Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Day...

I normally never do this, but I'm going to add on to my post yesterday and THEN I'll talk about my, if you have NO care in the world for my thoughts on healthcare reform...scroll on down past the next section. It's okay, I'll not be hurt.

I'll keep this brief...or "brief for me" that is...

Last night I was on Facebook and found some bantering on a friend's page about the new bill. I wrote some thoughts on her page and got positive feedback from those who read the comments. I thought it'd be possibly wise to post them here. Cause they were a less emotional (cause trust me, when I typed yesterday I was emotional) opinion/thoughts than earlier in the day.

Here are the two posts I put on my friend's page, in order;

Post #1.
I have worked in every aspect of healthcare there is from clinical technician to collector to filing clerk to pharmacy to lab work to you name it...& from an inside perspective this bill is a good thing...and its a door to great things! Yes, a business owner who has 50+ employees must offer insurance soon or they will be fined $2000 each employee. No offense but if they have that many employees they shoulda been offering it to begin with!

Every American will have to have insurance but lower cost options/companies will sprout (thats part of that 3 billion from what I've read) & if u can't afford the lowest cost insurance Medicaid will be taking you so it doesn't have to be a sudden large $ amount you are going to be forced to pay if you don't have it. I really love that car insurance analogy btw...its really on the money, no pun intended.... (Note: the girl previous to me wrote how we don't bawk at how we MUST pay car insurance or we're fined and this is hte same idea...protecting ourselves but instead of from car injury, from illness).

Does this bill fix everything? No. But damn, its going in the right direction for once. People (old & young) can stop dying due to no coverage & doctors can maybe now charge less as they'll see be able to see more patients. THIS will create more office jobs in those offices as well as the companies that supply/support them.

Change is a scary thing cause we'll hit bumps & make mistakes but its worth the end result. If we sat & did nothing we'd never have anything to perfect...and our children and our grandchildren are worth us taking a chance, being scared, & trying to improve the quality of lives all over, no matter their financial standing.

I have a job where they offer great insurance, so I say none of this because the plan benefits me...but those I love. Am I willing to pay extra for that? Hell yes!

Those are my thoughts & you are welcome to agree or disagree...but as someone with health issues, good insurance & experience in the industry...I wanted to throw my thoughts into the pot.:)

Oh, & just think, if you loose your job you no longer need to think about what the hell your going to do about your health issues. Happy day!

Post #2.
Luckily the small companies have some time to decide how to comply with the new law. I'm sorry to hear the small Oncology companies have had to join with their hospitals but let's see the positive in that...their resources & available staff/medical minds to confer with/assist in treating their patients has probably doubled at least. Don't get me wrong, I do see the sadness of small businesses loosing their "independence" but, chances are they are stronger now both for the reason previously mentioned & financially...making the possibility of closing their doors permanently smaller AND helping them to have the money to give decent benefits to their employees.:) I know, I'm the unfailing optimist sometimes...but that doesn't mean I'm totally wrong.


Met with my lovely editor last night. We put down dates for when things would be done...when we'd meet...I paid her...and then we just sorta talked about anything and everything. I feel very blessed to have found this girl. And I'm not just saying that cause she'll soon probably read this. I mean it. It was a fun hour and a half and though she wouldn't spill a word about where she was in the manuscript (dagnabbit!) she told me something that I thought was vastly interesting.

She said that she could tell the mood I was in when I wrote particular sections due to the re-use of the same word over and over again in that part of the book. Fascinating. I think that's really cool. Don't get me wrong...I understand it's BAD for my book to repeat like that and I'm going to laugh when I see the results and I'm going to make love to my thesaurus to fix it...BUT...I thought it was an interesting discovery and thought that I might say to those of you writers who do not have an editor yet...look for this. I can't be the only one who does this...can I?

In other news....

I've not written anything new since I finished the book last week and I feel like I have all this murmuring going on in the back of my head. I need quiet headspace so...I'm going to do something today that I swore I'd not do.........I'm going to start working on either Book 4 or on my young adult series I dabble on here and there. Cause, let's face it, my imagination is used to being let loose and it's pushing at the locked door and I need to let her out...for my own sanity.

So, off I go! :)

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