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Hollywood Roundtable with Oscar winner possibilities for 2014

OK...I hadn't planned on this post...but I'm SO jazzed about watching this interview by The Hollywood Reporter, that I am at that point where I cannot NOT write about know what I mean?

First off, it's 49 minutes long so you do need the time to watch it (you can totally watch half now half later and be fine, that's how I had to do it) but if you are an actor/writer/director/ should watch this. You can find it HERE. Or, cut/paste this link:
That said...I want to talk about the beauty of this, but I'm afraid all my brain is doing right now is screaming, "That was so effing cool! Oh the things said and the feeeeeels!" I'm afraid I'll not do this justice...but dag nabbit, I'm gonna try.
The interview is of Oscar worthy performances by men this year. So you have Channing Tatum (Foxcatcher), Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game), Michael Keaton (Birdman), Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner), Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), and Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything).
Ok...easiest way is to state the moments that stick out for me...
1. Channing Tatum. Just him in general, because he's the odd duck at this table, yes? Thing is, he knows it and you can see it in how he sits and speaks...yet he says some of the best things when he talks because its from the heart. If you start at the 9 min and 55sec mark, he will talk about how wrestling and acting are alike...his explanation of fear...just beautiful. I specifically noted the 14 min mark for him, so...definitely watch through to there.
2. Ethan Hawke. I know almost nothing about this guy...but man, did I love listening to him! More so in the 2nd half than the 1st. He doesn't say what you think he will, and yet, he's got this...honesty about him, and yet I feel that word isn't clear enough for what I mean. Like he's not afraid to just say what he believes. I especially got moved when they were asked who was someone you looked up to when you were starting out, and the person he looked up to is AT the table and he starts to choke up while talking about it. You can barely hear it, but it's there.
Other than that, I specifically I enjoy his answer to what role he'd like to play. He says there's no one specific role, but to do something original where he and the writer just that moment, in that time, in that role/film...they click and it's magical. As a writer...damn, I know I want that too. I secretly think that if SKYE gets picked up, Lauren and I will get to have that at some point.
**Side note: Did you know this man has 50 films under his belt in 30 years of working? How can it be 30 years since I first saw him in Dead Poet's Society???!!! (Dear God, I'm old)**
3. I adore Michael Keaton's and Benedict Cumberbatch's reaction to Channing talking about a failure of his and how they tell him it's not...then to watch as Channing can't look at them or us (head down as he bobs it in acknowledgement) very likely because it's too heavy to take in or say anything to b/c these two brilliant men tell him his biggest failure (in his eyes) wasn't a failure at all. THAT had to have been a moment for him. It would be for me. I'm excited to see Foxcatcher tonight...meaning, I'll let you all know my thoughts on Channing's performance next week. I'm not sure if I root for him b/c he's the underdog, or because he's such a genuine individual.
4. Michael Keaton...what a gem this man is. He's been there, done that, and is honest on why he stopped for a bit. I'm really interested in seeing Birdman (most likely on demand at home vs. the theater, but still, very interested to see his work on it). Then,near the end...he addresses Ethan Hawke on something (I don't want to give it away) that he didn't respond too really before...and it's a's brief, but it's there. You'll see.
5. The 3 Brits talk about how when you live in England and you want to be an actor...there isn't a real choice on what to or's just theatre. You train for the stage. Books/Reading are emphasized there where as visual things are emphasized here. So it is with stage there and film here...pilot season was the example on that. How they don't have that. I found that interesting. PLUS, how we tend to celebrate the young, sexy actors, while they tend to celebrate they tried and true actors...who've been around the block. Example: Sir Ian McKellen.
6. Eddie Redmayne. If this man wasn't engaged...I would scoop him up and take him home! Especially after he talks about meeting Steven Hawking for the first time and how he rambled on for 45 minutes...because silence bothers him, right down to, "Hey, we're the same sign!" So funny! He, like Cumberbatch, has a unique voice and look to him. I love that! I really am dying to see The Theory of Everything! I'm hoping to go next week or over the holidays with my stay-cation. I have the 25th off (for obvious reasons) but then don't come back to work until Jan. 5th. Eleven glorious days off!
7. Btw...can you guess who drops the first notable F-bomb? It's SOOOOOOOO not who you think! And after he does, everyone frees up a bit with their way of speaking and we get some more raunchy talk...not horribly, but enough that it feels like you're a fly on a wall at the home of one of them, watching them sit around and chat. (Note: Channing Tatum's reaction to Tim Shall saying "balls" is priceless. He holds it in only so long...)
8. Timothy Shall has one of the funniest stories about when he was in Midsummer at the National Theater in London. Which, btw, was the first show that Eddie saw that sparked his love of the magic in theater (it was one of mine, that made me smile). Tim was playing Bottom and it was a stage covered in mud. I can't even imagine... Hell, I did that show in the rain and was unthrilled...imagine if it was all in the mud? No way. I'd pass. LOL!  Now, other than that, Tim (who you've seen in a lot, but may not know his name...especially those who saw the Harry Potter movies...he was Wormtail) spoke well about his movie, Mr. Turner...a famous British painter. I LOVED how he spoke of the human condition and how it relates to both acting and life. I believe one moment is at 39 min mark. (Note: The funny story he tells about Midsummer is at 32 min mark)
9. Benedict...he doesn't really say anything I've not heard him talk of before...or I'd likely have a page dedicated to him because I'm in love with his work like a damn sonnet! However, because I've seen EVERY bloody interview out there for The Imitation Game (including one in person, stay tuned for THAT tidbit on Monday's blog), I'm not SUPER blown away as usual, even though the things he speaks of about Turing and character are great.
Even with hearing all he can say on this movie/character, I still noted one thing what stands out about what he says is what he says about Alan Turing choosing chemical castration over 2 years in jail...and then the things about Alan he connected to since he's not a math genius. Plus, the short discussion this ignites amongst the men about which they would choose.
Also, his choice for an actor he looks up to is someone who played Hamlet (not surprising)...but it's his answer on who he'd like to play that will make you laugh...though he's joking, it's a prime example of him speaking before he thinks (which he does a lot) and his awkwardness that so many people react to. Benedict isn't this shiny star on the red carpet...he's not all polished and proper all the time. He's this weird chap who can look and be proper, but he just sometimes is a dork. That's why he's so popular, outside of his talent (Aaaaaand I still wrote a ton on him anyway...*sigh*).
10. Lastly I suppose I'll say I jotted some times down that hit me that I didn't already note. They were: 14 min, 38 sec; 15 min, 52 sec; 29 min; 33 min, 45sec; and at the 40 min mark Tim talks about the Brits and wanting to do Hollywood stuff that'll make you laugh.
There were a lot of, "I love that" sections, where I just basked it in and lived in the moment, and just let the need to jot down the time wash over me so as to enjoy it fully. So know there is a lot more in this interview that you will go, watch it, and enjoy!

Tamsin :)

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