Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jensine Blackensdale

Seeing as I already showed you the three looks of this loverly lady (Model: Kara Addington), this blog entry will be more about the character.

Simply put...

If it wasn't for Jensine's bad luck when it comes to men, the events in this story may never have happened.

You're laughing but everything in your life that's monumental DOES come down to something. Think about it. I'll give you an example of my own.

I used to teach high school Theater in a school in SC. It broke my heart to leave but the powers that be felt I shouldn't be there. I remember sitting in my car, full of the last load of things from my classroom, listening to the radio and thinking, "Why?" I remember asking God why He'd bring me to this point and let things fall apart. I knew He had a plan I just wasn't privy to per the usual...and so I was sad, depressed and hurt.

That summer I did some Shakespeare in the Park. I was cast as Hermia in Midsummer Night's Dream (which was funny cause I played Helena just two years previous my senior year in college) and the guy who was cast as Lysander had a blow up with the director and quit. His replacement was a guy (who's name escapes me but not his bad breath...oiy) who was friends with a man by the name of Don Nance.

Don put groups of people together to go to NYC to compete in the Grassroots Play Festival. I never would've done it if I was still teaching. Plus I'd not have had the people to cast if I'd not taught there at all (many of the cast of the shows I took to NYC were the kids who'd graduated my last year teaching and still were in town).

When we were in NYC not only did we take 5 awards, but I felt God tell me I would be moving there. I remember I sat down on the curb at some intersection here in the city and tears came to my eyes. No one is great with change...I had a lot of friends in SC but...I knew w/o a doubt I'd be moving. And I did. Almost 3 years later when all the ducks fell into a row.

So, I'd not be living here now if I'd received a continuing contract at that high school. Simple as that. And THIS is where I was meant to be. Maybe not forever...but for the time I'm here, it's where I'm supposed to be.

Back to Jensine...(pronounced Jen-seen)...

Jensine's based on me, as I've stated before. Not everything about her is...but she's the most like me. I too seem to have made sad choices in the men I've dated...LOL! Because of these things I decided that it'd be fun if the whole series rested on this.

You see, Jensine spots a hot guy at the bar (who's trouble, of course) and even though Atlanta warns her against him, Jensine can't see it. She makes sure she meets him and invites him to play pool with them and he invites them to dinner and that's where Atlanta meets Roman and Stephan......and now our story takes off.

It all comes down to a defining moment. Can you think of any in your life? One of my favorites is my best female friend in NYC. If I'd sat in a different car on the train...if Robbie hadn't fallen and hurt himself and sat near me on that train...I'd not know her and it'd be my loss.

Things like that happen here in NYC...choices equal events and so on. If you have one you'd like to share with me...I'd LOVE to hear it! Add a comment below!!!!

Jensine is scared of magic. She's noticed something is different with her best gal pal since high school and has made it clear she's not comfortable with it so Atlanta hides that part of her from Jensine once she discovers she's a witch. But, guilt weighs on her mind and she decides to write a letter telling Jensine everything before she's sworn into the Coven. This is another one of those choices that changes fate...both for Atlanta's future and more precisely, for the Great Order will go to any lengths to make sure Jensine never reads that letter.

I like to think of Jensine as the catalyst for events. If she'd not done this or if she'd not gone there or if she'd not said this...things never would've happened. Mind you, her character is a reporter so her nosy nature is justified there, but it gets her in trouble and it unearths things. Her story line carries much of the weight and drama and she's probably, not counting our leading lady, Atlanta, the one who changes the most. Her courage is huge even if she is scared of it. When push comes to shove she can shove, but she has to learn to be that way. Just like I did.

I hope when you read the book(s) you'll see her mistakes as triumphs because even though we all make mistakes...we learn and we grow and its that growth that makes all the difference.

Tamsin :)

P.S. This picture below is with two of the men who become her best friends (outside of Gray and Atlanta) in the series, (L to R) Hunter Thale, Jensine, & Joshua Brooks.

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