Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - Part III

 One of the best parts of NYCC is seeing friends from other parts of the globe. This lovely blue-haired beauty is my friend and artist, Anastasia Catris, from Wales. This pic is of me, Lauren (in the Denika'll note the pic of the character in the poster below looks like her), and Ana on Friday. She gave up an hour of her time to sign copies of this, our announcement for doing a werewolf comic together called "Moon Over Manhattan"...which is the sequel set of stories to The Windfire Series. Here is the poster:

 Ana is an amazing artist! In fact, she also designed my logo goth gal you now see on all my things.

Sadly, we didn't have much traffic the hour she was with us as I'd have liked, but she signed them all and I'll try to sell them as the year goes on, or give them as prizes.

What was even better than our hour to hang out at the booth was taking her and her boyfriend, Paddy (this was his first trip to the U.S. ever!), to one of my fave restaurants in NYC called Route 66. It's located on 9th Ave and West 56th.

Ana & Paddy

Our group that night included my boothmates, Emily Imes & John Hartness, Lauren, Ana, Paddy, pal Matt from Boston. He came in late in the game...but that didn't stop his entrance from being memorable.

As Matt is on his way to the restaurant from the Port Authority he texts me to get him a drink...something fruity...he doesn't care. So I tell this to our waiter. He asks, "On a scale of one to ten, how gay is Matt?" I say, "Matt's actually straight, but I'd still say a five. Very Metro-sexual." The waiter returns with the drink pic to the left here. So...Matt arrives and the waiter leans down to me and says, "Honey, I'd say a seven." I snort my drink and tell Matt what is going on. He thinks its hilarious. So he orders another drink....
And we ended up with THIS phallic display of beverage...

Matt decides to then pose for this shot...and the waiter snaps his fingers and announces his 7 has jumpted to a 9. The table looses it. Then, because the waiter liked Matt, he brought us all a blue shot (to match Ana's hair?). Said he invented it himself...and named it "Smurf Jizz."  O_O  It was stout to say the least and I downed a half a glass of water after throwing back the shot (no, I have NO idea what the heck was in it). But for the rest of the con...the sayings were..."On a scale of one to Matt, how gay is ___?" or "I blame it on the Smurf Jizz."
I never said we were normal.

And did he stop at two? Oh no...this was the third version of the drink...

I don't think I've laughed this hard in ages. It was an epic dinner with good friends, a great waiter (who we tipped amazingly well), and amazing food! If you visit NYC, I recommend going there. They have outdoor seating in the summer too. It's very nice...with a great drinks and prices, too.

And of course, no meal is complete without desert. Here is John eating red velvet cake off his belly! :)

Now THAT is a happy man! :)

But that wasn't the only great dinner I had during the convention. I also got the honor of having dinner on Saturday night with two NYT best selling authors, Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price. John, Emily, and I went to feast on good bar food and beer with these two amazing women and talk shop. It was one of the high points of the convention for sure. Just wonderful ladies whose work you should be reading!!! I myself picked up books of theirs on Monday! I'm excited to finish the book I'm on so I can start in on theirs!

John, Lauren, & me at Route 66
(How tired do I look? Jeez!)

Have no fear, I won't make a Part IV about the con...but before I go, let me say this...

Many thanks to John, Emily, and my booth girls...Lauren, Sheri, Mandana, Rachel, Alexis Daria, and Miss Aurora Black. You all made this convention an amazing success for me. Thank you for giving of your time, help, advice, and support. Also a thank you to Suzanne for loaning me chairs! She drove from NJ twice, to loan us 4 folding chairs for the con. You, my dear, are a goddess!

I have no idea if I'll be there next year as I'm planning to hit Dragon Con at the top of September...but you never know.

Until then...many thanks to Reed Pop for a successful convention...and a HUGE hug of thanks to all who took a chance on The Windfire Series and bought books. It was an honor to meet you all, talk writing, and the series. If you like it, please tell your friends and can email me at


Tamsin :)

Rachel's costume for helping me on Sunday!

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