Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

Tuesday. Rain pelting down, flooding Manhattan. Everywhere you look are rainboots and umbrella's and unhappy faces.

No one likes the weather here. Yet...22.232 million people live here...(says the 2009 census). Why? Why do we all live here?

Is it the culture? Is it that there is tons to do here (great clubs, shows, bars, museums, etc.)? Is it the vast business opportunities? Is it the diversity of the people? Is it the parks? Is it the great food (cause trust could eat out for each meal, every day for a year in this city and eat somewhere new and cool each time)? Is it the history this city holds? Is it the fact that every now and again you stop, look around and say to yourself, "I really live here!"

Its all these things actually. Add on the fact that the people here are fantastic, creating great friends you adore and you have yourself someplace fun to live. BUT...the weather sucks. Last summer we had more rain than sunshine. This winter we had HORRIBLY cold winds and TONS of snow.

See, New Yorkers walk in this's not like other northern areas where most of the people have cars. Sure, Michigan was gets more snow usually...but you go from your warm house to your warmed up car to your warm job...etc. (Do apply that for summer too...air conditioned houses, cars, jobs, etc). Here? You walk in this shitty weather. You are your car. Your feet are your tires. So, in case you ever wondered why New Yorkers talk about the weather all the's cause basically we are talking cars...discussing what we have to push through every day.

Now if it wasn't for all that really cool stuff I listed before...I don't think people would live here. The reason NYC became what it became was so people could fathom living here. Just my opinion folks...

New Yorkers spend much time talking about when the nice weather will be here...we are on a countdown. New Yorkers are the happiest (you actually see smiling faces on your way to work) from about June till October/November. Then you get all the cool Christmas stuff here in the city into fooling you it's okay to be cold..."Tis The Season"...then New Years hits and you go...Why the fuck do I live here again?

Anyhoo...It's almost April right?

This is Tamsin Silver, staring out her window at the crappy weather saying...hang in there New Yorkers...only 2 months to go...and if we're lucky? It'll be nice by May...we can hold on for one to two more months...right?

Well, we'll try...but count on us to bitch about it. ;) xo

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