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Every good story needs a (sexy) villian and Valencia (Model: Amanda Magyar) is mine, especially in the first book. By the second book you start to see her point of view and by the third book you may think you had it all wrong to begin with...that she's got the right idea. But, well, that's how life is, right? Things change as we learn and the lines between good and evil are sometimes blurred.

Unfortunately I cannot give too much away about her background or I give away HUGE plot points and spoilers for the book so I'll give you what I can.

Valencia was a witch who was made into a vampire...forever trapped in her 25 year old body. She made the mistake of falling for the wrong man and he was a vampire, bound and determined to make her like him and when she refused he made her one force. But, seeing as she was already a bit unstable to begin with, it follows her into her new life. She can love and she can hate but there seem to be no middle ground on either of those. If she hates you she hates you more than the devil himself and if she loves you, she loves you with all her heart, to the point of internal pain.

Due to her late "change" her soul was also damanged. Made vampires in this world I've created go through a something called Vampire Sickness after the change where its a internal battle to regain their soul...hence proving they are worthy of eternal existance on the earth. She didn't totally get hers back.Not that it was a good one to begin with so you mix the two together and she's a piece of work. She is almost devoid of empathy, except for possibly herself and one or three other people she truly cares for, but that's it. In life and in unlife she's always been a violent girl. She can hold her temper at bay just long enough to be cold, calculating and deadly. (Pictures are of Valencia in an argument with Carmone Keziah; Model: Rodney Ladino)

But, in contract to her interior, her exterior is very different. Valencia is very much a girl...but without the pink and lace. She likes skirts and flowy tops with low cut fronts and backless dresses with slits up the leg. Insted of pinks she dives toward vibrant colors (especially emerald green, like her eyes) and she wears a lot of leather, heels, corsets...anything to expose her volumous cleavage. She uses sex as a weapon as much as for pleasure and sees nothing wrong with that.

The fact that she is a made hybrid of two factions makes her existance illegal and so she couldn't work with The Great Order so she took over the Superior Order and now runs it. They have an enormous castle that includes just as many rooms underground as it does above. This estate is called Asmarahald and it is the dungeons there that hold Sean Cameron as the book starts. Valencia is the reason he's been turned into a vampire and left to rot in a cell.

But, because he's a strong creature she's decided to use him for her experiment. She and her lover and right hand man, Jonathan, have a plan to take over The Great Order and they plan to use Sean to help them do that. But that, like many things for Valencia, doesn't go as planned.

Picture of (L to R) Devon Worthy, Carmone Keziah & Valencia on Asmarahald grounds discussing plans. (Models: Jon Corry, Rodney Ladino, and Amanda Magyar)

During the story you learn many things from her POV as well as other characters. But most importantly, it's through her and others on her side of the story where you'll learn many of the truths that are going on behind closed doors. Things Atlanta can not seem to learn from The Great Order.

Is Valencia just misunderstood or a royal bitch with no one she cares for but herself and power?'ll know soon enough I suppose. Why spoil by telling you?

Until our next profile(s)...
Tamsin :)

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