Friday, October 5, 2012

The kids from The WINDFIRE Series

L to R: Connor Trevlin (Model: Garret West), Shannon Yoder (Model: Michelle Medoff), Kade Warner (Model: Rachel Ghilardi), Mandy Sue Blume (Model: Anna Wallace-Deering), Kenneth "Keebler" Willis (Model: Ben Broad), Tyler MacManus (Model: Robert Skadal), Justin Banner (Model: John Jeffords), and Riley Trevlin (Model: Allyson Morgan).

In the fourth book of the WINDFIRE Series, called Cydonia, we meet the young soldiers of Valencia's army. :) These kids have special talents, designed by Valencia herself. We will get to know these eight of the most during the WINDFIRE Series and into the Moon Over Manhattan Series as well.
Here they are!

Mandy Sue Blume (Model: Anna Wallace-Deering) - Shape Shifter (Leader)

Justin Banner (Model: John Jeffords) - Shape Shifter (Mandy's boyfriend)

Shannon Yoder (Model: Michelle Medoff) - Vampire

Tyler MacManus (Model: Robert Skadal) - Vampire

Connor Trevlin (Model: Garret West) - Werewolf (Riley's older brother)

Riley Trevlin (Model: Allyson Morgan) - Werewolf (Connor's younger sister)

Kenneth "Keebler" Willis (Model: Ben Broad) - Shape Shifter (Kade's older brother)

Kade Warner (Model: Rachel Ghilardi) - Shape Shifter (Keebler's younger sister)

I know you probably want to know more about them, but its best if you wait until the book comes out. I will tell you this though...they're NOT what they seem and they're REALLY powerful.

Tamsin :)


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