Tuesday, December 23, 2014


OH NO! It's two days until Christmas...did you get all your shopping done?

I can say that I am almost done! Woot! In NYC we have two locations in Manhattan that have what I call, ETSY ON ACID. It's little shops in tents lined up to make a maze like a village of cool things to buy people for the holidays. One village is in Columbus Circle and the other is in Union Square. I think the one there at the Southwest entrance to Central Park (Columbus Circle) is bigger than the other, but both are fun...if you don't mind crowds and pushing through to see things from time to time. There's food and jewelry, and toys, and food, and hot chocolate, and cider, and scarves, and art, and foooooooood.....well, you get the picture. It's a day of wandering, eating/snacking, drinking hot beverages, and buying special things for those you love.

I actually make a point of buying a few gifts there each year. I found 4 of them there this time around. I got 1/2 of mom's stuff there, Lauren's bigger gift is from there, and I was SUPER excited to find a gift for one of my best friend's and his wife while I was there. I shouldn't have spent the money. I am sincerely poor at the moment...but it's Christmas and I like giving things to people I care thus I'll be creating food from things in my pantry until next payday (and likely using cereal or a protein shake as a meal more than once). But it'll be worth it to see their faces at the cool things I found that really fit them.

HUGE thank you's to my mom, btw, for passing down that gene. The, "I know exactly what to get you for Christmas" gene. She's GREAT at buying gifts that fit people. Thankfully she passed that down to me. For a laugh, I'll tell you that when I left the Patient Accounts Department at MSKCC for the Pharmacy Department...more than one person made note that I'd not be around anymore to be someone's Secret Santa and THAT was the real tragedy. LMAO!


All I have left is to get things for those who have helped me with Kadin this year. If they have a dog, I'll get them something doggy related and sign the gift from Kadin. However, there's a couple who has been a life saver for me and him and they don't have a dog, so I plan to get them a gift for them. Probably going to have to buy all these things on the next payday...but it's the thought, not the timing that counts, right? So what if they get it on January 1st! (*hangs head in shame*). I hate being poor.

Well, I best get back to work (cause yes, I'm in the office today).You have the rest of today and tomorrow to get out there and get it done, people! So be careful, keep your patience with the sales staff whose feet hurt so bad by now that the pain has taken over their whole body and they are exhausted (Plus, at this point they hate you...not you you...just shopper you...#BuffyLogic).

Good luck out there, folks!


Tamsin :)

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