Monday, December 22, 2014

SONY + North Korea = What a bloody mess!

Let's be honest, this whole thing is horrible. Kim Jong Un is a dick-tator, a horrible human being who gets off on control and creating fear...much like Hitler. I believe he should be stopped...the way he treats his people puts fear in my heart for them. In fact, I have this secret hope (from seeing too many movies, obviously) that we have undercover forces in place in North Korea to dismantle his TON of nuclear weapons so we can swoop in and get his ass off the "throne"...(can someone please draw me Kim on the toilet...cause that's the only throne he should ever sit on).

Anyway...I digress...

I've been involved in the performance field most of my life, so you can imagine 80% of my friends are as well, and the chatter on this whole thing is HUGE. The fact that terrorists from NK came in and basically won against USA, and got their way, is disturbing. Of course, what was SONY supposed to do when all the theaters refused to show the movie for fear of being bombed and being responsible for the deaths of American citizens on their property. I say they should've mailed that puppy out anyway. If the theaters don't show it, they don't show it, but then SONY isn't kowtowing to terrorists. Then again...for all we know, the President of the USA might have contacted them and said, "Pull it, we have a plan!"...and God, I really hope that's the deal. If there's any president I would trust to get KJU out of NK, it's the man that caught Osama Bin Laden. are some of my thoughts on what this whole thing could mean moving forward:

1. Actors and Producers are going to have to work it into their contract with a studio that if they pull the movie that they get a payout.
2. Who is going to want to do a movie with SONY at this point? And I don't mean just because they pulled the movie from being released, I also mean because of the things said in emails about actors and such that got out. How many actors/producers are going to want to stay with SONY or pitch a movie to them at all? Will SONY fire the top people and start over so as to keep things moving or will actors, producers, and all the others nasty things were said about, just let it slide?
3. If something like this can stop a movie, what else are they going to try and stop? They succeeded with a movie, what will they try to do next?
4. If North Korea continues to do this...will the USA retaliate? And if so, will it be via the internet or will we try to go into that country again. It didn't work out so great for us last

Anyway, I'm not NEARLY as "in the know" as one should be to talk about it...but here are two articles with people who are. So, if you're interested in hearing about how this is affecting you go:

George Clooney talks about things HERE, as he speaks to Deadline.

OR...go HERE to read what Harold Furchtgott-Roth from FORBES.

If you want more info, go to Google and just type in Kim Jong Un's name...and trust me, you get A LOT of stuff.

Well, since this blog isn't really for political things, I'm going to keep it short, and leave you with a laugh...

HERE is Dr. Evil on Saturday Night Live (12/20/14 episode) with a funnier take on things...

Take care and remember to thank God you don't live in North Korea. This whole situation might be scary in many ways...but we still live in a free country where no one turns off our power or water at 8pm each night. So keep that in mind. And here's to hoping things do not get worse as we move into 2015.



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