Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Atlanta Maurel Hart

Every book has its leading lady and this is mine. We will start the character list/descriptions with here is the first Character Info of many to come. -Tamsin :)

Atlanta is a 24 year old woman living just outside of Boston proper and going to University to get her Masters in Literature when she and her two best friends, Alex and Jensine, run into members of the Clandestine World at the main Goth/Industrial club (The Barn) in the area. They do this because, as usual, Jensine picks up the "wrong kinda man"; Devon.

(L to R) Jensine, Grayson, and Atlanta
Atlanta has always known she was different; prophetic dreams and visions. But this unlikely dinner she and her two friends attend at Devon's mansion brings her face to face with others with similar gifts to her own. Recognizing her abilities for what they really are, Roman tells her she's a lost witch...and Air Witch, to be precise. A faction that's been extinct for over 200 years since the goddess Diana stripped them of their powers for unlawful contuct and misuse of power during the witch scares of Salem.

Atlanta learns that her existance in the world means Diana has forgiven the Air Witch line but it also means a war is coming between the two factions of the Clandestine World; The Great Order and The Superior Order. Atlanta must learn to use her powers while balancing her suddenly complicated love life, her old friends and the new.

To make things more difficult, Sean Cameron, legendary vampire hunter turned vampire, appears on the scene and Atlanta is torn between him and Roman. Who will she chose? What side is the right side? Who's telling her the truth and who is trying to use her?

Sean with Atlanta

Roman with Atlanta

There's so much to learn and not a lot of time to learn it. Decisions must be made. Who will Atlanta choose to trust? Who will she choose to love? What will happen when her world comes crashing in on her?

Nothing is as it seems...lies...deceit...and betrayal...Atlanta must try to push through the mask of them to see the truth beneath...

Can she?

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