Friday, April 9, 2010

Creepy...Continued... update to yesterday's post...I have been punked.

You read me right, I've been punked. The weird dude from UT with all the flower comments? was my friend Ron. The guy who reads my chapters for me as I go and gives me feed back. Being as that I told him about it on Wednesday he confessed to me yesterday...literally moments after I posted the entry.

I know I'll look back on this and laugh later...but I'm pissed at him to be honest and now must spend some time thinking on how to get him back. I'm thinking I have an idea of how to do it...but I can't post it here in case he's one of my few readers. But Ron? Know I will get you back...oh yes...I will...just you wait...

**Insert evil laugh whilst rubbing hands together here**

You'd think with creepy issue #1 figured out all would be good. Oh no. They come in three's right? So, here we go...

#1. Flower Dude.
#2. Weekend before last, on my way home from the club on Saturday night, a guy on the train unzipped his fly at me as he was getting off the A train at 155th street and motioned for me to consider giving him a blow job. No lie. Luckily I told him to F-off and he left.
#3. Yesterday afternoon I get a text from some # I don't recognise. It's an 803 area code which means its coming from South Carolina...where I used to live. The messaging went like this:

803 dude: Hey
Me: Hey. Who is this?
803 dude: Rashod
Me: I don't think I know you. Who are you trying to reach?
803 dude: You. Whats yo name? (That is not a type-O, that's what he wrote)

Seriously? We've gone from crank calling to crank texting? INSANE!

I was tempted to post his number on Twitter so everyone I know could start texting his ass but, I decide to just ignore him and in doing so figure he'd disappear.

And he did. No more messages.

I really am done with the creepy folks. Question is, seeing as that Flower Dude on Twitter wasn't a "real" creepy person but a joke...does that mean since things come in 3's I'm due one more? :(

Dear Lord, can you please give me a creepy people forcefield? (something only a Sci-Fi person would think to ask!) Thanks. I'll be testing it as soon as I step out of my blogging world and into the real one.

I'll let ya'll know if it works.

Have a great Friday and a fun weekend all!

Tamsin :)

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