Monday, October 8, 2012

Sean Cameron

To say I'm in love with the character of Sean Cameron (Not the Model: Brian Cluney...though he is a darling and I luv him dearly) would be an understatement. :) And I never meant for it to happen. It was an accident. Pure and simple.

Years ago, when I got this idea for a great kick-ass-chick fantasy book I was in my 20's and in college and everything I read were fantasy stuff but there was this love that's what this book (I had no idea it'd be a series at that point) was originally about; a witch girl falls in love with a vampire and from there...we'll see where it goes.

LOL! Oh how characters change our minds!

For you see, originally the book was to be about Atlanta and Roman...her sexy 6 foot 3 vampire with the tossled hair, full lips and brooding stare. Yeah...uh...that didn't happen. You see, Sean showed up and changed my mind. Let me tell you, that bastard he made me fall in love with him and in doing so made my main character fall in love with him and changed the entire world of The WINDFIRE Series. How dare he? Right? It's MY book...MY choices...LOL...yeah, and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

As writers we give birth to characters but those characters, if flushed out well enough both in your mind and on paper, will take on a life of their own sometimes. Hell, maybe I'm the only one who's crazy like this, who knows (but I doubt it), but it's a real problem when they make decisions for you. Sean decided he and Atlanta were destined to be together and hence became my love triangle.

Do I know which guy she ends up with? be honest...I've written the end of the 5th book so yeah, I know. Am I going to tell you? No way in hell, way in hell. Why? Cause who knows...maybe the characters will change my mind between now and then (though, I'll confess, I'm in the middle of writing book 4 of 5 so if they're going to change their minds, they better do it soon).

Anyhoo...let's talk about Sean's character. Yes?

Full name is actually Sean Patrick Valentine.

Say WHAT?!

Ah yes...the back story of him will explain all that. What back story? Well, if you've been to my website you've seen there is a book series called The Cameron Chronicles.'s a prequel series about Sean. It starts in the late 1980's and takes you up until just before Living Dead Girl's first book.

What I can tell you is this...Sean is a made vampire (in my series there are vampires who are made and vampires who are born that way; Living Vampires). He was turned as punishment. He'd been one of the East Coast's most feared vampire hunters when he was human. He killed many an evil vampire before he was captured and turned, tossed in a dungeon and left to rot. Eventually he escapes his imprisonment to warn the Prince of The Great Order about a weapon Valencia (our primary evil lady of the series and leader of The Superior Order) has created. In doing so he meets Atlanta and our love triangle begins.Now, the best way I can explain Sean is "damaged but repairable." Something happens to tear his world to pieces when he's 16 years old. Again, we see here that "defining moment" concept I love so much here. This sorrow he endures both compells and defines who he is. It also creates his level of patience, his determination of spirit and his vast ability to forive, understand and love completely and without hesitation. Deep down Sean is a tortured soul who has risen above the pain to take what's been given to him and make the best of it. He cares nothing for himself...he's possibly my one truly selfless character. Mind you, some of that is derived from the fact that the pain he carries deep inside makes him feel he's not worthy to live, but as his story grows so will he...and he'll begin to see how important he is...even if in the end he sacrifices everything, selfless to the end.

As you learn in the story, Sean learns multiple forms of fighting; bo-staff, long bow, sword, etc. I greatly wish I'd had a long bow to do pics with on Sunday for the shoot for him, but alas, it's hard to transport one of those w/o a car (Subway NYPD seem to frown on weapons on trains...hmmm).

In the prequel series you learn how he gets these skills and why he's faster and stronger than most human's...making him a faster and strong vampire later on. In the prequel series he works with Elizabeth Pierce, Roman's older sister. In The WINDFIRE Series she's dead...a spirit guide for Atlanta. But in the prequel series you get to really know her when she's living...well, a living vampire, that is.

I hope others grow to love Sean like I do...mind you, I'm sure we'll have people who are "team Roman" as well...which is good cause darlin', you never know who a woman is going to choose. Or in my case, who the characters tell me they choose.


Tamsin :)

I leave you with a pic of Elizabeth and Sean (Elizabeth Modeled by Melissa Silver. No, no relation to me.).

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