Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Subway

Every few days I see the same woman on the train with me. Which, to be honest, is weird being as that I don't sit in the same car every day.

Anyhoo...she is probably in her early 50's and she has this dazed look about her. She always has a home made muffin or bread in a plastic bag. It always has the same print pattern of paper towel on the bottom of it inside the baggy. And she aways sits and eats it so slowly that it honestly takes her from about 200th Street all the way to 59th (express train though) to eat it.

What gets me is her blank stare. She seems to never really focus. In a daze, chewing her food slowly, like she's going through the motions of her existence without being aware. I'd sad.

I thought of three things when I saw her today...seeing as she sat right next to me I couldn't help but have it on my mind. #1. Please God, don't ever let me be in this rutt. #2. The blank stare I see her with reminds me of how my main character in my books is starting to feel inside; like it's all going by w/o her having a say. #3...why oh why would you eat the same thing every morning...especially when it honestly looks like it couldn't possibly taste good? I'm just sayin'...

That's all for now on my random thoughts...I'll post another thingy in a bit...that'll be about my writing...I just wanted to put this somewhere so you all got it. Ta-da!


P.S. I'm really glad I quit smoking. Someone on the train this morning near me is a serious smoker and I was like...having a hard time breathing just smelling them. I miss it every now and again when I'm out drinking...but overall...not so much.

And that's the real end of my subway thoughts today...

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