Monday, April 19, 2010

Deep thoughts for a Monday?

Walking about my neighborhood last night I watched people going about their everyday lives and wondered, "Is anyone ever happy with where they are?" or maybe more simply put, "Do you want to be more than you are or would that just be too much work?"

I primarily think on this for multiple reasons.

A. I'm going to be 40 in July and wondering myself what more I will give to this world.
B. The kids that hang out on the corners in my neighborhood seem to do very little except smoke weed, fuck their girl, play basketball, and talk sports. Oh, and some of them like to be daddy's at the age of 19 and blow off their responsibility to their child (gee, shocker).
C. The hard working adults in my neighborhood who do manual labor or blue collar jobs that exhaust them. I see them come home to multiple kids (some of which are the afformentioned) and they just always look tired and unhappy.

Now, don't get me whole neighborhood isn't like this...I'm talking of those I see that are.

My question here is really...did their dreams die or did they never have any?

Those who know me know I'm a driven person...some might say a VERY DRIVEN person...and they are right. I've always had high asperations of what I wanted and it never occured to me I couldn't do them. Ever. Hell, I remember when I was 16 and my best friend Jenny and I were convinced we were going to run away to NYC and be know, steal the car and go! (Note: this would've been 1986 so...keep that in mind). It never occured to us we wouldn't hit NYC and NOT be actors. HILARIOUS now huh?

Jenny is now a mother of 4 beautiful kids and is a missionary in Portugal. Me? I'm a director/producer/TD/etc. in NYC. Wanna act? Hell no. Oh how we change.

That said...though we weren't "run aways" by any shake of the imagination we were dreamers w/o limitations. These dreams were things we "knew" we could do if we wanted them. It never occured to us we couldn't. One might say that is the beauty of being a child, to have that imagination and niavity. But I say it's how you think then that helps who you become now. If I'd not been a dreamer would I have pushed to accomplish all I have?

Don't get me wrong...I've not done "a lot" but...for a small girl who grew up in a farming town in Michigan...I've gone farther than some ever even consider. And I plan to push further. Why? Cause I can. Period. There is no limit to my imagination and so thus there should be no limit to what I can achieve.

Did this mentality die out in the 90's? Is there a reason these kids I see today seem to have very little imagination and ambition? Teenage girls with kids and absent dad's and their parents shuffling through life without smiles. It's sad.

So I ask again...did their dreams die or did they never have any?

Thoughts on this from anyone who actually reads my ramblings would be GREAT!

Hope your Monday is treating you well! If it's not, break up with it for Tuesday.

Tamsin :) xo

P.S. I'll share my BIG dream that I see not trouble obtaining and maybe you can share yours if you want...

I want to sell my book series and become a well respected author with the money to pay off all my debt, help my parents, and create a theatre/music/dance school in NYC with my pal Patrick (and his soon to be wife Kat). A school that will be cheap enough so that actors can afford to study w/o working two jobs AND a rehearsal space that will be cheap enough so that small production companies can rehearse w/o breaking their budget WHILE producing fun and inovative theatre/musical/dance.


What will YOU do? Have you ever let yourself have dreams/aspirations of what you will do in this world? Have your dreams died? Do they need a RedBull? Think about it.

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  1. I don't think that it is a generational thing, a lack of believing in your dreams. I think it often comes down to who you are and whether you are tapped into knowing you have unlimited potential to be profoundly happy in life. Everyone can, but not everyone can see it.

    Just my two cents' worth. :)