Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The brilliance of my Editor

And no, it's not titled that cause she reads this...LOL!

I have to write about what I wrote about yesterday and why. And it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my brilliant Editor making a suggestion, or two or three...

Here's the deal...

I had SO much fun I couldn't stop writing...not cause I was compelled by the story inside my head (which is the norm) but because I was giddy. No joke. I was giddy...laughing and humming stupid tunes in my chair and just downright laughing at how much fun I was having.

Why? Well..

On Sunday I was online talking to my Editor and she wanted to cut some scenes in the begining of book one. They were funny scenes that really show character development so I was hesitant but...she was right...they didn't actually do anything for the plot other than exist to be fun scenes where you got to hang out with my characters. I hated to have to cut them but...I suppose I can pop them up on the website later...after the book is a huge hit (go with me on in my fantasy world for a moment) so that they are fun extra "nuggets" for the "fans". I look back at those scenes and think one thing; those scenes possibly were for more for me to get to know my characters than for the reading audience...and really aren't needed in the grand scheme when you're trying to cut the book down.

Now...along with requesting for all these scenes to go away she also asked for a new scene. Here's the "brilliance"...At a point in the story I jumped to a section where Kat is captured by our vampire hunter but I never actually show how she's don't really get much of Kat at all. Hence, later in the book, things that happen that revolve around her aren't as affecting (yes, that's me being vague so as to not give anything away).

So I sat down yesterday and though I'd never seen in my head how he'd captured this shape-shifter, I wanted to. So I began to write and see where it took me...and it was so much fun! I can't even imagine the book NOT having this scene anymore. It totally replaces the few Sean scenes we are cutting AND it gives you more time with Kat. Oh, and did I's a funny scene? Actually, now that I look at it, I'm reminded of scenes we did in Acting classes...most of this new scene would probably work really well on flows that well.

My Editor has made reference more than once that she can see my writing improve as the book moves. Well, that's not too surprising as I started that damn thing 10+ years ago and finished it a year ago...I've aged, matured, gained knowledge and improved as a writer and a person, I'd hope.

So as I re-write these sections of Book One not only will the book quality be more consistant throughout but I may find a new love for it that I lost when I wrote Books 2 and 3. Who'd have thought? :) wonderful and amazing Proof Reader got Book 2 back to me this weekend and I must flit on over to it now and delve into well as finish Chapter 5 on Book 4...or my reader will start to whine.

I hope you all have a wonderful week...maybe I'll write again this week, maybe not. We'll see.

xo -Tamsin :)

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