Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Twitter chuckles...

So, Twitter has made me laugh my ass off today so...I thought I'd write about it...

Firstly there is this tweet by Midewest Airlines (aka @MidwestAirlines)
Offering $19 o/w fare from Kansas City to Columbus, OH for travel on May 3rd. Book now: KNOW Kansas City has nothing really to do there (trust me, I know) but is Columbus any better? And why would it be a one-way ticket? Is this so KC kids who stole $20 from mom and dad can get the fuck outta there for good? But WHY Columbus, OH!?! LMAO! Really? And why have a "special" for this particular trip? WHO From KC needs to go to Columbus, Ohio for the hell of it at the last minute due to a sale? It's not a "vacation spot" by any shake of the imagination. Both are midwest towns with NOTHING TO FUCKING DO! **Oh dear, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard at this**

Maybe, just maybe there is some big corporation that has homes in both places and Midwest got wind of it????

Look, don't get me wrong...I love Midwest Airlines...they are my primary choice when flying (how can you say no to fresh chocolate chip cookies baked on board?) but this promo just made me laugh so I had to share it...with whoever reads this thing...just what, 3 of you? :)

And the Twitter fun doesn't stop there today...

My second nugget is that five members of the Criminal Minds primary cast are on Twitter and due to our prodding...well, read from Joe...

By Joe Montegna (aka @JoeMantegna)
I know everyone want Shemar and AJ on Twitter. We keep telling them. I think they will at some point. seems that in order to get Shemar to join they're going to try a new below...

By Matthew Gray Gubler (aka @Gublernation)
Since Shemar won't join Twitter I have decided to Twitter for him until he does. Here goes..."yo yo yo waxin my abs and pluckin my brows"

Another Shemar tweet "yo yo yo my fav actors in the world are Billy Dee Williams, the captain from the love boat, and Matthew Gray Gubler"

This just in from Shemar "yo yo yo sprained my toe kicking in a door today, sorry @justinbeiber I think I'm out for kickball this Sunday"

By Paget Brewster (aka @pagetpaget)
"Yo yo, Shemar here, I just gave my dog a wedgie!"

I am sure this is only the they haze their coworker and friend so as to pressure him to join Twitter. The only way he can refute what they say he says is to join...I'm guessing that's there ploy...we shall see if it works.

If any more hazing appears...I shall let you know...

It's the small things sometimes that make your day.

Tamsin :)

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