Saturday, October 6, 2012

Count Devin N. Worthy

Devin N. Worthy (Model: Jon Corry) is the bastard son of someone in the Clandestine Royal family, though not discussed openly in this series (you learn more about him in the prequel series, The Cameron Chronicles, as he's actively in that series with Sean and Elizabeth)...and he's the catalyst for how the primary WINDFIRE plot begins...well, he and Jensine are (go back and read about her HERE).

He's a good looking man with a slickness to him that comes off as being self centered and full of supreme arrogance. He's tall but not intimidating, with fine features and dark auburn hair that falls at shoulder length. The latter of which is primarily due to the time period of when he lived and was changed (He is a made vampire) AND that he was an artist and poet at the time he still had a heart beat. His eyes are that lavender blue that reminds you of the perfect sky at dusk and are what hold the truth to who he really is, if he lets you see it.

In reality, Devon is a master of secrets. He is Phoenix's confidant and though a pawn in the grand scheme of things, he's a pawn that moves around a lot and is useful for many things. And while he could explain things to those who despise him to make his life easier, he lets them think what they will. For the only person who really mattered to him is dead and all that is left is the job. He'll do the job or die trying. One of the people who hates Devon, more than anyone else, is Harmon...

L to R: HRH Prince Harmon Keziah and Count Devon N. Worthy (Models: Peter Gosik & Jon Corry)

But, even though he is the secret keeper for Phoenix, that doesn't mean he's not going to try and still live his "life". He has a thing for Jensine that is honest and real. And you can guarantee that if anyone harms her, he'll make them pay...just like he plans to make the person who really IS at fault for Elizabeth's death, pay...and pay dearly. Pic to the left is Devon with Jensine. (Models: Jon Corry; Kara Addington)

For a character who originally was meant to be the big bad...he ended up becoming so much more interesting than that.

Tamsin :)

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