Monday, December 8, 2014

92Y and The Imitation Game

Hello, horrid Monday...I'm going to try and make you better with pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch and a funny story...

So...My friend, we'll call her Lisa, has a thing for Benedict Cumberbatch...even more so than me...but not quite as badly as those people you see on line who obviously have no other life. That said, she found out about a special preview screening of The Imitation Game at 92Y with a Q/A afterwards with the man himself. Tickets were about $60 for members and only members could buy tickets at first.

Lisa waited and continued to check the website until she say the "purchase tickets here" become live. As soon as she did, she went online and bought two tickets. And for some reason, it assigned her to Row AA. Well, we looked that up on the seating chart and it was front row.


Forgive my f-bomb, but come on! And here's the thing, the ticket cost $10, each. She thought it was a fluke...thought there was no way. But then, the charge showed up on her credit card and she received a confirmation email, and then, days later, an email concerning arrival and so on. So we both didn't actually think we were going to get to see this.

Lisa arrives early to pick up the tickets and when the ladies behind the plexiglass see how much she paid for the ticket, as it's printed right on there, she is informed of the real price for that seat. She tells them, "I just went online and bought it." Which was the truth! And they handed them to her and told her to enjoy the show, stating it must've been a computer glitch.

Let's just say that front row tickets were easily over $100. Ok?

Anyway, Lisa and I sat in our seats and waited, stating that until the lights went down, and the movie started, it wasn't really going to happen.

But it did. And we got to see The Imitation Game weeks before others and Benedict was easily only ten feet from us during the Q&A. I snuck a few pics (which is what I've peppered throughout this post) but let me tell you I honestly was too close for good pics with those bright lights that made him appear orange. LOL!

He was quite stunning, and literally was directly in front of Lisa. I was so proud of her for not passing out. ;) JK! (sorta)  Benedict is as handsome in person as he is in the best pictures you've seen of him. He's very tall, with big feet and long, elegant fingers that like to touch his mouth a lot when he's thinking or talking. His eyes...damn...they are amazing. They light up when he's excited about something and they become so on fire when he's passionate about a topic, it takes your breath away. As you know, he's well spoken, and smart...but he's also silly and was a lot of fun to listen to speak. Even if at certain points I got distracted by his fingers, or when he ran them through his waves of hair...

The movie....I'll do a review next, but for now I'll tell you it's just as you'd imagine: well acted, well written, heart breaking, exciting, and beautifully shot. I sincerely hope his work for this gets him an Oscar nod, even if he loses to Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything...who I feel is his only real competition (no office to the other actors doing great work this year, and there are a lot of them!).

So that's my fun story of how I got to be so close to Benedict Cumberbatch in 2014. LOL! It was the luck of the draw, so to speak, and Lisa and I had a great time! OH...and just a fun tidbit, when we stood up for him at the end and he stood and stepped down, I waved at him and he took a step toward coming to shake our hands in the front row, but he caught a motion somewhere in the corner of his eye telling him no, and had to zip off stage.

I sincerely wanted him to come and shake Lisa's's the reason I caught his eye, smiled, and waved at him. And it almost worked...almost. Oh well, I get an A for effort, right? HA!

Take care...and I'll have a review of the movie up soon!


Tamsin :)

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