Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mark of the Necromancer; A Sabrina Grayson Novel

So...I posted this on Facebook back in October, but I didn't put it up on here...
If you can't read that on your device or computer, have no fear, here it is:
Sabrina Grayson is dead and it's the best thing that ever happened to her.
As a child, Bree saw ghosts, but with age and parental influence, she forgot all about them. That is, until fate stepped in to bring her back where she belonged: with the dead.
Now she's a Necromancer; the only one known to exist who can travel the Death Highway and walk the Earth. New to the supernatural world, Bree discovers the truth about her past and now must learn who she really is. To do this, she will have to team up with Alex Pryce, the one man she can't stand. Only together can they figure out who murdered her and why they are killing Bree’s friends off one by one.
Determined to save them and the city she loves from the evil they find, Bree will have to put her soul on the line...even if it means going to Hell and fighting Lucifer himself.
I'm really proud of this book for multiple reasons:
1. I wrote 95% of it on my iPhone while in transit or sitting in line or a doctor's office.
2. This is the first book I've ever written that is single perspective and first person. I usually write third person, multiple perspectives (btwn 2 and 7 people, depending).
3. It's a totally new world. The two new books I'll put out this year, from the Moon Over Manhattan Saga, are the same world as Windfire, just years later and focuses on two werewolves in NYC. Even the Clandestine Conflict (short story series) takes place in that same world...just HUNDREDS of years later. The Sabrina Grayson Novels are a totally different world! I cannot wait for you all to see it!
I plan to pitch this book at an event in February...and see if anyone is interested. If not, I'll put it out on my own this summer (as it says on the picture).
Anyhoo...feel free to tell me what you think of the story concept in the comments or just love or hate it from afar, I'm good with either.
Have a great day, and remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woooo!
Tamsin :)

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