Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's gross out...let's listen to Benedict Cumberbatch...

Sing with me now...

Oh...the weather outside if frightful...and my office is not's as cold in as it is it snows and it rains and it snows...


I hate this time of year.

No, not Christmas, the weather in NYC this time of year. It can't decide to rain or snow or sleet or hail or just...shit on us New Yorkers as we try to shove through the wind and rain with our wet, down jackets (cause that's nice) and try not to hit each other with our umbrellas. Which reminds me...

Dear New Yorker with the oversized umbrellas,
F*ck you. -Love, Tamsin (Happy Christmas!)

 Add to it that two of my roommates have flown off to Phoenix, AZ, and though that leaves me with a quieter/cleaner also leaves my poor doggy alone more while I'm at work. :(  Poor boo. So I'm texting people to see who wants the joy of walking my dog in the "wintery mix"...aka "NYC Winter Crap"...thankfully, my neighbors LOVE Kadin, so they didn't tell me to bugger off.

Anyway...saw Foxcatcher over the weekend...and DAMN! Really, see this flick before the ending leaks out to you.'s heavy. The acting is phenomenal...however, I'm rather miffed at the SAG Awards People right now because both Steve and Mark are up for awards, but not Channing. *sigh* Tatum did amazing work...and I'll be honest, I think he's done more on this than Ruffalo (Sorry, Mark). And I don't mean just learning to wrestle. The work on his walk, facial movement, speaking, and so on and so forth is great! Here's the thing, Channing is SO charismatic in real life, and in many of his movies, that to see him play someone who is the opposite was so interesting and powerful.

SO...go see it! I don't want to say anything needs to be watched, not explained.

That said...I have to get back to work, I leave you with something fun to do at your desk, since we are reaching the 3pm slump mark of the day...

This is a GREAT interview with Benedict on The Nerdist. He's so very he totally forgets the microphone is even there most of the time.  He talks about life, acting, his tendency to do drama, being "famous", and a bit on Frankenstein, which I just saw (and will review soon), as well...but not really about The Imitation Game until the very end, which I bet he loved, since that's ALL he's been having to talk about for AGES.

At one point they make reference to his imitation of people on this MTV's HERE if you want to see it.

Oh, and enjoy a lot of uses of the word "fuck," Ben seems to love that word as much and I do! ;)

Here's the link if the embedded one I put there doesn't work:

Catch you on the flip side!

Tamsin :)

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