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The Royal Family of The Great Order

Keziah/Pierce Family L to R: Carmone Keziah, Javin Keziah, Elizabeth Pierce, Roman Pierce; Phoenix Keziah. (Models L to R: Rodney Ladino, Chris Beier, Melissa Silver, Greg Lucas; Peter Gosik)

HRH The King of the Clandestine World (Savion Keziah) resides in a large home in Washington D.C. so as to work closely with the President of the U.S. His sons, Prince Javin and Carmon Keziah, live there with him. The eldest, HRH Prince Javin, is tasked with foriegn relations and business and travels about the world on his father's orders. He stays in the best hotels/homes, rubs elbows with other royals and parties with celebrities. HRH Prince Carmone, the younger of the two, is his father's go-to man. He stays at the house and helps keep all of the King's appointments organized and in order. He, in short, runs the household. Here they are:

HRH Prince Javin Keziah (Model: Chris Beier)

HRH Prince Carmone Keziah (Model: Rodney Ladino)

King Savion is only king because his older brother, Harrison, has passed away and before doing so had given the crown to his brother and his brother's family for personal reasons(which you will learn when you read the 2nd book in the series). Harrison had two boys as well, Phoenix and Harmon. HRH Prince Phoenix has been appointed the Prince of the NE section of the U.S. His brother, HRH Prince Harmon, was not given a section of the U.S. because that would put way too much of one country under the rule of brothers. Instead, Harmon is heir to Pheonix's throne and assists Phoenix with running the NE section of the U.S. Here they are:

HRH Prince Phoenix Keziah (Model: Peter Gosik)

HRH Prince Harmon Keziah (Model: Peter Gosik)

It is Phoenix and Harmon's job to keep the NE states in line, following the laws of The Great Order. They only answer to Javin and Carmone who then reports back to their father. If things had gone differently, Phoenix and Harmon would've been in the Clandestine White House of D.C., but at this point, without the deaths of Savion, Javin and Carmon that will not happen.

As you can tell by looking at them, they are fraternal twins. Phoenix is older than Harmon by two minutes and twenty two seconds. They both have many of the same facial features: full lips, gray eyes, and high cheekbones except for one, their hair. Where Phoenix has a rich, wavy, dark tumble of hair, Harmon has a shining cascade of smooth/straight white if the color had been bleached out of it. Not gray or white...but a true platinum blonde. Both are serious in nature, their gray eyes divulging nothing unless they choose to.

Phoenix is possibly are more stressed of the two brothers. While Javin and Carmone run affairs of the country Phoenix has had more time to concentrate on secretly moving the pawns into place the prophesied war. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders so much more than either Javin or Carmone. Many speculate that's because he rightfully would've been King at this time if his father hadn't handed down the throne to his brother.

So what about those other four who dance around these royal men?

As previously explained, Roman Pierce is the son of a royal mother. So, though its not really mentioned, he'd be considered a Duke. Elizabeth, his older sister (they share the same father but not mother) is not of royal blood. But, so that she would be, through marriage, be considered such, Joelle adopted her. Though it is not of normal practice Elizabeth holds the title of Duchess.

Speaking of...

Duchess Elizabeth Pierce (Model: Melissa Silver)
Elizabeth is an Amazon, so to speak. At six feet tall she's built to take a punch and give one in return. Unfortunately, when we start the LDG series she's already dead, and the catalyst for much of the sorrow in the Keziah/Pierce family household. At the time of her death she was Head of the Vampires on the New England Council. She will become extremely important, as will what she was working on when she died, throughout the series. *Note: She is alive and well and a primary character in The Cameron Chronicles (the prequel series).

Now, Devon Worthy and Stephan Throneburg are our last two of the royal house. Due to marriage and family alliances these two would be considered Counts. Which is funny when you throw in that they're both vampires. :)

Count Devon N. Worthy (Model: Jon Corry)

I plan to do a full entry on Devon but for now I'll tell you this: He's not what he appears to be. Not to you the reader or to those around him. He's a made vampire who's been around for a couple hundred years. A bastard son of a royal family member. Phoenix trusts him...question is, is that wise?

So that's your basic group of the royal household. A fuller breakdown on Count Devon Worthy will be next...stay tuned!

Tamsin :)

L to R: Roman Pierce, Pheonix Keziah, Stephan Throneburg, Javin Keziah, Devon Worthy, Carmone Keziah, and Elizabeth HPierce.(Models: Greg Lucas, Peter Gosik, Thomas Daniels, Chris Beier, Jon Corry, Rodney Ladino, and Melissa Silver)

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