Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Issue #1. It has dawned on me...I have ONE MONTH to really finish Book Three. YIKES! You are now asking me why. Well, because my editor has Book One in her hot little hands and is destroying it as we speak (destroying it in a good way...let's make that clear). Once I get it back from her I will be putting my whole soul into THAT book. Getting it ready to try and get an agent and from there, published. There is a lot of work ahead of me on that; rewrites and so on. That means that I need to finish Book Three before I get Book One back. Why? Two reasons; A. I'll leave Book Three hanging for way too long if I don't finish it before I start work on tidying Book One. B. Cause I'll loose the rhythm I'm on with it and the book's flow could suffer.

Issue #2. Seeing as that the format for Book Two is at about the right length, I need to copy that concept for Book Three...which means...not only do I need to finish because of Issue #1 but because lenght wise I MUST start closing it up. I say that loosly cause in Tamsin Silver fashion, it WILL be a cliff hanger. I know, you hate me, it's okay. :)

Issue #3. Due to ending Book Three earlier than means ONE thing...There will be 5 books in this first series at minimal...maybe six. Say it with me...Oh my god! Crap! Damn! **Le sigh**. So be it. I'm sure I'll think of something...everything happens for a reason. It's just...I know how the book before the "last" one ends...and there is no way I can jumpt to that from where I am now. Hence...extra book. This probably is a good thing though.

Issue #4. Now that we have a whole new book to come up with an idea for...well, we need to come up with that idea. Shite. And that's all I have to say about that.

The good that comes out of this? I get a tighter Book Three and will get to leave my readers with a shocking, and dare I hint, "explosive" ending to the 3rd book... making them CRAVE the next one.

I'm actually excited to write these last two or three chapters of Book Three to tie it all up. I know exactly all that needs to happen so it's just a situation of where I need to plop it all on paper!

Those are my thoughts of the day...I leave you with a few lines from Book Three...Enjoy...


“Good to see you too Atlanta,” he said. “The wet look is good for you.”

I jumped off the railing, my drenched clothes splattering water all over. “You’re funny.” I turned to Alastair, “Why’s he here?”

“He’s discovered a problem.”

“Other than himself?”


I sighed. “I know I know…I just sorta thought, you know, he was dead.”

“Sorry to disappoint."

“This is serious Atlanta,” Alastair said.

“How serious? Like Luke's need for power converters serious or Death Star serious?"

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