Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - Part One

---wish there were shirts that said that---

What an AMAZING and EXHAUSTING weekend! I slept almost 14 hours on Monday to recharge my battery and my voice is just now (two days later) coming back. My feet and legs are still sore but...I wouldn't change much of anything! I learned a lot...about what worked, what didn't, and what to do next year for the convention that would use my time more wisely. But that's how it do cons and you learn.

Anyhoo...that's me above...standing in front of my booth at New York Comic Con (NYCC) with my banner and booth of books (mine and my booth-mates stuff) behind me.

Below is the layout of my books/swag/short stories I had out for the masses. And I do mean MASSES. NYCC pulls over 100,000 each year, and that's not counting the Exhibitors, the people that work in their booths, or the kids 11 years old and below that get in free on Sunday! That said, below you'll see that I was selling four books, a short story with color cover (Heroes Square), and the Moon Over Manhattan posters. Free swag included stickers, Sanctuary Radio flyers, bookmarks, Vampire Freaks cards and stickers, and business cards for me and others. My "booth babes" were handing out bookmarks and Sanctuary Radio flyers to passers by, urging them to come in and see the rest.

Tamsin Silver's NYCC Table

Darth Maul made of Legos
All in the booth did well. I sold out of books three and four (as I ordered less of them than books one and two) by the end of the con. Which was a wonderful surprise, seeing as my editor thought I'd maybe sell 5 of each and I sold three times that. In fact, I sold over 100 books this weekend in total. O_O  After only selling 17 at Heroes Con (and many of those being to friends) I was leary of what I would sell. But I surprised both myself and my editor and exceeded our expectations by quite a bit. That said, I saw nothing of the convention (or should I call it a Trade Show?) than I'd have liked to have.

Gandalf & Bilbo made of Legos

For instance, I'd wanted to meet Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy), Carrie Fisher (if I have to say who she was you lose all your nerd cred points), and Anne Rice. But alas, I was in my booth selling my bum off. Which is why, next year, I'll set up on Thursday morning vs. Wednesday and then wander the con and open on Friday. Cause we were DEAD on Thursday.

That said, I did get some GREAT photos of costumes and had some unique experiences...First we'll show pictures! Here you go! We'll start with my favorite shot...

Drag Queen of Aqua Girl posing with my "Booth Babes" on Saturday


One of my fave Steampunk Cosplay's

Jessica Rabbit

Green Goblin

After this green guy walked by, so did the MIB...and we had them take him in...



A Border Collie!
(The woman made this herself!)

My girl, Sheri, with Gumby & Pokey!

I will leave you with this post is long enough. I'll do Part II next...


Tamsin :)

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