Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Moment Of Reflection

NYC in the fall.

My fave time of year.

It's when a lot of things are going on...especially in October. I got to thinking about last October and decided to write the following.

I don't know how often you look back a year in your past...but I recommend it. I feel very blessed right now. Read below to see why.


Tamsin :)


Last year, as those of you who follow this blog know, my book, The Betrayal - A Living Dead Girl Novel was about to come out (it showed up on October 11, 2011 on Amazon) through Eirelander Publishing. It just so happened that New York Comic Con was at that EXACT same time. My best NYC gal pal, Lauren, and I dressed in corsets and walked around the convention handing out postcards of the book, attempting to drum up sales. We brought our own lunches to save money, and were on our feet all day, walking everwhere handing out cards and Vampire Freaks stickers. :)

We walked that floor from noon to 7pm on Friday and Saturday and then roamed to just shop and enjoy the con on Sunday. All the while we kept saying, "Next year maybe we will have a booth."

I didn't actually think I would. It was a pipe dream. Something to make my sore feet feel better.

Why do I say that?

Well, because I'm an Indie Author. I don't have the money behind me that Cassandra Clare, L.J. Smith, Anne Rice, and so on have helping them promote their work. I have to pay for this out of my own pocket. Not just the books to sell, but for the covers, logo's, bookmarks, banner printing, booth rental, etc.



**Throws confetti**

I was overjoyed! A booth with my friggin' name on it and friends to join me in that booth!

Then something happened...

I came to the understanding that my book just wasn't selling well sitting in the Adult/Paranormal Romance section...if that's how you'd classify it. It wasn't being found by people who would enjoy it. And thing was, everyone who read it loved the story, but it just wasn't moving off "shelves." I had two options. A) Fix the problem  B) Quit.

Those who know me personally know that Option B wasn't really an option. I want this too bad and I'm too determined to quit this soon in the game. In fact, I refused to. So I called upon a good friend from college, who is a successful indie author in my genre, for advice.

John told me..."Leave your publisher...get the rights back to your story, re-edit the book with a pro, split them up to make them shorter, republish on your own. Take control of your series."

This was THREE MONTHS prior to New York Comic Con, btw.  O_O

I was petrified.
I was unsure.
I was on uneven ground.

I'll be honest...I prayed about it, I spoke to my closest friends and family about it, and I decided John was right. It was a difficult decision. To go out on your own as self-published. SO MANY people still see that as "bad writing." *cough cough* 50 Shades of Gray *cough cough* 

But it doesn't need to be.

So I left Eirelander, found a new editor, and with her help we reinvented what used to be The Living Dead Girl Saga into the Young Adult saga called The WINDFIRE SeriesThe Betrayal has become two books; Windfire and Living Dead Girl. And what would have become Book Two (entitled, Shattered) has become Books Three and Four; Metamorphosis and Cydonia.

Let me tell you about my new editor. She is amazing. She busted my butt on many things and I'm sure she still will. She helped me see errors I'd made in the story, errors in grammar, errors in titles (cause the cool titles we have now were NOT what I'd originally chosen), and error in demographic for sales.

She is the reason these books are now YA.
She is the reason these books look better.
She is the reason these books have better names.

So Chris...thank you.

And were the spark that lit the fire. Thank you.

And to Lauren...this year you get to be at my booth, work at the VF booth, AND Loaded Barrel Studios booth! It's amazing what can happen in a year. I'm so excited to see us take this next step together. Thank you for your never wavering support!

And to all of you who enjoyed The'll enjoy Metamorphosis and the story continues to unfold for Atlanta Hart. There are not large changes but there are if you are considering getting Windfire and Living Dead Girl...I suggest you do. There's a new dream at the top of Living Dead Girl that hints to something coming up in Book Six, there's a whole new scene in Windfire, and other small things here and there. But, for the sake of saving money, you'll be fine starting with the new Book Three; Metamorphosis.

Of course...right now, Amazon is having a sale on my books. If you buy the first three, the fourth is free...PLUS FREE SHIPPING! Not bad! If you want that deal, go back up to the first post (which will be the Windfire Release Post for awhile) and click on the PRINT option for WINDFIRE.

And...if you enjoy them...please...tell people and write reviews online!

These books are on Smashwords, Goodreads, Amazon, and soon...Nook. So read and REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! It's those reviews that grab the attention of publishers and agents. Even if all you do is go in and click the number of stars for it and say one sentence of praise (ya like how I decided you're going love it?) and go on your merry way. Please, if you enjoy my work, help others find it to enjoy as well.


Tamsin :)

P.S. And if you are an Indie Author and like my book covers...I highly recommend Baum Book Designs. Kathy Baum is great to work with, understands your vision, and really helps give your book a professional look. She also has experience working at designing postcards, bookmarks, business cards, and back covers as well as spines to go with your cover (ie: Createspace). She also can print posters (thick and thin) for you. She seriously has her black belt in Photoshop! :)

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