Friday, April 9, 2010

Book 4's basis

Someone asked me the other day what the premise of Book 4 is. Well, the title sorta gives that away don't you think? I suppose that's sorta fair being as that Book 3's title was all metephorical and shit. So for #4 I lay it out for you with at title of "Destiny".

But WHOSE destiny is this about? Atlanta? Sean? Phoenix? Jonathan?...Elizabeth? I'll actually touch on all of those. Obviously the main focus is Atlanta. She's been through hell and come out other side mentally damaged...and with good reason. Loosing one's soul for a stint isn't a fun time. But I think more importantly are the secondary characters in this book. Their destiny to be in her life...their choices that put them in this war...their fate to live or die and how/why. I think those are even more compelling than her story. Why? Because they are the foundation; the beams that hold the house up, so to speak. Without them she'd not exist. They have all made choices and taken risks for her...even before they knew her physically. I think that type of solid footing is what makes her who she ends up to be. Without a solid foundation the house will fall. And if the house does crumble and the foundation is still there, the house can be rebuilt and when it is, it'll be stronger than before. But it all comes down to the foundation. As much as you may love my leading lady...those around her are just as important.

So....THAT is what Book 4 is. I'm looking forward to working on it as my secondary characters mean as much to me as my primary.

Tamsin Silver :)

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