end of that book, Atlanta would never survive The WINDFIRE Series. Everything is connected. It's important to remember when reading anything I write that things that happen in one series very likely will have a connection to something that happens in another. I love that stuff. Here's to hoping that someday, when all the books of The Cameron Chronicles are done, you read them and remember things from The WINDFIRE Series and understand things more fully...and have a good laugh.
Elizabeth is easily the best of the Royal Family. She's not afraid to think for herself, tell the bureaucracy of it all to go screw itself, and hold her ground when she knows she's right. She sees nothing wrong with "coloring outside the lines" if it gets the job done. Which is exactly how she and Sean end up working together in "The Cameron Chronicles." It's very likely that Sean never would've made it past the age of 22 if he'd not met Elizabeth...or more accurately, if she'd not found him.

And though there is a large age difference between she and her half brother (pictured below - Model for Roman is Greg Lucas) they were very close and her death hits him the hardest.

But death is a part of life and she walks into it without fear...her spirit then walks on, to help save the world she died for. In death, Atlanta and Roman are the only ones who can see her spirit; Roman because she comes to him and Atlanta because they're connected by prophecy. Whenever they see her, she's in a white dress. I'll end this post with a few pics we did of her as a spirit.

I look forward to you all watching her story unfold as well as someday getting to go back in time and getting to watch her be alive and kick som vampire ass.

Tamsin :)

(Model for Atlanta: Angeliese Adams)

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