Tuesday, December 2, 2014

YAY! No more HTML posting!

Today is a glorious day! Know why? Because they finally upgraded my computer at work! For about a year or more, I've not been able to type up posts on this site without doing them in HTML. I don't know about you, but I think that is a royal pain in the ass!

That, my friends, is the reason why you've not had as many posts from me in a looooong while on here. I don't have time at home to do posts, so at the office is my ONLY time...and with an internet browser that didn't support this site (or most any site anymore, trust me), I wasn't able to post w/o spending an hour for something small...and don't even get me started on what it was like trying to add pictures....... *headdesk*

Anyhoo...that's all for now, I just thought you'd all like to know that you'll be getting MORE blog posts from me from here on out! So have a great day and get ready for the update on the event last night! It's comin' up next! xoxo Tamsin :)

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