Friday, October 5, 2012

Pepper, Kat and the twins, Alicia and Amanda





I like to think of these four as my movers and shakers of plot. You always need someone to cause a problem or throw a wrench into a story...or die, maybe? To move a plot along. These four gals do that (No...I don't kill them all off).

Pepper Cotswald (Model: T. Silver) is a living vampire with an enormous secret, in both books one and two. I can't really talk about it here as it'd give away things I'd rather it didn't, but we'll say that she's not all she seems to be, on more than one level.

Kat [no last name] (Model: Mysteena Saunders) is a Shape Shifter (Feline family: black panther). She was a paid mercenary until she took a job working for The Great Order. Phoenix hired her to be body guard to his new council member, and head of the Vampires for his division, Roman Pierce. After Elizabeth died and Roman was appointed in her place, Phoenix felt it wise to keep him safe. We meet Kat through Elizabeth in The Cameron Chronicles as well.

Amanda Caine (Model: Taylor Adams) is a Living Vampire and an animal rights activist (oh the irony) which makes things difficult for her seeing as that most vampires drink animal blood when they want to hunt. Human blood comes in bags, donated freely, but it has to be heated up. If a vampire wants the thrill of the kill and naturally hot blood, they hunt. Amanda refuses so she tends to carry special blood packs in a tiny cooler that she's had made to look like a purse. Amanda is softer spoken than her sister (except at activist rallies), much more conservative in her attire/make-up, and she secretly has a crush on one of our main boys.

Alicia Caine (Model: Taylor Adams) is a Living Vampire and in the tradition of "good twin/bad twin"...she's our "bad twin". She likes things rough, she likes to cause pain, and she likes to break the law. Though you meet her in Book One, you'll really get to know her in Book's four and five. She was Valencia's right hand before Jonathan...and she may end up that way again.

And yes, those are fuzzy cuffs attached to her waist cincher. [Clomplete outfit compliments of "Vampire Freaks" here in NYC]

Unfortunately I must now bury myself in editing...I'll resurface soon! Until then...I'll share a moment from my weekend that was cool.

I was at they gym, stretching after my class, and a friend who knows I'm a writer asked me how I stay focused for follow-thru. She said that she would write but never could get to finishing. She asked what compelled me to write/finish/etc. And I simply told her, "Cause I love to tell stories. I don't need anything to compel me to finish...I love to write. To me, its fun. I don't need prodding.

I then shared with her one of the quotes at the end of my emails: "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." -Cyril Connolly

She laughed and said, "Then you really are a writer."

I like that. Made my week.

So...if you love to write...just write. It doesn't need to be for anyone but you. If you enjoy it, just do it! And don't beat yourself up for not writing more than you do. That defeats the purpose. Though, if you do want to become a better writer, or finish that story/book you've got going on in your head before you're a senior citizen or sell a book...try and write for an hour every day. I write btwn 4-6 days a week for anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours, actually. Unless I'm editing, then its 7 days a week.

Which reminds me...I best get back to that.

Take care! Catch ya'll on the flip side of the editing monster!


Tamsin :)

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  1. Terrific, Tamsin. I like your movers and shakers.