Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm so excited about what has just happened today...I have to blog about it!

This has nothing to do with my book...but about me, the author. I shall explain.

As I work hard here in NYC to make a living so that I can write my books on the side so that one day I can be a published author I've been working in the healthcare system for 11 years. Seven of those eleven years have been spent trying to get the insurance companies to pay. That's right, I've been a collector that busts her butt to get the insurance company to pay the doctor or hospital vs. denying the claim so that the patient isn't stuck with the bill. It's noble work but it's hard work and it's emotionally exhausting work at times. If you ever speak to a collector at your doctor's office or hospital, know that they bust their ass for you...and that they HATE calling you with your balance...and that they try their best to save you money. Or at least, the ones worth their weight in gold (like the folks I've worked with) do.

In my eleven years I've watched children not get the care they need. I've seen the insurance company find ANY loophole they can to not pay and then watch the patient get either more ill or pass away. I've walked step for step with a parent of a child who's insurance refused to pay ANYTHING stating "pre-existing condition" because they felt she should've gone to a doctor sooner...even when her PCP said there was no way she could've come earlier, or known. I've faught on a daily basis to make them pay...and God...they're going to have to!

Today is a historic day for the USA. Healthcare Reform Bill has been signed by President Barack Obama and as of child can be denied for "pre-existing condition". WOO-HOOOOOO!!!!

I could go on and on and on...but I won't. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there today. I dedicate this bill to Shannon. You may not be around anymore my darling girl, but it's because of situations like yours that the people spoke up WE CHANGED THE LAW!

I am wiping tears from my face...out of joy and out of sorrow...but at least's not just out of sorrow. Thank you President Obama for your vision and your diligence. Thanks to the House and the Senate...those of you who knew it was time to fix a broken system. I applaude you.

Our children's children will thank us for this...mark my words...

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