Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA (not that many read this and cared but hey, I can dream)

Been busy writing away on book 4 as well as taking some of my editor's ideas about book one and playing with point of view for the "third person" sections. It's been fun! But then again...I enjoy being creative and redoing stuff gives me a challenge.

Anyhoo...on to my title of this blog...


I love Twitter. I'm on it under both my real name and this pen name. I really enjoy the hell out of it! So, it was disturbing me greatly when one of my followers was in short, creeping me out.

He would RT almost every tweet of mine and add info about flowers. You got it right. Some dude would put something like, "Tulips and daisies make me feel better" or "I planted a tulip" get the point. Everything I had to say he'd put something about flowers...tulips were his main focus. I posted a reply to him that finally told him that if he didn't stop sounding like an unsub from Criminal Minds I was going to block him. His response? "I'm not a criminal..." and then something about flowers. No joke.

So I blocked the bastard. On both names. I have no idea who he was other than he lived in UT. It was the weirdest feeling...blocking someone cause they were creepy. I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. He was freakin me out.

Was curious if anyone else ever had this type of problem. You know, us average joe's...vs. uber famous folks. The latter of the two probably get TONS of them...but us normal peeps? Just seemed strange.

But...that won't stop me from letting anyone and everyone follow my posts. In fact, my real name has gotten a "surge" of new followers who aren't "spam-bots" and I have no idea who they are...but hey, WELCOME! Just don't RT me with creepy shit and we'll get along fine. :)

Toodles! -Tamsin L. Silver

P.S. I am found on Twitter as tamsinsilver ...the more that start to follow me there the more I'll start to post more often!

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