Thursday, April 22, 2010


So yesterday my editor, the goddess that she is, got my "memo" of book one to me. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a word document that has your editor's ramblings on it...going on and on about things he/she notices about your book that they would like to see you "fix". They get uber nit picky...but that's good, you want them to. I think. ;)

That said...mine is 18 pages (single spacing / 12pt font) of goobiddygoo (this is neither a positive or a negative term btw, I just like it better than "stuff"). Some things I was like, "Really? I was that stupid?" while at other times I was like, "If we're cutting this down why are we having me write all this new stuff?" and then at other times I was like, "So brainiac, how do you suggest we do THAT?"

All in all though...she's "on the money" on her notes. Fixing it all is going to be a mixture of "this sucks my ass" and "fun". Yes, fun. I looooove to create new scenes that tell you more about the world I created in my head. If I didn't, why would I be a writer?

I thought I'd share some of the positive things my editor had to say after reading my first book. Why? So that every time I open this page to write you all, I get reminded of the "positive" shit cause I'll be focusing ALL my time on the "negative" stuff.

These are my 3 favorite things she had to say...

"I was working on this project as well as other smaller things over the course of several weeks, but when I wasn't at home editing, I'd find myself thinking about your characters as if I were still caught up in the heat of the action."

"I was pleasantly surprised by the scope of the plot and the depth of character you have. What you've got here is an epic saga, and I was constantly imporessed by the intricacy of the plotting, the evolution of multiple themes, and the collective activity of a team of diverse and, almost universally, likable characters."

"Your creative brain, it seems, is indefatigable..."

Following this I then get 17 pages of "this _________ isn't so can we fix it?"

To say I have a little work ahead of me is an understatement. But...I think that this book will be far better after I've put this time in.

My co-worker asked me how long these changes should take me. At the speed that I can think/create/type? I'm saying 3 months...end of August by the latest...that's my goal. That will mean many nights "in" at my computer and many lunches at work where I don't go explore the lovely weather but sit here chained to the PC.

Funny thing is...I'm totally okay with that. In fact, normally tonight is the night I go to the gym to swim...which I love...but, I will not get to write at all over the weekend and I have a fun scene in my head so...I must go home and let it escape or I'll be buggered all weekend with it on "replay". PLUS I should also re-read the memo again & take more notes for my meeting with my nit picky goddess this weekend.

Oh, and I need to clean my bathroom, sweep the apt, and mop the kitchen floor.

And you thought the life of an author was exciting...sometimes, not so much.

Why can't I write over the weekend? Well...a pal from Boston is coming to visit and we're seeing two concerts...Faith and the Muse on Friday & Assemblage 23 on Saturday. I will tell you ALL about them next week!

Have a great weekend all! Toodles!

Tamsin :)

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