Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Bookmarks for The WINDFIRE Series!

HERE IT IS! Isn't it fantastic? I just love it! My cover artist (Kathy Baum of Baum Book Designs) helped me get these ready in time for New York Comic Con.

The Front boasts of the main character of The WINDFIRE Series, Atlanta Hart (and its the same pic from the cover of book one) as well as a quote I had on the series (back when it was the Living Dead Girl Saga) on Amazon.

The Back boasts of all four covers of the new...revamped (ha ha) series and a quote about my writing from Chaos Hour Book Reviews.

The logo girl is is white so I can write booth numbers for conventions there. Cool idea, huh? Credit goes to Ms. Baum!
These will be handed out all over the convention...and be sitting on friend's tables. You'll easily find them at Vampire Freaks booth, for one...and a few others.

Can't wait to see you all at NYCC!        -Tamsin :)

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